Which Hurts More Airsoft or Paintball?

Who said that these games do not feel real? Did you ever get hit with an airsoft ball or a paintball? They hurt a lot! Even if you are wearing protective equipment, they can still be painful.

So, imagine how badly they would hurt if you weren’t wearing safety gear! However, has this question, which hurts more airsoft or paintball, ever popped into your head?

Well, the answer lies in this article. Here you will finally get the answer to which of the two will hurt you the most, and also, we shall provide scientific proof of why one hurts more than the other.

Hurts vs Paintball Hurts
Hurts vs Paintball Hurts

Which Hurts The Most: Airsoft or Paintball?

You see, there is a huge debate about which of the two suggested items hurts the most. And it is not a very easy topic to talk about. But we will back our choice with facts, which should tell you why paintballs actually hurt more than airsoft balls.

To provide accurate info on the subject, we have to start by explaining pain. Now, pain is a nasty sensation caused by illness or wound.

What happens is, whenever you get hit or become injured, your receptors (A-delta and C fibers) on the skin signal the spinal cord and brainstem, and then ultimately, the brain a very sharp impulse. That impulse is what we call pain. Now, the intensity of this feeling, in this case, is going to depend on three things:

  • Mass

When it comes to mass, paintballs are significantly larger than airsoft balls. If you google the images, then you should be able to see the difference in size.

  • Speed

Well, speed is where the airsoft balls outshine paintballs. You see, they are a little faster than paintballs.

  • Hardness

Again, this is another area where the paintballs actually outshine the airsoft balls.

Video notes of which hurt you more airsoft or paintball?

The Winner

The impact and hardness of the bullets will determine how much pain you will feel when you get hit. Now, the impact is influenced by speed and mass. Therefore, the paintball, which has a much higher mass and almost comparable speed, will have a much heftier effect on the body. Thus, causing more pain.

Also, airsoft balls are constructed to be soft. Hence, the name ‘Airsoft.’ Due to their gentle build, they lack the tough formation of paintballs. So, paintballs hit harder! In short, a paintball’s more rigid surface and heavy impact will cause the extreme paint that you might feel.

Just check out the wounds of paintball fighters. You will find noticeable bruises. It can be that serious if you are not careful.


So, the answer to the question, of which hurts more airsoft or paintball – is paintball. That doesn’t mean that airsoft balls do not hurt. Plus, if you are not following the safety protocols, we can assure you that both of these will hurt no matter what.

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