How To Wash Paintball Stain on Clothes?

Paintball player under attack
Paintball player under attack

While enjoying an adventurous game of paintball with your buddies or your family, there is a chance you will end up getting dirty and messed up because of all the paint involved in this game.

The protective gears do not cover every inch of your clothes, so there is always a high chance of you getting a ton of paintball stains all over your clothes.

These paintballs are not suitable for your clothes or skin, so you must learn how to wash paintball stain on clothes. Or else you will end up with a bunch of clothes with some whack designs of paintball splatters on them for the rest of your life. Instead of always buying new clothes, why not learn how to clean them?

Steps To Washing A Paintball Stain on Your Clothes

Washing off paintball stains may seem difficult or impossible because of the kind of chemicals paintballs consist of. But not to worry, we have some simple steps that are easy to understand. They are as follows:

Step 1: Use a Stain Remover

You must first pre-treat your clothes with a stain remover. Some companies sell small bottles of liquid stain removers in either nozzle or spray form. You just need to apply the stain remover directly on the spots where the paintball stains are. Let the shirt soak in that solution for a while.

Step 2: Rub for Friction

You can rub that soaked up the area a bit if you want. You can either use a brush meant for cleaning clothes or use your knuckles to rub the clothing together. It will help the stain get friction and make the stain fade quicker.

Step 3: Throw the Clothes into the Washing Machine

After the main stained part looks faded, throw the clothes into the washing machine and add detergent liquid. Run it for a wash cycle and then take it out to check and see if the colors look evened out on the clothes.

Step 4: Dry

Throw the already washed clothes into the dryer. After it is all dried up, take it out and inspect the clothes. You will surely see that the stains are all gone, and your clothes are back to their original color with no strange fading or discoloring anywhere.

Step 5: Repeat Wash Cycle

If, by any chance, you still think the stain remover has not worked correctly, then you can try the stain remover a second time after the clothes have been through one wash cycle in the washing machine.

Apply the stain remover again only if you notice any stain after using it for the first time, and let it soak before adding it to another wash cycle. Throw it in the dryer, then check to see if everything is okay.

Final Verdict

There are probably other kinds of solvents that have been manufactured specifically to remove stains on clothes made from paintball paint. But soaking your clothes in stain remover or even just soaking and rubbing detergent and water on the spot could work.

The waxy part of the paint here is what makes it hard for the paint to come off. You may already know that paintball paint is harmful to clothes and can irritate your skin. That is why it is essential to understand how to wash paintball stains on clothes.

Make sure to wash the paint off immediately after a game before they dry out completely.

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