Different Types of Paintball Guns – Speedball To Woodsball

Don’t know which type of gun you need for your paintball game? Then start reading about the different types of paintball guns – speedball to woodsball already!

While paintball games are one of the oldest ones in the USA, they are also one of the most fun games that surely know how to keep its players active and on their toes.

Now, don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the history of paintball because, well, we have had enough of that. Let’s get into the different types of paintball guns; speedball to woodsball.

When choosing the game you want to get into, choosing the right marker for it is also essential. And did you know that there are three types of guns– each more suitable for one game than the other?

To learn more about the types and what games they would be apt for, hop into the article already!

What Are the Different Types of Paintball Guns?

Surely, not all paintball guns offer the same facilities and features, which is why they are differentiated so often on the basis of a lot of factors. And if you are curious to know about the types and their differences, then you have come to the right place.

There are mainly three types of paintball guns that are widely used for several purposes. And we will be talking about those elaborately in this section of the article. So, go through them, and you will soon find out which one is more suitable for you.

  • Pump

Want to know all about the earliest paintball gun that was invented? In that case, you need to look at their pump versions.

Since pump paintball guns are technically the ancestors of all the other versions, they are a little slower in comparison – and are also losing their popularity as we speak.

If you are more into strategic games that require more time and aim, then these are the ideal ones for you. They are also inexpensive, so you won’t need to spend much.

  • Mechanically Operated

The most versatile paintball gun, which is also alternatively known as the middle ground marker, is the one that is mechanically operated.

They can be used for various purposes, with a sturdy built that has the same mechanism as the pump markers but with a faster firing rate.

No matter which game you are into, this type of gun will be able to accompany you. Not to mention, you can get one of these whether your budget is tight or on the higher end.

  • Electro-pneumatic / Electronic

The newest and the most technologically advanced paintball guns out there are the electro-pneumatic ones.

They include a circuit board along with an electronic switch, which can be triggered to fire the gun. This makes it easier for the users while ensuring a faster firing rate.

With these guns, you can play games that require more speed and impulse than strategy. And since they are the newest versions, they are also the most expensive ones – so you need a higher budget for them.

Types of Paintball Games 

Paintball games are becoming increasingly popular, and if you have already become aware of the different types of guns out there, then you might as well take a look at the various games invented in this category.

There are five main types of games – among which speedball and woodsball are more popular than their counterparts. But worry not, we will be discussing all of them elaborately, so you will know which one suits you the best.

  • Speedball

As the name suggests, this game requires tremendous speed and includes a lot of challenges that need to be overcome.

However, players get less injured while playing speedball, as it includes bunkers and whatnot. For this game, using electro-pneumatic markers would be ideal, as they come with the fastest firing rate.

  • Scenario Paintball

A more fun type of paintball game would be scenario paintball. This one requires the players to complete more objectives and missions than hitting their competitors.

It also comes with multiple variations – making it more interesting for a lot of parties. For this game, using mechanical or pump markers would be ideal, as it is more strategy-based.

  • Elimination

The main concept of this game is to eliminate all the players of the opposition team while remaining in the game – hence, the name ‘elimination.’

You can also combine this game with other paintball games to create a whole new objective altogether. Using mechanical markers for this one is ideal.

  • Round

This game does not require any teams whatsoever. Basically, everyone attending needs to stand for themselves.

So, if you are a player, you need to take everyone else out and be the last man standing – which is quite fun, right? For this game, having electro-pneumatic markers would be perfect.

  • Woodsball

The oldest paintball game is woodsball, alternatively known as bushball.

There are multiple variants of this game. Some require more strategy, whereas others need you to take down your opponents fast. In any case, using mechanical paintball guns would be perfect for woodball.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of paintball gun is the fastest and the cheapest?

There are three types of paintball guns – all with different firing rates and costs. Pump guns usually cost the least but also tend to have the slowest firing rate. On the other hand, electronic ones are the fastest but are also the costliest among their counterparts.

Which type of paintball gun provides the most durability?

All paintball guns need repairs and maintenance, depending on how tough it is. However, among the three kinds, mechanical paintball guns tend to have the longest lifespans. That is because they are built to be the toughest ones and need the least repairs.

Can I get hurt using a paintball gun?

Yes, it is very much possible to get hurt by a paintball gun if the ball ends up hitting you. Although the injury won’t be fatal enough to kill you instantly, it will surely sting. Furthermore, the shock might result in actual death if it lasts for too long, so you really need to be careful.

Do I have to maintain my paintball gun?

If you are using a pump or electronic paintball gun, then you need to maintain it; otherwise, it will fall apart and will need repairs soon. However, if you are using a mechanical gun, then you may not need to maintain it as much because they are built to be tough.

Are paintball guns and paintball markers the same?

Yes, paintball guns and paintball markers are the same things – the names are interchangeably used quite often. The modern paintball tool can be referred to using both the names, depending on which player tends to prefer which name.

Final Words

With the help of this article and all the information regarding the different types of paintball guns – speedball to woodsball, I hope you were able to choose the type that is the most suitable for you and the game you will be playing.

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