What Is The Difference Between Speedball and Woodsball?

What Is The Difference Between Speedball and Woodsball
What Is The Difference Between Speedball and Woodsball

Wondering what is the difference between speedball and woodsball? Please get to know about it all in this article!

Are you tired of playing the casual mode of the paintball game? Want to have more fun with your mates in the game? If that is the case, you should know about the different modes available for the game.

Yes, there are many of them! However, two of the most popular modes are speedball and woodsball.

Now, like any other game mode, these two are not the same. That is why most of the players ask what is the difference between speedball and woodsball.

And without having a clear idea about the differences, you will not get the most fun out of them.

Are you wondering where you will get to learn about the differences? Well, with luck, you have managed to eventually find the right place for that. Our team plays both modes regularly.

We know each of the factors that set these two modes apart. And we are going to describe it all in this article. So, sit back and continue reading!


The other name for this mode is “scenario style paintball game,” and most people know it by that name. No matter what people call it, the core motive of the game is the same.

It aims to offer a sense of realism in the game. Here, the players are going to have proper costumes and carry quite a few equipment’s.

Even though the theme in the WoodsBall mode is quite imaginative, most of the players stick to the military style. And that is where they get the sense of realism.

For that reason, you will notice that the players playing this mode will be fully decked up with gears and camouflaged clothing.

On that note, this style has different sub-modes. Usually, the type of the game and the rules are what sets them apart. And a brief description of each of the modes are as follows:


This mode is pretty simple. It is the other name of King of the Hill. Here, there will be no teams and no mates. Each of the players is going to fight for the number one spot. And the last person that would survive will be declared as the winner.

Capture the Flag

You might have already played capture the flag in the casual paintball games. Well, this one is a bit different. Here, the players would need to implement the right strategy to win the game.

However, the end goal is the same, which is to protect the flag of the base and steal the opponent’s one.


The other name of the mode is “raid.” In this mode, there will be two teams. One of the teams will reside inside a building or a castle. The primary goal of this team is to protect the castle. The other team will attack the building and try to take complete control over it. This game can turn quite competitive and exciting.


This is the mode that most of the professional players are going to play. The competition in this game is up there.

Usually, the players take this mode pretty seriously, and if they can get good at it, they might start earning a good living from it. And for the number of sponsors, the popularity of the game is soaring each day.

On that note, a lot of tournaments are being held revolving around this mode. And the prize pool of each of the competitions is pretty high.

Even though most competitions are not offering money, they will provide good gear and equipment, which the players can use to participate in higher-tier tournaments.

Nevertheless, the basic of the game is pretty simple. There will be teams of three or five members. And the game will not last for more than 15 minutes.

In this game, communication and proper strategy are pretty important. The primary goal here is to secure as many flags as possible. It can be both neutral or enemy flags.

Speedball vs. Woodsball

Now that you have a basic knowledge about both games let us get into the main thing you are here for. And that would be the differences between both of these modes. Well, they are as follows:

Size of the Field

The first difference that lies between the two modes is the field. As the name suggests, for the woodsball, the area will be a bit like a forest.

Here, there are going to trees and plenty of natural covers. Also, the area of the field will be huge. However, for the Attack mode, the location will be reasonably small.

In comparison, the mode of speedball lives up to its name for being fast. And having a large field of play does not go that well with being fast, does it? Well, the size of the field is going to be considerably small.

Also, there will be no natural obstacles on the field, including trees or large pieces of rocks.

Instead of those, the obstacles are going to be inflatable bunkers. Those will provide artificial covers in the field.

Size of the Teams

Another key difference that lies between the two of the games is the size of the teams. In the case of speedball, the number of units is going to be two.

Here, each of the teams can only have three or five members. The size of the field will not allow the team to have more players than that.

On the other hand, for woodsball, the size of the teams can be as much as the area allows. And the size of the area is something that is not predefined.

It can be extensively large or reasonably small. Also, the size of the field will depend on the rules of the game. For the assault, the area is going to be reasonably small. As the area will be small, the number of players on each team must be small.


Players playing the two modes will wear two different types of gear. The woodsball will opt to get the mil-sim experience. For that reason, the gears are going to be plenty.

They will carry grenades, mines, and other paintball gears that closely resemble real-life ones.

In addition to that, there will not be any strict rules on the marker. And players will usually modify their markers to the highest level. Also, they will wear a high level of clothing. Most of the teams will opt for similar-looking overalls.

On the contrary, the speedball will require a considerably less amount of gear. Usually, the players are going to wear basic protective gear and carry an exceptionally lightweight gun. Also, the professional teams will have similar-looking jerseys.

Additionally, this style does not allow the players to carry special gear, such as land mines.

Pace and Time Required

We have already mentioned above, the game of speedball lives up to its name. The game will not last longer than 15 minutes.

And because it is played in a small field, the players can move from one location to another in a small amount of time. In other words, the pace of the game is going to be reasonably fast.

On the other hand, some of the sub-modes of the mode woodsball can take hours. Here, the pace of the game can be reasonably slow as well.

However, there is an exception. The assault mode will require a small amount of time. Also, the pace of the game will be fast as well.

In fact, some of the games of woodsball can last for hours. And that is why the group of players planning to play those time-consuming modes usually book the fields for an entire day.

Strategies and Communication

In the case of speedball, the key to winning the rounds is to communicate with the teammates. Also, having a proper strategy for the game is essential.

Without these two, it will be pretty challenging to take score better than the opponents. For that reason, you will see the players of the game working together for most of the part.

However, the case is not the same for woodsball. Here, the sub-modes are not that competitive. For that reason, the players do not find the need to communicate with their mates properly.

Instead, they tend to be lone wolves in the field and try to test their ability by themselves.

On that note, in the woodsball, the attack mode can get quite competitive. And in that, players find the need to communicate with their mates.

Also, this style requires a good strategy as well. Basically, the attack mode is a hybrid of woodsball and speedball.

Final Words

After going through the entire article, hopefully, you will not be wondering what is the difference between speedball and woodsball anymore.

And now that you have proper knowledge about both modes, we hope you will find yourself making the right decision depending on the type of field, size of teams, and gears.

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