What Do Soldiers Think of Paintball?

Games like Paintball, Airsoft, and Laser Tag are known for giving a military-style thrill. Even the costumes and equipment have a similar touch. Besides, these shooting games involve teamwork and the completion of tasks. All in all, if you want to experience games that mimic defense activities, these are for you.

Even soldiers say that these games, especially Paintball, offer them the familiar, combat-style excitement!

Paintball team in uniform and masks stood around with markers in hands, extreme sport game
Paintball team in uniform and masks stood around with markers in hands, extreme sport game

Well, what do soldiers think of Paintball?

Since it is similar to their combat activities, soldiers are often asked for their opinions of the game. Just like regular players, most soldiers consider Paintball a fun sport and refreshing recreation. However, almost none of them seriously consider it as an alternative to their combat practices.

What Is Paintball?

Paintball is a no-contact shooting game that is played between teams. It is a mixed game that can be played in both outdoor and indoor settings. In this game, players carry a paintball gun filled with capsules of paint of dye. The goal is to hit the opponent team players with the paintballs and eliminate them.

Players are given certain tasks to complete or specific goals to achieve in the game. If players successfully complete the tasks without getting shot, their team wins. The exciting part of this game is that real-life military experiences greatly inspire the players’ attire, setting, and actions.

Paintball & Combat Training

Paintball is often compared to combat training because of the stealthy movements of the players, the nerve-wracking anticipation, and the elaborate settings. Since the players are likely to get shot by paintballs, they have to wear thick clothes and protective gear.

Again, to hit the paint-filled capsules, they use long, military-style guns. All these things give the players an impression of being in an actual defense force task.

For these reasons, Paintball and other similar games are often compared to the formal combat training methods. However, whether or not these games are on the same level is a topic of debate.

What Soldiers Think of Paintball

According to most soldiers, Paintball is an entertaining game that offers them joy and refreshment. These soldiers do not even compare the game to their combat training. It is because there is a vast difference between the two.

Professional combat training is much more hardcore and versatile in comparison. There are several rules and repercussions involved. In fact, soldiers say that they tend to be extra cautious even in the game because they are accustomed to preparing for severe consequences for mistakes.

What they like about the relationship between the game and their training is that they usually have the upper hand because of their experience.

Final Words

The answer to the question, what do soldiers think of Paintball, can vary a lot, especially depending upon the context. However, after a lot of asking around, we have provided the most common thought of numerous soldiers in our article.

We hope the information we provided was of help to you. All the best!

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