How Fast Does a Paintball Gun Shoot In mph?

Are you someone who plays paintball often? Or are you someone who likes to watch videos of people playing paintball? Either way, you might have noticed that paintballs are really fast, almost like bullets!

If you have noticed that, then it is natural to wonder how fast does a paintball gun shoot In mph. It does seem like it’s as speedy as a bullet, but in reality, it just isn’t. You will be surprised by the difference between the speed of a paintball and a bullet.

Paintball team in action. Woman team win
Paintball team in action. Woman team win

Keep reading, and you will get to know how fast a paintball gun can shoot!

The Speed of a Paintball

At first, you have to know that the unit for measuring the speed of a paintball is fps or feet per second. This unit is used because these guns are used in short distances. Usually, a paintball gun can shoot a paintball at the speed of 300 feet per second or around it.

  • Safety Rule

Even though the paintball guns can shoot at 300 feet per second, it is actually required for the guns to shoot at a maximum speed of 280 feet per second. It is done to ensure no one gets hurt during playing. The speed cannot exceed 280 fps, and it is strictly maintained.

  • Effective Range

At the speed of 280 fps, you can shoot your desired target within one-third of a second when the target is around 80-100 feet. So, you are probably getting a better picture of how fast the guns are.

  • Test

Before you go into the playing field, the field owner makes every player go through a ‘chronograph’ test. It is done to make sure everyone adjusts the speed of their guns to 280 fps, and no one shoots above the safety rule.

The Speed in Miles Per Hour or mph

Here, you need to know what one fps means in miles per hour or mph. Generally, one fps equals 0.68 mph. Now, we have to convert 280 fps into mph. After converting, we get 190.4 mph. So, a paintball gun shoots at the rate of 190.4 mph.

Previously, we have mentioned that a paintball gun can go as fast as 300 mph without any safety rule in place. So, if we convert that into mph, we will get 204 mph.

After knowing these values, you might think that it travels very fast, but that’s not true.

Comparing the Speed of a Paintball and a Bullet

By now, we know that a paintball travels at the speed of 190.4 mph with the safety rule in place, and without the safety rule, it travels at 204 mph. But, a bullet of a .22 long rifle travels at 856.8 mph. Yes, the difference is enormous, and we cannot realize that as our naked eye can’t see it.


Now you knowhow fast does a paintball gun shoot in mph!

Lastly, do remember to ensure the safety rules are in place before having fun in a paintball game!

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