How To Play Paintball For The First Time?

Paintball players team aiming markers
Paintball players team aiming markers

Cannot wait to get into your first game of paintball? Learn how to play paintball for the first time from here!

Were you intrigued by the idea of experiencing combat simulation? Well, you are not the only one. Even we got pretty excited when we found out paintball game.

And we remember that our team was so excited that we went into the site without preparation, which ended with us having a pretty average first-time experience.

And you would not want to have the same experience we had, right? Well, for that you should know how to play paintball for the first time.

Lucky for you, we did a ton of research about the topic to ensure that none of our readers have the same bland experience that we had. And we will spill out everything out in this article.

Things To Bring To The Site

First and foremost, you need to know the things that you should take to the site. And this is not for the first-timers. This thing is applicable for the players that are entering the site for the hundredth time too.

One thing that is applicable for both the veterans and the newbies, in this case, is the excitement.

Yes, we are still excited the day before heading to the battlefield. The thought of tagging enemies, running to cover, throwing grenades, capturing the flag, and winning the round surely gets our blood pumping.

However, if you are going to the site for the first time, there is no need to buy any equipment.

Are you wondering why you don’t need to get anything? Well, there is a rule that will provide the new players the equipment that players are going to need.

Starting from the mask, the tank, the firearm, and the hopper, you should get all of them from the organizers. However, some sites might charge you a bit for all this.

Additionally, some of the sites might not even allow you to bring your own paint. This rule is implemented primarily for safety reasons because paints that go bad get hard.

And trust us, you would not want to get hit by a solidified paintball. It is going to sting like a bee. Maybe tenfold of that sting.

Food and Water

The bare minimum that you should prepare is the food and the water. You might need to bring those if you plan to stay on the field for a small amount of time.

For us, our thumb rule is to take at least a gallon of water for each person. And we also like to carry some light meals and some snacks for the entire day.

However, if it is too hot outside, we take some extra tabs of electrolytes and a little bit more water. Some of the sites will also offer food for large groups.

They will cut you a good deal if you call in advance. The most common deal of pre-booking any field is that the site will order pizza or two for your group.

Things To Wear To The Site

Apart from considering what to take from the site, you need to consider the overall clothing too. Here, the first priority would be to wear something lightweight. If you happen to wear something heavy, it will limit your overall movement to an extent.

On the other hand, lightweight clothing is going to enable you to move swiftly throughout the field. On that note, only wear the things that you do not mind getting paint all over.

In a game of paintball, you would get tagged at least once. And sometimes, the paint can seep through the overalls and on the clothing below.

Considering that, you need to always wear the things that you do not mind ruining. Also, do ensure that you are wearing full-sleeve T-shirts.  The full-sleeve will offer extra protection to your arms, which would have been vulnerable without the sleeves.

Likewise, make sure that you are wearing full pants. Do not opt for shorts. Those will leave most of the part of your legs vulnerable.

And paintballs splattering on bare skin stings too much. To lower the stinging feeling a bit, always wear full-sleeve tees and pants to the field.

Even if the chances of someone tagging you on the top of the head are reasonably low, the chances are not zero. So, if you are worried that your hair will get ruined, wear a baseball cap.

However, do not wear it like normal. Put the bill behind and the straps in the front. That will allow you to wear masks even with the cap on.

Listen To The Speech

After registering and picking up all the gears, a person from the desk will give a beginner’s speech. This speech will be all about safety and the specific rules that the sight might have.

For example, some of the fields implement the mercy rule, where you cannot shoot the opponent if you are too close to them.

Apart from the safety speech, the person from the desk might even ask you to talk with the referee. Do not enter the game without talking to the referee. You will miss out on the crucial information.

However, some sites have the rule of ensuring that everyone knows how to play the game before starting the match. If the case is the same for the site you are planning to go to, you might not have to talk with the referee.

Put All the Gears Properly

Before getting into a game, the last thing that you need to ensure is you are wearing all of the gears properly. Ask someone for help if you have to. Also, make them check the pressure of the gun. Furthermore, learn how to use the hopper and reload the gun beforehand.

Final Words

Now that you know how to play paintball for the first time, we are almost certain that the first-time experience you will have will truly be memorable. However, do put proper emphasis on the site’s rules and the game while playing a match.

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