How Fast Does a Paintball Travel? ( FPS/MPH)

When you are playing paintball, you probably feel that this is what it feels like shooting with a gun. You feel like that because to our naked eyes, the paintballs travel as fast as a bullet.

But is it actually true? No, it isn’t. Now, exactly how fast does a paintball travel? Well, we have the answer, so keep reading!

How Fast Does a Paintball Travel
How Fast Does a Paintball Travel

The Speed of a Paintball While Travelling

Usually, a paintball gun has the ability to shoot at a speed of 300 feet per second (fps). Even though the speed is not high enough to cause much damage to the body, it is recommended to reduce the speed before playing.

So, a mandatory chronograph test is done to make sure that your paintball gun shoots within speed limitations. Thus, in most playing arenas, you will find the average speed is around 260-280 fps.

Here is what you need to keep in mind- you need a speed above 250 fps to make sure the paintball break on hitting. That is why you will be better off while shooting at the speed of 280 fps.

Now, at this speed, you can shoot a target within one-third of a second when the target is in a range of 80-100 feet. You can still feel that it travels as fast as a bullet. But believe us, it doesn’t come close!

The Speed of a Travelling Paintball in Miles per Hour (MPH)

Before giving you a comparison between the speed of a paintball and a bullet, you need to know the speed of a paintball in mph. Now, converting fps into mph is quite easy.

1 fps is equal to 0.68 mph. Now let us take the average speed of a paintball which is 280 fps, and multiply it with 0.68. We will end up with a speed of 190.4 mph. Therefore, the speed of a paintball is 190.4 mph.

Comparing the Speed of a Paintball with a Bullet

We converted the speed of a paintball in mph as we don’t usually measure speed in fps. Now, to give you a better understanding of the speed of a paintball, we will be comparing it with a bullet’s speed.

The speed of a bullet from a .22 long rifle is 1260 fps or 856.8 mph. You can see how fast an actual bullet is. It does not come near the speed of a paintball which is 190.4 mph. The difference is too big to think that it is as fast as a bullet.

Just remember it is still fast enough to make sure it reaches the target and burst when it hits!


So, the next time you come across paintball, you will know exactly how fast does paintball travel. You will be able to tell if anyone is hooting beyond the safety range. Do call them out to ensure everyone’s safety. You don’t want to ruin a safe and fun sport like that. Lastly, have fun!

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