What Is The Standard Paintball Size? How Much Bigger Should My Paintball Gun Be?

Path of paintball pellets
Path of paintball pellets

Paintball revolves around the size of the paintballs, which decides the impact force and velocity of the paintball once it is fired from the paintball gun.

Now, if you want to dive deep into the world of paintball, then a common question that you should ask yourself is what is the standard paintball size and how much bigger my paintball gun can be?

What Is The Standard Paintball Size?

The standard paintball size is 0.68 caliber or 17.3 mm. But this is subjected to change depending on a few factors like the paint weight, paint type, overall quality, etc. Depending on these factors, the size can vary.

The most common size variations of the standard 0.68 caliber are 0.682, 0.686, 0.689, 0.691 and 0.693. These sizes are regarded as the standard for most paintball professionals.

But there is also another standard paintball size which is a lot lower than 0.68 and regarded as low impact standard paintball size. The low impact standard size is 0.50 caliber and is preferred by players who don’t want too much intense gameplay. It is also hailed as the paintball standard for kids.

Difference Between 0.5 Caliber & 0.68 Caliber

The main difference is the impact and velocity between the two types of paintballs. 0.5 caliber paintballs are more oriented for low impact and smooth gameplay. And it cuts down the intensity of the paintball match to a bare minimum as most of the time, 0.5 paintballs don’t even splat or burst upon impact.

As the weight is lower compared to other variations, it hurts less but at the same time comes with low velocity and needs to be in close contact with the opponents to hit correctly.

On the other hand, 0.68 caliber is heavier and is suitable for long-distance shots. Which means it is qualified for the intense gameplay many look for. But the downside is that it hurts significantly more than the 0.5 calibers, making it unsuitable for kids.

So, in conclusion, it is safe to say that the standard paintball size is 0.68 or 17 mm calibers, but the standard paintball size for kids and low-impact players is 0.5 calibers or 12.7 mm.

How Much Bigger Should Your Paintball Gun Be?

The size of your paintball gun will heavily depend on the size of your paintballs. For most cases, the standard size of a paintball gun is around 0.68 caliber, so the paintball marker or the paintball gun will be no bigger than 0.69 or 17.3 mm to 18 mm.

This reasoning also applies to low impact standard paintball guns, which will have the size around 0.50 calibers or 12.8 mm to 13.3 mm.

To check whether or not your paintball gun is big enough for you, you should put the paintballs you use in the paintball marker or gun’s barrel and try to roll them. If a paintball rolls around the barrel, then it is safe to say that the size isn’t compatible and your paintball needs to be bigger, or your gun’s size needs to be smaller.

Final Thoughts

If you have come this far in the article, then you have found the answer to the question; what is the standard paintball size? And now that you know what to look for, it’s time to get out and get the best paintball and paintball gun for yourself so that you can ace the game of paintball.

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