What’s The Difference Between Paintball Gun and Paintball Marker?

Most of us know what paintball means. It is a sport widely enjoyed by people playing in teams or solo. But it is completely fine if you don’t know what it is.

Paintball is a sport where people participate in teams or individually, and to win, they have to eliminate the opponents by shooting them with their guns containing paintballs as ammo. Now, you know what this sport is!

You might get confused when you come across the terms paintball marker and paintball gun. Furthermore, you may wonder about the difference between a paintball gun and a paintball marker. But you don’t have to wonder too long as we we’re going to talk about that today.

Difference Between Paintball Gun and Paintball Marker
Difference Between Paintball Gun and Paintball Marker

Is There Any Difference Between a Paintball Gun and a Paintball Marker?

Before getting into this, you might have already assumed that there is a difference between a paintball gun and a paintball marker. Well, you will be surprised to find that there’s simply no difference between these two terms.

That’s right! A paintball marker and a paintball gun refer to the same thing. These two are essentially the device people use to shoot at each other in a paintball game. You may now wonder why the different names then. We have got that answer for you too, so no worries!

The Origin of Paintball Marker

By now, you know that both the terms have the same meaning. We will talk about why different names exist in the first place.

The name paintball marker came into being when some explorers started using marking pistols to shoot the balls at their group members. Remember that the marking pistols are used for industries like repairing forests. But this is not it; there is more to it!

In the paintball industry, some prefer the denotation’ paintball marker over ‘paintball gun as some people might find the latter scary and make them afraid to come to play. So, using the term ‘paintball marker creates a friendly environment for new people who want to try out paintball.

Why Do Both the Names Exist Today?

So far, you have gotten a good idea of why people use paintball markers while referring to the device used for shooting. The term ‘paintball marker has a history behind it, and it is a friendly term for people to make them want to play paintball.

But, in modern times, the paintball industry has changed a lot from the industry’s inception. There are a lot of variations in the devices you use to shoot each other now. So, some prefer to use the term ‘paintball gun as the variations of devices used in paintball because this term includes ‘gun,’ which fits the type of sport.

As the name ‘paintball marker initially came from the marking pistol, it is better to name the new devices ‘paintball gun as it can have several interpretations.

In the end, you can understand why these names exist today. Essentially, these two are interchangeable, and there is no harm in using either of the names. It depends on who owns a paintball arena and how they want to name the device. Yup, it’s that simple!


Therefore, you now clearly know there is no difference between a paintball gun and a paintball marker. These two are the same device used for shooting in a paintball game with just different names for different reasons.

You won’t get confused when you come across these terms while playing this fantastic paintball sport. Next time you can enjoy this sport with your friends, family, or yourself!


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