How To Fix A Paintball Gun That Won’t Shoot?

Is your gun not firing anymore? All hope is not lost yet! You can revive it by learning how to fix a paintball gun that won’t shoot.

Like any other firearms, paintball guns require a good amount of care and need to go through the maintenance process from time to time. However, not all of us find the time to invest in taking care of the gun. That is when the gun starts showing issues.

Among all of the issues that the gun usually shows, the most common one is the gun not shooting at all. Is your weapon showing the same problem? Well, if you know how to fix a paintball gun that won’t shoot, you have nothing to worry about. And you just came to the right place for that!

Things To Do When The Paintball Stops Shooting

You will not have to throw away the gun and opt for a new one right away. Instead, you should go through these steps and see if the problem gets fixed or not:

  • Power Button

There is a high chance that you might not have powered on the gun. So check the power and if it is turned off, turn it on, and check whether the gun shoots or not.

  • Engage the ASA

Just like the power, you might have the ASA disengaged. Engaging the ASA if it is disengaged might solve the issue. However, if it does not, move along to the next steps.

  • Check the Battery

The next step would be to check the battery. Here, you need to check whether it is low in charge or flat. If you notice that the battery has gone flat, replacing it might resolve the entire issue. Also, if it is low in charge, charge it up and check whether the gun functions or not.

  • DWELL Parameter

You might have set the DWELL parameter too low. Check the trigger by increasing it a bit.

  • The Trigger

Having the trigger setup incorrect might be causing all of these problems. Adjust it so that it can be fully open, and it can close the microswitch.

  • Fill the Loader

The breach sensor might be activated. In this case, if the breach does not have any paint, the gun will not fire. So, fill the loader with paint and check whether the gun fires or not.

  • Jams

There might be a jam in the loader. Check for any blockages and clean the loader along with the feed tube.

  • Pilot Valve Wire

The pilot valve wire might not be plugged into the PCB port. If it is not plugged in, plug it in and check whether the gun fires or not.

  • PCB Damage

It is highly likely that the PCB might be damaged. Check whether it functions properly and get it replaced if necessary.

  • Damage in Pilot Valve

Another thing that might be damaged is the pilot valve. Check it and see if it needs to be replaced.

  • Adjust the Trigger

Lastly, the trigger might be permanently depressed. Adjust it to a point where it gets deactivated and select the detection method when releasing it.

Final Words

We hope that we could clarify that you do not have to throw away a gun if it starts to show some firing issue. Instead, try to learn how to fix a paintball gun that won’t shoot and follow the procedure correctly. There is a high chance that you would be able to revive the gun without spending a penny.

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