How To Make A Paintball Gun Stand? In One Hour!

When it comes to storing paintball guns securely, a stand is an ideal choice. And, you can save a couple of bucks by knowing how to make a paintball gun stand.

It might sound stupid, but we believe that you should treat paintball guns like one of your prized possessions. Well, the reason we believe that is we noticed that the better you take care of your gun, the more long-lasting and more reliable it gets.

And when it comes to treating your guns as something like a prized possession, you first need to take care of the storage process.

A stand will work the best in this case, but getting one from the market can cost a lot. But if you know how to make a paintball gun stand, you can cut down the cost substantially.

Now, you might be wondering how you will learn how to make one, right? Well, that is where we step in. We have made a stand for each of our team members using basic stuff. And we will describe the entire procedure in this article.

How To Make A Paintball Gun Stand
How To Make A Paintball Gun Stand

Steps To Make A Paintball Gun Stand On Your Own

Before we begin describing the process, allow us to assure that the overall procedure will be pretty straightforward. That being said, the steps you need to follow to make a stand by yourself are as follows:

Step 1: Get the suitable materials

First and foremost, you need to gather all the right materials. Do not worry because you will not need that many materials for this process. The whole thing is going to be made of PVC. So, start by getting straight pipes.

Then, source out the PVC ’90s. People also refer to these as PVC corners, which have a 90-degree angle.

In addition to those, you are going to need PVC tress. Now, those were the things that you needed to get. Let us now tell you about the required tools.

Get a sharp saw to make clean cuts on PVC pipes. Here, we would use clean cuts because any damage on the cuts will eventually end up making the whole thing look a bit off.

For this process, getting a moderate hacksaw would be more than enough. Also, source out a strong adhesive. It should be strong enough to keep PVC materials together.

If the adhesive is not that strong enough, the entire thing will not be that sturdy and might not withstand the gun’s weight.

On that note, you will find the PVC pipes in most of the hardware stores. The stores should also carry the PVC adhesive. Also, if you do not have the tools we described here, you would be able to get them from the hardware stores as well.

However, as it goes, the number of pipes and joints needed will depend on the stand’s design, which we will discuss briefly in the next segment.

Step 2: Design The Stand

After gathering all the materials and the tools, you should start designing the stand. That is something that will vary from one person to another. It will also depend on the gun itself. However, the basic idea would be to create something that would be capable of keeping the gun on the top securely.

Here, the things that you need to consider are the size and the weight of the gun. Consider if you want to store multiple firearms in one stand. Also, consider if you wish to store the guns with attachments or not. For keeping big guns, you would want to make the base a bit sturdier.

And to make the base a bit sturdier, you must make it wider. On the other hand, for keeping more than one gun, ensure that the body of the stand is wide as well.

That will offer the entire structure the right amount of balance. Also, the stability of the structure will be enough to support multiple guns on the top.

Now, when it comes to guns with attachments, you need to keep a wide base while keeping a good amount of clearance on the body to house the gun with all of its attachments securely.

Step 3: Consider The Number of Joints and Finish The Design

When you are designing the stand, consider the number of pipes and joints that need to be glued. If you can design the stand beforehand, it will make the purchasing of the materials easier. You will know exactly how many pipes, joints, and trees you are going to require.

To measure the number of pipes you need, consider the width and the height of the stand. Then factor in the diameter of the PVC pipes and make the final calculation.

In our case, the hardware store was pretty nearby. So, we ended up going back and forth to the store for the first time we constructed one of these.

In the end, the base should have multiple layers of PVC pipes that need to be correctly attached to each other.

Step 4: Assemble The Stand

Now that the design part is complete, all that is left to do is to assemble the whole thing. For this, start with two PVC trees and connect them using a relatively long pipe. Make this the base and start working with the other parts by making cuts on them.

Once you are done with cutting the pipes, work on the frame. Attach the pipes together without using any glue. The frame should look like a rectangle or a square.

Create two of these and then move along to adding the smaller pipes. Try to create the final shape according to your design after getting all the pieces.

If you are happy with the shape, disassemble it all and reassemble the thing. But this time, you will be using PVC glue to attach them. Allow the glue to dry for a bit, and then keep the gun on top of the stand.

Final Words

After going through the article, it should be pretty clear that learning how to make a paintball gun stand is a pretty easy task. All you need to do is follow the steps and give proper emphasis on the design, and you should end up with a solid paintball gun stand.

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