10 Best paintball clothes In 2022 [Expert Recommended]

Mixed paintball clothes
Mixed paintball clothes

There are a lot of considerations and outfits in the market that is made for the paintball. It does not matter whether you are going for the paintball, hunting, or others, have the best paintball clothes with you. What you wear depicts how you are going to play either with confidence or not. You should not wear the first thing you see but take your time to look at the different paintball outfits in the market before you decide.

Proper paintball wear includes your body being covered on the lower and upper, your hands, feet, neck, and head. Paintball can get messy, and you don’t want to get out of the game with injuries. You want to have clothes that suit the environment you are playing like camouflage clothing. Take a look at some of the best paintball clothes here for more insight.

In-depth Reviews of The Best Paintball Clothes In 2022 [Recommended]

  1. PAVEHAWKE G3 Combat Clothing

PAVEHAWKE G3 Combat Clothing Suit Camouflage with Knee Pads for Men Tactical Hunting Uniform Set Paintball Gear

PAVEHAWKE G3 clothing suit is an incredible combat cloth for paintball, hunting, and other games. The suit comes with a zipper closure that makes it easier to hand and close up. It has detachable knee pads and elbow pads. They are made of camouflage elastic fabric and do not affect the suit’s appearance. It provides maximum comfort and allows flexible movements. The shirt is designed from a soft elastic fabric that is fast at drying. It comes with a collar that has a YKK zipper. Velcro is attached to both shoulders with adjustable cuffs that you determine. If you wonder about the elbow pads, you don’t have to. It’s removable and can be removed and stay hidden when mounted.

The tactical pants are made of an incredible material combination of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It also comes with a Teflon splash-proof that makes it more comfortable and durable than most. The knee of the pant is made of elastic camouflage fabric, and also the knee cab can be removed. It has a large capacity tactics loading system that meets the daily commute and the large capacity’s load demand.

PAVEHAWKE G3 has left and right main pockets, thigh-high pockets, invisible zipper tail pockets, and also the trouser pockets. The crotch adopts the stereo inserting angle technology and is convenient for outdoor activities. It’s great for climbing, jumping, and more; anything you like to do, you are able to do and flexible to handle it. The waist has an adjustable buckle, and Velcro realizes its effect. The Velcro is used to adjust the knees and legs.

  • Elastic waist
  • Velcro adjustable
  • Flexible
  • Great for different gaming
  • Made of cotton and polyester
  • NO major issue
  1. LANBAOSI Men’s Tactical Combat Shirt

LANBAOSI Men's Tactical Combat Shirt and Pants Set Long Sleeve Multicam Woodland BDU Hunting Military Uniform 1/4 Zip

LANBAOmen’s tactical combat shirt and pants could be what you are looking for. Its made of 100% polyester with a zipper closure. The amazing features of the paintball make it an ideal shirt and pants to have and enjoy the game. It’s a Multicam long-sleeved tactical shirt and pants great for hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, etc. It’s made with suitable material to fit the different games. It’s convenient with a ¼ zip front with a collar for more protection. It has Reglan sleeves that provide a full range of motion. The pants are made with an adjustable waist and bottom with a hook and look. It’s easy to take it on and off whenever you want. The pant is designed to make you feel comfortable from the moment you take them on.

It has tactical response uniform sleeves,2 large arm pockets, patches on the pocket for ID, and multi-cargo pockets on the pants. You can keep important accessories in your pockets and easily access them. Also, the Cargo pockets are great for tactical equipment. It has two knee pads slots for reinforcement when you need it.

For military sports, the camouflage shirt and pants are the best. The material is excellent with cotton and polyester, lightweight, and breathable. It’s a quick-to-dry fabric that can wick sweat from the body. To dry fat and keep you comfortable is one of the fantastic features the shirt and pant has. It could be suitable for training in the Army, hunting, and others, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on one of the best paintball clothes.

  • Great for military Army training
  • Dry fast
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Great pockets that can hold equipment and important documents
  • Size is not accurate
  1. Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Slide Shorts – Black

Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Slide Shorts - Black - XL

Exalt paintball-free flex slide shorts are incredible and black. The Exalt paintball is excellent and looks attractive. It’s well designed to allow you to feel comfortable and free. It has contoured relief cuts that promote flexible movement with excellent protection during dives and other sports activities. It has a new molded cup that protects the groin and crotch area from intense impact. The waistband has a silicone printed on it and prevents the shorts from slipping down while playing.

Also, it’s made lightweight, breathable, Easy to sweat on, and still feels comfortable and free of airflow. The short has been designed to give outstanding performance in the competition and still feel comfortable. It provides the wearer with comfort, freedom of movement, and excellent protection from different types of injuries.

It gives the thigh, and hip high-density molded protection paired with the free flex relief system. The countered relief cuts allow the pads to bend, flex and move easily. It’s designed to maximize resistance during running and more. It gives you a good sports environment where you can comfortably play with others and emerge victorious with the right mind. The camouflage allows you to fit well with nature when in the forest or the woods. That’s why it’s said to be great for military training and hunting. Don’t miss out on the incredible shirt and pants for fast, aggressive, and reliable.

  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Great design
  • Good looking and color
  • It’s too short for protection
  1. HK Army HSTL Retro Jogger Paintball Pants

HK Army HSTL Retro Jogger Paintball Pants (XL)

HK Army HSTL is a jogger-fit pant fit with tapered legs. Quality paintball pants come with amazing features like durability, flexibility, lightweight, and also the breath. The pant you are going for sports should be comfortable. You should be able to play without difficulty and move freely. The flexibility makes your movement accessible and allows play with ease in different positions. Sports are usually very sweaty and hot. Having excellent pant that allows you to sweat and dry fast simultaneously is superb airflow.

The pants are designed stylish and attractive, making them one of the best to have for paintball. It has reinforced padded knees with HK stitched in the knee to protect and avoid unnecessary injuries. It has a retro HK Army logo patch sewn on both thighs. It gives it a unique look.

It has two swab pockets on the back of the leg for carrying needed objects while playing. This makes it easy to access and use. It has stretch zones in the crotch and the back for comfort and ease of crouching while playing and avoiding getting hurt. The waist of the pant has Velcro adjustable straps and ventilated legs for breathing. The hand-crafted pants are designed to be stylish, affordable, reliable, and durable, just what you are looking for. You have an option of selecting the size you want and the number of pants as well.

  • Lightweight
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Breathable
  • It comes in different sizes
  • Adjustable waist
  • Knee pad for protection
  • They don’t breathe well
  1. Maddog Tactical Paintball Rip-Stop Coverall Jumpsuit

Maddog Tactical Paintball Rip Stop Coverall Jumpsuit - Woodland Camo - X-Large

Maddog Tactical paintball Ripstop coverall jumpsuit could be what you are looking for. It’s 100% cotton. The jumpsuit looks excellent when worn and can be said to be full-body protection was in mind when they were designing it. It’s built for different games paintball, airsoft, scenario, and even dirty works. It’s many in one cloth and could be used to do a whole lot of stuff. It’s machine washable and gets all the paints off it in minutes and clean as new when done. It comes with button closure, a padded collar, heavy-duty Ripstop material, and elastic wrist cuffs. It has reinforced knees and pass-through pockets to store some of your things.

The jumpsuit is perfect for those who want to have their cloth the same after the end of the game and when washed. The Maddog has got you covered in different areas no matter what you want. It’s easy to clean and washable with the machine to get the paints and dirt out without damaging it. Its made to be abrasion resistance with reinforced knees and a storage pocket.

The jumpsuit is 360-degree neck-covered, thanks also to the button closure. Maddog makes it easier for you when playing, doing dirty work, and others. It’s easier to take it off and clean it at the end of the day. It literary makes it easier for you; you just have to play and enjoy yourself to the maximum; the machine washes and hangs to dry.

  • Easy to clean
  • Padded collar for protection
  • Button closure
  • Pass through pockets
  • It’s not for all
  1. IDOGEAR Men G3 Combat Pants Multicam Camouflage

IDOGEAR Men G3 Combat Pants Multicam Camouflage with Knee Pads Airsoft Hunting Paintball Tactical Outdoor Trousers (Multi-camo Black, Medium(32W/32L))

IDOGEAR men’s G3 combat pants are made of great material to support aggressive gaming with no wear and tear on them. It’s made of cotton and polyester to balance each of them. It has a unique low-profile waist adjust a system that allows you to adjust the waist to fit you. Also, it comes with an adjustable knee pad height system which makes everything professional and functional. It’s an ideal pant for airsoft, paintball, shooting, hunting, and all tactful games out there.

You don’t have to go for paintball to buy it, but you can get it and enjoy the best of your gaming. It’s stretchable solid clothing around the knee pad, hip, and crotch. It makes it as comfortable as possible while playing and durable. Who would not love it?

The IDOGEAR is one of the best in the market when it comes to tactical gear and combat clothing. Like bags, belts, masks, pants, shirts, and others. It has over 10 years of experience, making it the best choice for clothing from history. The pants are made of high quality with excellent wear resistance and water resistance performance.

The elastic material helps in adjusting to give a better fit. The new designs on the combat pants make it easier to move for a smooth tactical motion. It’s a military-level elastic that makes you feel as comfortable as possible.

It comes with excellent removable combat knee pads and also elbow pads that are concealed. You can easily adjust the knee pad to be the size you want to enjoy the game more. The adjustable size feature is at the knee and ankle position. You can make it more loose or tight as you wish as long as you are comfortable.

  • It has excellent military elastic
  • Knee pad height adjust system
  • Waist adjust system
  • Flexible
  • Great for movement and different gaming
  • Size adjustment feature
  • It’s great, but men’s
  1. HARGLESMAN Men’s Tactical Military Suits Long Sleeve

HARGLESMAN G3 Combat Clothes BDU Suits Black Camo with Knee Pads for Men Tactical Shirts Trousers for Work Training Hunting Military Airsoft Paintball Uniform Sets Apparel Gear Black Camo M

HARGLESMAN is men’s military suits that are designed to take care of the whole body. The upper body and the lower body. The suit comes with a long sleeve-fitting shirt and pants with knee pads. It comes with a pull-on closure which is easy to do. The suit is impressive, being uniform and commanding.

The military wear is one of the best in gaming with the quality test and assurance of tough training. It’s also machine washable, and you won’t have to worry about it. The size varies, and you will have to choose the one that fits you. You have to note that the size comes in the US standard and may differ a bit from others. If you order L, you are going to get 2XL.

The color is Multicam with black fabric. Its made of high-quality 50% cotton ripstop and 50% polyester. The base fabric of the suit is ripstop with a great durable 4-way stretch woven accents. The material combination makes it a great one to have when playing paintball and want to enjoy to the fullest. The pants are designed to give maximum mobility since they are aggressively cut and a no-compromise assault uniform. The zip flies with Velcro closure and a low-profile adjustable waist.

The waist feature has been designed for use with the removable combat knee pads. The crotch has been designed with stereo inserting angle technology, making the trousers convenient for outdoor activities. It’s great for climbing, jumping and other activities. The waist comes with an adjustable buckle and elastic effect realized by Velcro. The tactical survival gear is excellent for shooting, paintball, hunting, fishing, Army training, and Adventure travel. Order your suit today and get it fast right at your doorstep.

  • Stereoscopic pants
  • Great for jumping, climbing, etc
  • Great material combination
  • Military design
  • Elastic waist
  • Machine wash
  • Not for everyone
  1. XKTTAC Hiking Shirts Tactical-Combat-Airsoft-Military-Shirt

XKTTAC Tactical-Combat-Airsoft-Military-Shirt (Black, Large)

Xkttac Hiking tactical combat shirt is what you are looking for safety, comfort, and performance. The airsoft military shirt has been designed with different materials to meet the standard for best. It has 95% polyester, 5% spandex, and the sleeve is 100% polyester. The end result is a good-looking shirt with the best performance and softness.

The shirt comes with a hook and loop closure, probably something you like or don’t. It features moisture-wicking, which is excellent for drying quickly. Well, if you do sweat a lot during vigorous activities and don’t like the feeling of your shirt sticking to you, you will like this shirt. It dry’s off quickly, giving it an advantage over many other shirts on the market.

The sleeves of the shirt are designed to take care of the abrasion. It has been a resistance sleeve. The material used on the sleeve does not allow tear and wear, no matter the roughness of the training or activity. The military-style shirt is made to withstand so many things to increase durability and quality. The hook and loop cuff are adjustable. Since the shirt comes with a hook and loop cuff on each sleeve, it adds comfort and is easy to adjust whenever you want. You could get the sleeve to your desired length easily.

The elbow and the Shoulder pockets are designed to increase functionality. You can carry other essential documents with you whenever you want from the Velcro arm pockets. It could fit your ID, phone, and other important things you may need while playing. The fabric used is lighter than the arms making it breathable. Why? To give you comfort when it’s too hot or in warmer weather. The shirt has not been made just for combat. It’s excellent for outdoor activity as well.

  • Breathable
  • Velcro arm pockets
  • Adjustable hook and loop cuffs
  • Military design for abrasion resistance
  • Dry faster
  • Tactical combat shirt
  • Durable and quality
  • A bit pricy
  1. Dye Precision Performance Paintball Slider Short

Dye Precision Performance Paintball Slider Short (Medium)

Well, shorts look fancy when you play though not all people like to play wearing shorts. The Dye precision paintball slider short is one of the best shorts in the market, with high demand and buying orders. Great players have testified the performance of the DYE slide shorts over the years to be one of the best and most comfortable to have. Its made after extensive research, design as well testing.

Given that its performance outweighs any other shortcoming it might have been designed with. It is made of Eva high-density foam pads around the waist to give cushion and a custom fit. This is great for direct impacts for those that had some and still feel okay.

The high-impact open-cell foam is excellent for resisting impacts and offers outstanding protection for the thighs, hips, and waist all through the go. It’s one that you do not want to miss even if you are not playing paintball. It has compressed formed padding that helps the critical areas give maximum protection without affecting the flexibility. It has special hip bone pads to add more protection and reduce the injuries happening in the body. It has a true elastic waistband that allows full stretch to be even around the waist to give ultimate comfort to you.

The slide short gives the best performance and won’t disappoint you. It’s not hard to find the right size with the reference size chart. Go to the size chart and choose the one that is your size and get it delivered to you fast.

  • Flexible
  • Well padded
  • It comes in different sizes
  • Maximum protection on the hid, waist and thighs
  • Not everyone likes short
  1. HK Army TRK Air Paintball Pant Joggers

HK Army TRK Air Paintball Joggers - Blackout - 2XL

It is one of the best designs in the market for sports pants. The HK Army TRK air paintball pant Joggers are of the best in the market when it comes to color and design. The pant comes with a drawstring closure at the waist, which is good for fast and easy fastening. The drawstring is secure and easy to fasten to fit anybody.

The material of the paintball pant is made lightweight for easier movement and allows you to be flexible. It’s made from a robust blend of materials to give the perfect blend. The drawstring comfortably fits on the waistband and does not go sideways on small for anyone. It has been made to fit the different sizes perfectly.

It has been designed with two amazing swab pockets for easier access to items in your pocket while playing. This is so for people that are looking for a pocket that is easily accessible when buying paintball pants. It comes with reinforced knees that protect you from scratched and light injuries when you fall on your fours. It’s designed to protect the knee even without a knee protector. It’s true, but you need to have a firmer protector than that for a safe and confident game. The legs are ventilated to keep you always cooking, especially when it’s hot. It could be said to be perfect for different people.

  • Great design
  • It comes in different colors and sizes
  • The closure is good
  • Two swab pockets
  • Ventilated legs
  • Not all people like the drawstring closure

Video Guide for the Best paintball clothes of 2022

7 Things you should know before buying the perfect clothes for your paintball game In 2022

Paintball gaming is always excellent, and getting the right information and material is important. Before buying just any cloth for paintball gaming, you have to know what you are looking for and for what purpose

  1. Hands And Feet

While playing paintball, the hands are the most vulnerable part of the body, prone to shooting. This is because it’s the most exposed as you rely on them to shoot your opponent. You will have to consider your hand’s protection from the opponent’s attack. For that, invest in hand gloves to protect your hands while playing. It’s an entertaining game to play but not so much fun if you are the one being thrown out earlier each time. There are lots of hand gloves for paintballing in the market, and among them, the fingerless weight-lifting ones are best.

To get the best, it also depends on your preference. You could go for the fingerless weight-lift one, gardening, and football ones. If possible, avoid the winter gloves as they are cumbersome for trigger sensitivity.

Your feet are also an area to be protected. The shoes you wear during the game are also important. You should go for shoes that have adequate tread and, at the same time, has ankle support. There are a lot of such shoes on the market, and some of them are running shoes, trail runners, hiking books, etc. This is for the paintball games. You could do simple research to see which shoes are the best for running around and others for other games.

  1. Perfect fitted

The clothes you wear for paintball gaming are important if you want to be a pro in the game. Get clothes that fit you perfectly. Remember, each of the cloth in the market comes in different sizes to accommodate the different people. Check the size of the pant, jumper, and shorts you are going for. This way, you will get the exact fit for your body and won’t feel uncomfortable while playing. Getting clothes that are either too small or too big may hinder you from playing the game well. The shoes should also fit you perfectly and make you feel comfortable running and playing with them rather than having something too small on your feet.

  1. Head And Face Protection

You need to protect your face and heat when playing, especially when playing outdoors. The products you are going to use to protect your face and head mainly depend on the outdoor activity location. You could have a helmet and mast to protect your forehead, chin, ear, and more on the face.

It stops the paintball from getting to your face. Also, it’s a standard protection for eye protection. The masks come in different designs. Some cover the whole face, including the head, and others cover only the face. You could wear a cap backward and get your head additional protection. There are other things you could wear and get a cover for your head, including a Bandana. It protects your head from injuries as well

  1. Upper And Lower Body Gear

You have to consider your upper and lower body when going for paintball clothing. Most people go for long-sleeved clothing on the upper side of the body and something warm on top of it as well. Most of the time, it’s a dark-colored jacket that is recommended. It’s excellent for padding as well as for change of weather in case you get one. You could also wear something loose for comfort and easily run around. The legs can be exposed to a lot of things when playing, like dirt, rocks, thorns, twigs, and so much more. This may lead to an injury to your knees and legs. Getting clothes that take care of the issue is very important and protects you from the said injuries.

  1. Hot or cold weather

The type of weather also affects the type of cloth you are going for. If it’s hot and you want to play, you will have to go for good light clothing. But also, you will have to wear protection for your face, hands, and feet if you want to enjoy your game in thin clothing. When the weather is cold, you have to get thick clothing to keep you warm and also not too warm. Something that does not let your feet the cold but not too many to make you uncomfortable. There are lots of choices in clothing for both hot and cold weather. It’s a matter of you taking your time to view them.

  1. Washable

What makes people like a certain type of clothing is the ability to wash easily. If the clothing you are going for is not able to wash off stains on it, then it’s not worth y0our time and money. Get a good cloth that comes in a material that washes away easily. Though the paintball is not toxic and is biodegradable, it should be good to get a piece of cloth that is able to wash away easily. You have to be clear about what you are looking for before going to the market to get just any cloth because it looks good.

  1. Budget-friendly

Are the paintball wears you are looking for affordable or ridiculously expensive? You have to consider the budget-wise of the item before you buy it. Some of the paintball wears are very expensive and could cause you to dig too deep in your pocket. You have to look for something affordable or within your intended budget. It should be budget-friendly or somewhere close to it, and you can add a bit.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

  1. Do paintballs ruin clothes?

Paintballs are great to play with, but most people worry about the paint and if it can get off cleanly. Well, paintballs are non-toxic and biodegradable, and the paintball fill will not stick or stain clothes permanently. It’s easy to clean with the right detergents and get them over and done with.

  1. What do pros wear in paintball?

Most of the pros go for the paintball clothing that protects them in different forms. Protection against cold or heat, head, arms and legs, upper and lower body. All the clothes they wear meet standards of protection, including eye protection. They know the right choice of clothes and equipment and what to wear at a particular time. They invest in the safety gears that most

  1. Can you wear leggings to paintball?

Yes. You can wear leggings, but it has to be underneath other paintball clothing. This is to add protection to your body. You could also decide to wear leggings with other protection gears for your knees, elbow, hands, shin, and head.

  1. Are jeans or sweats better for paintball?

A paintball game needs one to be comfortable. Jeans are tight and rigid, which is not flexible for running, crouching, and jumping. This makes it not the right choice for paintball wear. On the other hand, Sweats could be an excellent choice for paintball if it’s chilly outside.

When it’s cold and chilly, wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants keeps you warm and full of energy despite the weather. It also could be an excellent strategy to wear thick clothes for the paint not to be absorbed.


Getting the right gears for paintballing is essential if you want to enjoy the game to the fullest. You have to go through the different wears and choose one that is suitable for you. It has to be lightweight, comfortable, fitting, the right material, great for different weather conditions, and also perfect for your lower and upper body.

You have to consider a lot of things before making a choice on the equipment and clothes for paintball. You could look at your budget and the wear and equipment between your budgets before making a choice. New to the game? You may need to go for something less expensive and know what you need later from there. You should consider the protection on a different part of your body for the safe game with the likes of helmets etc.

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