What Barrel Thread to Get for an Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Marker?

It is pretty normal to be confused when choosing barrel threads for different paintball markers. Of course, it is crucial to pick the perfect thread for getting the best performance.

With so many options out there, you can easily feel perplexed about which barrel thread might go with your paintball gun that will provide maximum accuracy and help provide an edge.

Not only regarding the accuracy, but barrel threads can also make a real difference in the game. So, it’s vital to pick the right one, especially if you have an Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Marker. Luckily, we’ll discuss what barrel thread to get for an Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Marker today.

Paintball Barrel Thread
Paintball Barrel Thread

Best Barrel Thread for an Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Marker

Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Marker is a great gun, and finding a barrel thread for it isn’t easy, especially if you’re not an expert in the field. No worries, because we’ve got you covered. Let’s have a quick look at barrel threads that will go with your Empire Axe 2.0 paintball marker.

For your Empire Axe 2.0 paintball marker, the best barrel thread would be the Autococker threads from Axe. These barrel threads are quite popular due to their solid design and sturdy build. They have been around for some time, so you can count on them to deliver the best performance.

These things come with a valve retaining nut ranging from 5/8 inches to 18 5/16 inches, including a lock screw that works well with this kind of paintball marker. You can also use these for your other mid-range and high-end paintball guns, as they are surprisingly versatile.

To conclude, it can be said that Empire Axe is a unique paintball marker, so it needs the best barrel thread. The Axe Autocockers will be a suitable option for this paintball marker.

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