Best Military Paintball Guns In 2022 [Expert Recommended]

Best Military Paintball Gun Sets
Best Military Paintball Gun Sets

Want to get that combat realism experience without using the real guns? Pick one of the best military paintball guns from our narrowed-down list then!

Can you relate to the stupidity of bringing a regular paintball gun in a MilSim scenario?

If you can’t, I can. Trust me when I say this; it ruined the whole experience for me.

For you to have that proper thrill that comes in a controlled simulation experience, you really need to get the best military paintball guns. They feel like the real thing, and look pretty cool holding it, too.

This article is to make you pick a tad bit easier. Everything regarding how they look, how they work, we covered them down here in the reviews.

Go on, get yourself the sexy beast you deserve.

8 Best Military Paintball Guns In April 2022 [Recommended]

Not all of the military-looking paintball guns are going to be worth buying. You would also need to check the overall performance. And we know it would not be possible to check that for each of the top-selling guns. Well, we did that for you! And these are the ones that we believe offers a good overall performance:

  1. Tippmann TMC MAGFED – latest .68 Caliber MagFed

Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker - Black/Tan

When it comes to offering heavy-duty military paintball guns, the brand Tippmann is basically the go-to option for many. And after going through this review, you will know exactly why.

Let us first talk about the outlooks first. It features a 1:1 .68 Caliber Magfed design. In fact, the resemblance is so high that many might even confuse it with the real deal. Even the hand feel is a bit like the real caliber, which will make using this gun fun.

Apart from the looks, it sort of functions like the real deal as well. There are dual-feed options. Depending on your shooting style, you can choose the traditional loader or the Magfedloading option. And both the feeding options work flawlessly. Basically, it is the best of both worlds in a single package.

It also offers full control over the FPS. Using the knob, you can dial it from 250 to 325 FPS. Also, the package includes two 20 round magazines. Both of them is spring-driven. And the front and the rear sight of the unit are adjustable. You can also attach different sights on the Picatinny rail.


  • Looks exactly like the real deal
  • Offers an authentic hand feel
  • FPS is adjustable
  • Has two different feeding modes
  • Includes two 20 round magazines


  • Fire selector has an awkward placement
  • Can not properly feed rubber balls

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

It features a heavy-duty look, which can some what offer the hand feel of holding an actual gun. Also, there are two feed modes.

  1. US Army Alpha – Elite Class Paintball Marker

US Army Alpha Elite Paintball Marker, Tan

On the lookout for us military paintball guns that are exceptionally durable? Well, you might not have to look any further because US Army is offering exactly what you were looking for all this time.

Unlike some of the other units, this one features a construction of aluminum. The aluminum body makes it achieve a higher level of durability, which will easily withstand the rough and tough conditions of the site. Also, the aluminum construction allows it to achieve a realistic weight.

Apart from the weight, the overall design is geared towards M4. And the looks that it achieves do resemble the real deal. For that reason, you would have a somewhat authentic experience with using it on the field. Also, the stock is highly adjustable. You can adjust it in six different states.

On that note, it has a mock magazine. And it is removable. You can use it for storing tools. Also, the handle has the same style as the real M4. That makes the hand feel even more authentic. And as it has a Picatinny body rail, it would be possible to attach different attachments to it.


  • Made of aluminum
  • Has a somewhat realistic weight
  • Resembles a lot of the real M4
  • Mock magazine is removable
  • Features Picatinny body rail


  • Design is not 1:1
  • Does not have multiple feeding options

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

The unit has a durable overall construction. Additionally, the weight of the unit is sort of like a real gun, allowing it to offer a good overall hand feel.

  1. Umarex T4E HK416 .43 – Training Rifle Paintball Gun Marker

Umarex T4E Heckler & Koch HK416 .43 Caliber Training Rifle Paintball Gun Marker

One of the legendary rifles is the HK416. The military uses this modern rifle extensively for how reliable it actually. And the same thing about reliability can be stated for this option offered by Umarex.

First of all, the overall look is an exact replica of the original. In fact, it looks so authentic that it would be possible to fool many by stating that it is the real deal. And thanks to it utilizing full metal for the receiver and the body, the weight should also resemble the real gun. So, the hand feel will be a lot like the real rifle.

The thing that makes this one highly reliable is the accuracy. Thanks to utilizing a proper design, it holds the ability to shoot paintballs with a higher level of accuracy. Also, both the front and the rear sights are adjustable. You can tune them according to your preference.

Other than that, the stock is also adjustable. You can set it in six different positions. And thanks to the retractable mechanism, storing the firearm around will be an easy task.


  • Exact replica of the original in terms of looks
  • Weight is a lot like the original
  • Has a proper barrel design
  • Highly accurate
  • Features adjustable sights


  • Magazine can contain only 14 shots
  • Does not work that well with smaller paintballs

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

The fact that it looks like an exact replica of the original gun makes it worth buying, according to us. It even has adjustable sights.

  1. Tippmann Action Village TMC

Action Village Tippmann TMC Paintball Gun Epic Package Kit (Black/Tan)

If you are just getting into the game, you might not have all of the gears with you. And to get away from the hassle of purchasing each of the gears separately, look at this kit.

Let us first talk about the gun itself. The unit has an authentic look of an automatic rifle, which will offer a user experience that will be similar to the actual gun. Also, the design of the gun is proper. You will feel like holding an actual rifle upon wielding this gun.

Aside from that, the handle of the unit has a proper design it. That will enhance the overall comfort and allow you to securely grab onto the rifle. It even has the Picatinny rail, making it compatible with the aftermarket accessories. Also, both the front and the rear sights are adjustable.

Besides that, the kit will come with a mask that holds the ability to offer good overall protection. It also bundles with a CO2 cartridge. You will also receive a well-performing hopper and four refills of paintballs.


  • Features an authentic look
  • Offers a real gun holding feel
  • Handle is comfortable
  • Sports Picatinny rail
  • Bundles with all the other gears


  • Included hopper is not that durable
  • Does not have an authentic heft to it

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

If you were looking for a package that includes all of the gears in addition to the gun, this offering is the one for you!

  1. Action Village Tippmann Stormer Kit

Action Village Tippmann Stormer Tactical Paintball Gun Epic Package Kit

Another kit from Action Village that should be on your consideration list is this one. The caliber of the kit is way better than most of the cheap military paintball guns. It packs loads of features as well.

First of all, the gun of the kit sports a replica design of the original .68 caliber. For that reason, it would be ableto offer a real gun holding feel, which is something that most of the units can not offer. Also, the unit kind of operates like a real deal. That will enhance the user experience even further.

Besides that, the rifle has an adjustable FPS rate. You can set it from 250 to 325 FPS. Also, thanks to the in-line bolt design, the gas should travel smoothly through the barrel. And for the addition of the Picatinny rails, it would be possible to attach aftermarket attachments to them.

Other than that, it comes included with all of the gears you will require to get into the game. Starting from the mask to pods to the utility belt, it bundles with all of them.


  • Features .68 replica design
  • Offers a real gun holding feel
  • FPS rate is adjustable
  • Sports a proper in-line bolt design
  • Includes most of the necessary gears


  • Some packages might ship with damaged clips
  • Magazines are not that smooth

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

The kit includes a highly capable military paintball gun. It has a variable FPS rate, and the unit features an in-line bolt design.


  1. Maddog Tippmann Cronus Tactical Corporal Package

The market is filled with cheap military style paintball guns. They might seem to be worth using at first sight, but the performance and the hand feel that most of them offer are not worth it. However, the same thing can not be said for this offering.

Even though this one is basically a starter package, we are mainly going to focus on the gun here. The Cronus Tactical has a high-impact composite body. And the material is pretty high in quality, which makes the gun achieve a higher level of durability.

Apart from the overall durability, it includes a vertical grip. This grip will let you grip the gun properly. Also, it will work like magic in terms of increasing the overall accuracy of the gun. Furthermore, the barrel of the unit has a proper design.

Besides that, the kit comes with most of the essential gears you are going to need for getting right into the site and owning the matches. It includes a mask, six pods, one utility belt, one CO2 cartridge and finally, a hopper.


  • Gun is of high-impact composite material
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Sports a vertical grip
  • Has a high level of accuracy
  • Bundles with the essential gears


  • Looks are a bit off than an authentic gun
  • Prone to jamming

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

Even though the gun of the kit does not have the 1:1 looks of a real gun, it did not fail to amaze us in terms of performance.

  1. Valken M17 - Magfed Paintball Marker

Valken M17 Magfed Paintball Marker

While the regular-sized rifles might look aggressive, they can limit the overall mobility a bit. Well, that is where a compact offering from Valken steps in.

First of all, the unit has a polymer CQC shroud. This shroud makes it perform like a beast when it comes to shooting paintballs. The level of accuracy it offers is quite praiseworthy. You will be able to land your shots right where you wanted to for most of the time.

Additionally, it has a blow-forward operating system, which will make the maintenance process a breeze. Also, the blow system will make it highly reliable by ensuring that the chances of a jam occurring are absolutely low. And there are two different firing modes. You can opt for the manual or the automatic mode.

Apart from that, the gun has the ability to maintain a constant velocity for each of the shots. As a result, it will be possible for you to land multiple shots on target.And the compact footprint will ensure that your mobility is not limited.


  • Sports a CQC shroud
  • Offers a high level of accuracy
  • Boats a blow forward operational mode
  • Does not jam that easily
  • Maintains constant velocity


  • Does not come with a tank
  • Magazine malfunctions from time to time

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

Firstly, the CQC shroud of the unit offers good overall performance. Secondly, it can offer a higher level of accuracy, which is always a plus point.

  1. Tippmann Cronus -Tactical Edition- Kit

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun -Tactical Edition- Olive Starter Package

On the lookout for a tactical gun? Want something that bundles with all of the standard paintball accessories? Then this kit should be in your consideration!

To start with, the gun of the unit features a .68 rifle design. The design makes it look and feel more like a real gun. Also, it has an adjustable FPS rate. It will be possible to set the rate from 250 to 325 FPS. And thanks to the in-line bolt design, the unit should shoot paintballs with consistent velocity.

The overall construction of the marker is of high-impact composite. This material makes the unit highly durable. It should be capable of withstanding harsh and tough site conditions. Also, the lightweight nature of the gun will make sure you can move swiftly while wielding it.

Apart from that, the firearm has four Picatinny rails. Those will offer you the ability to modify the gun easily.The kit also bundles with all of the essential paintball gears. So there will be no need to purchase anything separately.


  • Features a .68 rifle design
  • Tactical and light in weight
  • Made of high-impact composite material
  • FPS rate is variable
  • Sports four Picatinny rails


  • Included google feels a bit cheap
  • Gun is not that resistant to jamming

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

Considering the fact that it includes a tactical gun that performs exceptionally well and includes all of the essential gears, we think this one is worth the purchase.

How Do I Choose the Right Military Paintball Guns In 2022?

The reviews might have made choosing one a bit easy, but do you know when that process will be easier? When you keep some of the important factors in mind. By doing so, it would be possible to scrutinize the offerings efficiently and make a good overall purchase decision. And the factors we are referring to here are:

  • Outlooks

The first thing that makes these guns different than the regular paintball ones is the outlook. And that is what we would recommend considering first before making a purchase decision. Usually, people prefer the ones that are a 1:1 replica of the original. Those look exactly like the real deal.

However, if the overall outlook is not exactly 1:1, the ones that closely resemble the looks of a real deal will offer about the same experience as the 1:1 replicas. So, even if getting your hands on the 1:1 replicas is not possible, opt for the ones that closely resemble the real deal.

  • Build Quality

Apart from the looks, the build quality is another thing that should be in your consideration. The ones that have a better build quality are generally the ones that can offer a good overall experience. Also, the units with the same outlook as the real gun and good build quality will offer a stellar combat-simulator experience.

Additionally, the ones that have a proper build quality usually have a higher durability level. And it goes without saying, the exceptionally durable thingslast longer than the other ones. Well, the same case is applicable here. The durable guns will be able to withstand the rough and tough sites easily.

  • Heft

Weight has an important role to play in the case of military paintballs. Usually, the ones with a weight close to the real guns will offer a better overall handfeel. The combat simulation will feel a lot real with those. Considering that, we would recommend opting for the ones with a similar heft like the real guns.

  • Firing Modes

One of the things that most of the manufacturers are going to skimp on is the firing modes. Most of the available guns will mimic the looks of an automatic rifle but will only have a manual mode. Those will not excel in the case of offering real-life gun handling experience, would it?

Considering that, we would recommend opting for rifles that have at least two modes. Having different modes will also come in handy in different scenarios of the game. So, even if you do not really care that much about the handling experience, opt for the ones that have different firing modes.

  • Accuracy

Alongside all of the other factors, you should also consider the accuracy of the gun. Without being accurate, the shots are not going to land on target. And having an inaccurate paintball gun will not be worth it, no matter how real it looks.

For accuracy, the barrel and the operational mode have a significant role to play. The better the design of the barrel and the better the operational mode, the better the accuracy is going to be. So, consider these two things when you are checking for the accuracy of the gun.

On that note, the sights have a big role to play in terms of accuracy as well. If the sights are not tuned properly, the shots will never end up where you want them to. For that reason, we would recommend opting for guns that have adjustable sights. Those will enable you to properly tune up the gun to get the best overall accuracy.

  • Rail

Even though the stock sights might be good enough, you might want something better. Well, to install something better on the top, a proper rail is necessary. Here, we are basically referring to Picatinny rail. You should check whether the gun has this rail or not.

Without that rail, it will be impossible to install most of the after market sights. Also, the rail is a necessity if you want to install other attachments to the gun.

  • Magazine

Another thing that you should consider is the magazine. Here, the first thing that needs checking is the overall capacity. Having too little capacity would require you to reload the gun too often. And that would not be ideal in intense fights. Instead, you need to opt for the ones that have higher capacity.

Secondly, consider the feeding mechanism. If the feeding mechanism is not that smooth, there are going to be a lot of jams. And trust us, you do not want to have jams when you are in the middle of a fight. Also, if the feeding mechanism is smooth, the feed rate will be high as well.

  • FPS

If you are wondering what does FPS stands for here, it is basically the short form of Feet Per Second. For the paintball guns, the FPS will dictate how fast the balls are going to travel. In that sense, the higher the FPS rating, the farther the ball is going to travel.

Additionally, the guns with a higher FPS rating will get bullets faster to your target. Considering that if you want to properly neutralize the moving target, our recommendation would be to opt for the units that have a significantly higher FPS rating.

  • Stock

Aside from the FPS, you need to also consider the consider. First, check the ergonomics. Without having the right amount of ergonomics, the stock will not be that comfortable to wield. Also, you will not be able to wield the gun for a long amount of time if the stock is not that comfortable.

Then, consider whether the stock is adjustable or not. The adjustable ones will allow you to change the position of the stocks, which can help in terms of getting a customized experience from the gun. Also, the retractable stocks will make it easier for you to store the gun around.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the highest FPS paintball gun?

The highest FPS of a paintball gun is around 300 FPS. However, not all of the guns will have that rating. Usually, the brands are going to tune it down to 280 FPS for safety purposes.

  1. What is the most powerful paintball gun?

The power of the gun will depend on three things. One of them is the feeding mechanism, the FPS, and the overall firing mechanism. The ones that are better in these three would be the most powerful.

  1. What hurts more airsoft or paintball?

Even though airsoft BBs travel faster than paintballs, the paintballs are larger. And for being large in size, the sting is a bit higher than the airsoft bbs.

  1. Can paintball kill you?

Paintballs can not kill you. However, they can do some serious damage if you are not wearing the right gear. And among the right gears, we would highly recommend getting a decent helmet and proper gloves.

  1. Does the military use paintball guns?

Yes, the military does use paintball guns for training purposes. These guns are capable of offering the newbies the experience that they require but in a safe manner.

Final Words

Without getting one of the best military paintball guns, it would be quite impossible to get that replicated sense of combat realism. And the ones we reviewed are nothing but that.

However, among all of the ones we went through, our best pick would be the Tippmann TMC MAGFED. It does not only have a heavy-duty look, but it has a heavy-duty build quality as well.

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