What Makes Paintballs More Accurate?

Undoubtedly, paintball is one of the most fun and refreshing sports out there. But hey, just because it is fun doesn’t mean it isn’t competitive!

In fact, players can get fiercely competitive in this game and look for every means to score better than their opponents. Every little factor that can make paintballs more accurate is very important to them.

So, what makes paintballs more accurate?

The accuracy of paintballs depends on a couple of factors. First and foremost, we need the quality of the equipment. To improve the accuracy of paintballs, make sure the balls are well-kept, and the gun works fine. Some other factors would be the ball shape, the positioning in the barrel, etc.

Causes of Paintball Inaccuracy

There are countless reasons behind paintball inaccuracies. Here are some ones listed below:

  • Unsuitable Paintballs

Both the capsule and the paint contained within it can cause inaccuracies. First of all, the shape of the capsule matters. Rounded capsules perform differently than the ones that are not. Again, it is also essential to buy good paint.

  • Defective Paintball Guns

All the important parts of the paintball gun/marker– the barrel, the hopper, etc. should be appropriately checked. If these are damaged by any chance, they will cause inaccuracies.

  • Gas System

One of the main reasons behind your poor game could be the gas system. In these cases, switch to a better system as soon as possible.

  • Lack of Supervision

Almost all the problems caused in the equipment, which in turn cause problems to the game, are caused by the lack of supervision. You should supervise the paintball tools from time to time and keep them well-managed.

How To Make Paintballs More Accurate

Where there is a problem, there is a solution! Find out how to make paintballs more accurate by following these methods:

Measure 1: Using Fresh Paintballs

Old, expired paintballs cause the accuracy of the game to fall. Therefore, make sure you are using the new ones and then store and preserve them properly.

Measure 2: Cleaning The Paint Gun

Experts always suggest players keep the paint guns squeaky clean. As you keep playing, dirt is bound to accumulate in the gun. So, always keep them neat and clean.

Measure 3:Proper Lubrication

Our third measure would be to exercise proper lubrication. Of course, it is important to lubricate the gun to make it work properly. But make sure you are not overdoing it. The additional lube ends up covering the barrel, which can bring great harm.

Measure 4: Refurbishing The Barrel

The barrel is probably one of the prime components of a paint gun. We already mentioned that extra lube could almost cover up this place. Therefore, make sure the quality and size of the barrel are perfect.

Measure 5: Changing The Gas System

A pro tip is to switch to high-pressure air (HPA). It is a safer option and can also provide better pressure. Also, make sure you immediately replace your tank if it gets damaged.

Skills vs. Accuracy

We learned a lot of ways to increase the accuracy of paintballs. But does increasing the accuracy guarantee you a win? Not necessarily.

Increasing the accuracy of paintball definitely makes the game much smoother for the players, and a fair game is played. This “increase” of accuracy is basically the improvement of tools used in the game.

However, tools can only take you so far. If you do not have the right skills or do not follow the proper methods, your performance won’t change drastically.

In order to gain better points or to show a better performance, you need to improve your skill as well. After all, it is just a game where skill talks, probably more than any other factor. Making paintball more accurate will increase your chances of winning, but it cannot ensure a certain victory.

Video Guide of Makes Paintballs More Accurate

Go Score Some Points!

It’s no time to sulk if your paintball game is not up to the mark yet! Now that you know what makes paintballs more accurate, why don’t you give these methods a try? You will surely achieve better results.

Follow our suggestions and have better paintball sessions. Good luck!

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