How To Treat A Paintball Welt?

Paintball might just be one of the most enjoyable activities you can take part in with your buddies. It is a great team sport; you enjoy every second of it and get some running in with some great fun.
But there is one big problem with playing paintball. It is the bruises you see all over your body the next day. This is hardly something you have on your mind when you are running behind an opponent or aiming at them to take a shot. However, it is a big problem the day after, especially if the bruises are visible.

Let me tell you how to treat a paintball welt at home.

How To Treat A Paintball Welt

Let’s get into the process here;

Step 1: Check the Welt and See If You Need a Doctor’s Visit

Most of the time, when you get a bruise from playing paintball, you don’t require any medical attention. You can very easily treat them on your own at home. However, there are certain situations when the welts might not be treatable at home.

So rather than experimenting on yourself, it is better to go to a clinic and get it checked out.

Step 2: Clean the Bruise

When you see that you can take care of the welt on your own, your first task in hand is to clean it. If the spot is left dirty, then there is a chance you might get an infection.

This is especially possible if you haven’t cleaned up properly after your game of paintball. Just take some soap and water. Use a washcloth and dunk it into a soapy water solution and clean the bruise properly.

You could also try and disinfect it using rubbing alcohol. It is going to burn, but you will reduce the chances of getting an infection.

Step 3: Ice It

Most of the time, when we get hurt, our moms ice our bruises. And there is a good reason behind it. The ice, in most cases, helps reduce any kind of inflammation. If you get a welt from playing paintball, there is a high chance of having some kind of inflammation.

So if you have an icepack at home, you can take it out and put it either directly on the welt or wrap it with a cloth and do it if you can’t tolerate the cold.

Do this a few times a day for the best results.

Step 4: Take Some Painkillers

These welts aren’t just hard on the eyes; they might also be very painful. And there is no reason for you to suffer through the pain. So if you have access to some over-the-counter painkillers, then you should go for it.

Just read the instruction on when you should take it, should you take it before or after a meal. Also, talk to a pharmacist to make sure it won’t affect any medication you are already taking.

Step 5: Keep The Injured Area Rested and Elevated

If you want the welt to heal fast, you need to make sure the muscle and the area get maximum rest. When your body gets proper rest, it is able to mend itself faster. Depending on how serious your welt is, you can think about how active you want to be.

If it seems serious, then it is better to seize stop some activities for some time. However, if it is not, then you can judge how much movement feels fine to you. Just make sure not to stress the area out.

Step 6: Use Home Remedies

Before the age of modern medicine, people used to rely heavily on home remedies. Even though pinball didn’t exist at the time, we can still use some of these tricks now.

Firstly, you could cover the bruise with a banana peel. This might be effective if your main aim is to reduce the appearance of the bruise. It can be effective, but you would have to take a few more steps to rid yourself of this welt altogether.

The next thing you could do is eat fruit that is high in vitamin K and vitamin C. They will improve your immune system and prepare your body to fix itself. You could just take vitamin C and K pills too.

Step 7: Epsom Salt Bath

Many athletes tend to take Epsom salt baths, particularly after a physical match. The salt helps ease muscle soreness and relaxes the muscles as well.

This is exactly what you need when you are suffering because of a welt.

Fill your bathtub with water and add a cup of salt to the water. You will feel much better and more relaxed after you have soaked in it for half an hour.

Also, you could try adding some essential oils to the bathwater. Lavender essential oil is great to soothe aches.

How To Prevent Welts

Do you know what is better than treating your welt? It is preventing welts from happening in the first place.

  1. Check for bruises

Once you are done playing, you should check to see if you got hurt anywhere. If you detect it right after, then you will be able to properly take care of the area and make sure the welt doesn’t happen in the first place.

  1. Play with a clear head

When playing pinball with your friends, make sure your head is clear, and there is no sign of intoxication. You are less likely to hurt yourself or others around you when you are clear-headed.

  1. Check the area

Before you start playing, try to check the place out to make sure it is safe. You don’t want to play in a terrine terrain where you can easily get hurt.

  1. Safety gear stays on

If you are wearing all the necessary safety gear, then there is nothing for you to worry about. They will protect you from the paintballs and the bruising that comes with them.

Final Words

Now you know how to treat a paintball welt. It is not a difficult task to do. Just make sure to keep it clean, and you should be fine.

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