How To Start A Paintball Team? A Complete Guide!

Paintball is a game or sport most folks love playing no matter what the season is. It is an outdoor game since it involves shooting the enemy team with paintballs from a paintball gun. Eventually, people will get messy and covered in paint, but at least it will not ruin your house, only the ground.

It is a fun game indeed, but if you are a beginner and want to try playing paintball for the first time, you will firstly need to assemble a team for yourself.

Learning how to start a paintball team might be painful, but you can easily make a successful team once you get the main idea down. So let us start by understanding the steps of creating a paintball team!

How to Start a Paintball Team
How to Start a Paintball Team

How To Start A Paintball Team

There are many factors you will need to consider when starting your very own paintball team. It would help if you made plans for the equipment, the location, the team members, and the games planned with enemy teams.

But it is better to complete these step by step so that the team activities are more efficient. The process is given below:

Step 1: Gathering the Players

The first step is to collect a bunch of team members to play with. It does not matter who you are selecting as teammates. It could be a family member, a friend, or a partner. As long as the people know how to play and enjoy paintball, that should be good enough.

Step 2: Arrange Time for the Team

Since playing paintball is not exactly a profession or official sport that can get you a steady income, it is natural that you and all the other team members will have their own lives to worry about. Depending on age diversity here, someone could be busy with their children or their jobs, while others with their education.

You will all have to hold a meeting and set a time when everyone will gather together to play paintball.

Step 3: Set Goals and Rules for the Team

The players you have selected must be team-oriented. It would be best if you created goals for the team to advance with the game. You also need to discuss some ground rules for when the game is played and some general rules to ensure everyone’s behavior and attitudes are in check.

This is done to make sure no one harasses anyone physically or verbally and creates bad blood amongst the team members. If that happens, the team will slowly fall apart.

Step 4: Act Like a Team When Playing

To be efficient as a team, you all need to learn each member’s strengths and weaknesses. This way, you can utilize the strengths when battling against an enemy team and have each other’s backs when it comes to a member’s weakness.

Step 5: Get The Right Gear

There are some important gear and gadgets you need to participate in a paintball game. Most of the equipment that you need to wear is protective gear to make sure you do not get hurt from any impact of the paintballs shot at you from afar. It can also protect your clothes even though splatters here and there can still happen.

Since it is like a roleplay for war, there will be many actions like you would find on a war field. So, you will need elbow pads, knee pads, gloves, boots, and masked helmets here to protect yourself from getting injured when you are running or climbing things or tumbling down from something during the game.

When it comes to the clothes you will wear under the gear; you can choose whatever you want. But for better performance, you should definitely wear something you can flexibly move around in.

Clothes one would wear during gym exercises, jogging, or any other form of exercise are ideal. You will not feel too bad if those get dirty, plus your sweat will get absorbed too.

Step 6: Select  a Location

A game of paintball cannot be played just anywhere. You will need a lot of ground or field areas, places to run around in, and places to hide so you can take cover from the enemy. Most commonly, paintball games are played in the woods or forests.

That way, you can climb trees and hide underwater. There are many trees to keep your back against when you are in the middle of a crossfire. There will also be lots of bushes for you and your team members to hide behind and have small group meetings to discuss how to proceed with the game.

And if you have a large backyard, then you can create false obstacles there. Bring in some large boards or planks of wood from the garden shed or outdoor furniture and fix it into certain spots in the yard. This is to create covers where you can hide from your enemy and exchange fires.

Step 7: Assign Responsibilities

Each member of a paintball team has their own roles assigned by the team captain. Depending on strengths and weaknesses, the captain will set the roles and responsibilities to make the team optimized.

For example, whoever is good at aiming and shooting, should be kept in the front lines while the weaker ones stay behind as lookouts from high places.

Step 8: Be careful of the Budget

Since buying paintball gear costs a lot, every member should be wary of this and save up as much money as possible so that each member can afford their own equipment.

The paintballs are all temporary. Once shot, they can’t be returned to their original form. They splatter all over the surface, whether it is a body, a wall, the ground, etc. So, you will also need to save up and pitch in for buying the paint for the paintballs every time you play.

Final Verdict

Though understanding how to start a paintball team is not that hard, it is a lengthy process, and every step should be done carefully. To ensure the entire team is strong and working efficiently to reach the team goals, you must communicate the plans with the team.

You also need to get feedback from the other members to know that everyone is on the same page and enjoying the game.

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