How To Clean Paintball Mask With Step By Step!

painted Mask
painted Mask

Paintball is a sure-fire way to de-stress after a long boring week. However, unclean masks that have paint stuck to them might blur your lenses. And let’s be honest here, no one really wants to wear a mask with paint, sweat, and dirt all over it.

To avoid this from happening, we are here to help you clean paintball masks the right way.

Let us dive right into the cleaning precautions and process and find out how to clean paintball masks! After all, paintball masks do not come in cheap.

How To Clean Paintball Mask?

Some of the most important factors to remember while cleaning a paintball mask are not cleaning the entire mask at once and separating your lenses from the mask. Also, you will need paintball lens cleaner, microfiber cloths, and water for cleaning the gear.

Must Detach Your Eye Lenses from the Mask

Before you start cleaning, it is vital to remove the goggles lenses or eye lenses from the mask itself. As most eye lenses have thermal or single glazed glasses that are sensitive to most chemicals, you should not subject the eye lenses to a harsh cleaning process.

And usually, the harshness of over-the-counter glass cleaners might damage the glass itself or the thin anti-fog, anti-glare protective layers over the glass that help you see better. To prevent this, always remember to detach your lenses and clean them separately.

Another thing to remember is that if you happen to find any hairline cracks on your lenses, replace them instantly. Eye lenses are installed to protect your eyes, and you should never gamble when there is the slightest chance of you hurting your eyes.

Remove Detachable Parts

Many masks have foams inserted right above the chinstrap or where the mask touches the top of your forehead so that it does not sit too tightly on your skin. Make sure to remove these detachable straps or pieces of foam before you start cleaning the mask.

There are a lot of masks that can be detached and taken apart in three or more sections. If you have the opportunity, make the best out of it by cleaning the parts one by one instead of cleaning the entire mask at once. This method will help you to effectively get rid of paint smears from every nook and cranny.

Invest In a Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths allow you to wipe your masks and eye lenses to make them spotlessly clean. You can buy a high-quality microfiber wiping rug for under 10 dollars. Usually, stores that offer paintball gears also have microfiber cloths in stock.

The clothes will help remove the tiniest particles effectively and make your glass look as good as brand-new ones.

Use a Paintball Lens Cleaner

Whether you are trying to get rid of smears of paint from your mask or clean the eye lenses, paintball lens cleaner is a wonderful product that will help you along the way.

Just dab a microfiber cloth in the cleaner and gently wipe away the paint and the dirt from your lenses. The paintball lens cleaner will also disinfect your mask and the lenses, so any germs and odors caused by sweat or paint will go away.

Clean the Mask

Instead of dunking the mask in a tubful of water, we recommend you start cleaning your mask by dealing with the exterior first. Once you have removed the lenses and foams, spray water carefully so it only washes over the outer part of the gear.

When you are done washing with water, place the mask upside down to dry. Once it has dried, use the microfiber cloth to wipe it down.

If you are going for a deep cleanse of the mask, use a toothbrush to remove the paint and use liquid dishwashing soap to wash the rest of it. The soap will make your mask smell as good as new!

For the inside of the mask, it is better not to use water. Instead, wipe the inside using a microfiber cloth that’s been treated with paintball lens cleaner to disinfect it from germs and wipe away the dirt.

However, make sure that you are not using the same microfiber cloth that you have used previously to wipe down the outside of the mask. This might cause tiny particles of dirt and paint to glide into the inner part.

Cleaning Products or Methods You Should Stay Away from

Avoid using any household glass cleaners as the chemical is not mild enough for cleaning the eye lenses. While wiping down the mask, do not use any type of clothes other than microfiber. Also, avoid using tissues, wipes, cotton, or paper towels.

Any fabric or material other than microfiber might cause barely visible scratches all over the mask or eye lenses.

Video Guide For How To Clean Paintball Mask?


Once you have cleaned your mask using the tips from us, your gear will be sparkly clean and devoid of germs. Make sure not to clean your mask intensively too often, though, as this process might wear it out sooner than you expected.

Now you can get on with the rest of your adrenal-pumping paintball sessions without worrying about how to clean a paintball mask!

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