What Does It Feel Like To Be Hit By A Paintball?

Upset girl with after direct hit in paintball game
Upset girl with after direct hit in a paintball game

When you are being chased by people with guns shooting paintballs at high speed, you are bound to feel a sting. However, the sting can seldom be so hurtful that you have to pull out of a game.

So, what does it feel like to be hit by a paintball?

It does hurt when you get hit by a paintball; however, the level of pain depends on the speed, condition, distance, and the spot you are shot at.

This article will explain what it feels like to be hit by a paintball and the steps you can take to prevent any pain. Interested to learn more about it? Then come and find out!

What Does It Feel Like To Be Hit By A Paintball?

Paintballs can travel at 300 ft/s speed, so being struck by a paintball can hurt sometimes. Paintballs can leave a minor sting or even a mark or bruise when you are hit by one. However, the pain you feel is minor and fades away quickly.

The severity of the pain that you will experience depends on a few factors. Sometimes the hits can leave a bruise, but most times, it doesn’t hurt as much. Let’s look at some of the reasons that cause pain and what you can do to minimize it when you are shot with a paintball.

  1. The Distance You Are Hit From

The paintball loses energy as it travels through the air, so you are unlikely to feel any pain if you are hit from far away. In that sense, the further your opponent is from you, the less pain you will feel when the paintball hits you.

However, if your opponent shoots you from a closer range, then it will hurt more. Sometimes, there are strict rules in place where that ban players from shooting from too close.

  1. The Speed the Paintball Is Shot

The primary reason for having a severe bruise is if the paintballs come at you fast. So, the higher the speed of the paintball, the more it will hurt.

A paintball field restricts the speed at which your opponent or you can shoot. The speed limit is generally 250 fps indoors, while in the open area, the speed limit is 280-300 fps.

  1. The Protective Gears Can Reduce the Impact of the Paintball

How you dress on the paintball field definitely matters. If you are dressed casually in jeans and t-shirts, the paintball is bound to hurt more and leave a few bruises behind. Paintballs on bare skin can be extremely painful.

Protective gears will reduce the impact of the paintballs, so you will feel little to no pain. If you are wearing padding, gloves, protective vests, and long shirts and pants covering your arms and legs, it will hurt less when you are shot with a paintball.


So, now you know what it feels like to be hit by a paintball.

Pain is very subjective; some have a high threshold for pain, while others have a low tolerance. A paintball shoots at 90 m/s or 300 ft/s, which is a very high speed. Anything that can shoot at such a high velocity is bound to sting when it hits you.

Obviously, adrenaline may shield you from experiencing excruciating pain during the game, but you will definitely feel a little bit of pain shortly after the game ends.

However, taking necessary precautions like wearing protective gear and following safety precautions should keep you safe.

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