Empire Sniper In 2022: With In-Depth Buyers Guide!

Empire Sniper Reviews
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Empire Sniper is an excellent popular tournament-level paintball gun that you need at the moment. The make of paintball may not only look fabulous but is also constructed with exceptional durability. It’s what you need for excellent performance in the fields.

The Empire has been made to match and compete progressively with other tournament markers in the field. Before you decide on the Empire Sniper Marker, it’s good to know more about it.

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The Sniper Design

 The Empire Sniper is a pump-style paintball marker that works well in low pressure. The paintball marker gun is made of premium auto-cocker barrel threading, a 10-round vertical feed system; it also has an auto-trigger that fires off instant shots. The simple design of the sniper paintball is excellent and easy to handle. The design of the Sniper is aluminum that features a 14-inch barrel and barrel inserts

The inline regulator of the Sniper features a swivel adaptor. It also comes with a tremendous dual stainless steel pump to give you the performance you need on the field. It has a 300psi gauge that can easily be positioned anywhere on the marker. The Sniper combines the auto cocker barrel with the vertical feed system and handles about ten rounds. 

The automatic trigger of the Sniper makes it easier for you to fire. This aspect of the Sniper is what makes it a convenient sniper paintball to have. The ease to handle and shoot out when needed. The robust steel of the Sniper has been designed to make it stable to handle. 

With the Empire sniper paintball with you, you enjoy the best on the field with the others.

 Empire SYX Paintball Marker - Dust Black

Performance of The Empire Sniper

 The performance of the empire sniper is impressive, with features that make it outstanding in its capacity. It has an excellent grip feature molded around to make it comfortable with a compelling finger groove. The marker is made to make you feel good while in your hand. The shooting performance is something you don’t want to miss out on in the paintball community. The empire sniper paintball is an upgraded version that looks like the original Sniper. It comes with a modern pump that keeps its head. 

The Empire performs like a victor. It’s able to shoot fast as most of the semi-automatic paintball guns. The sniper pump, as many people view it, is another new standard and level. The speed and precision f the sniper gun makes elite equipment. With the empire sniper paintball, you can shoot from 50 feet away and hit the target most of the time. The handle of the pump in the marker empowers you to re-cock the gun by squeezing your two fingers. 

The follow-up shots are performed with smooth precision, with both the right and left-handed users shooting quickly. The empire sniper has a convenient and quick access safety button. The quietness of the paintball when you hit is something many people comment about.

 Maintenance and Durability

 The sniper paintball is ready to be used once you open the box, just like most paintball guns. Empire sniper paintball, like any other electronics, needs maintenance. Maintenance is an essential aspect of keeping and increasing durability. Though the products each come with their lifespan, the product’s maintenance also affects the durability of the said item. Its sound to express this point concerns the durability and extends some more. 

 Make sure to maintain your paintball gun frequently and clean it right away and lube it after use. The continuous procedure of the same helps the gun last for several more years and enjoy more shots with little maintenance. 

For effective maintenance, you need to keep the routine on the same thing. It would help if you lubed the pump rod since it will help in boosting the pump blow. Also, you should detach the regulator often and lubricate it. 

Above everything else that we have talked about, you should know that it’s relatively easy to maintain and care for it. All you need to follow is the primary maintenance routines to keep your gun in check for better performance. With this, you will be surprised at how long you will use the gun without spending too much. Though the empire sniper gun is considered to be cheap, its durability is nothing short. It gives you the correct performance for a pretty long time before you upgrade or think of getting another one.

The Firing Performance

The firing performance of the gun is something that you will love. The general design of the empire sniper is made to make your use easy when shooting. This is the central aspect. Remember, for tournaments, the speed at which your gun shoot is essential. The gun comes with a premium auto cocker barrel thread, a 10 round vertical feed system, and an auto-trigger. The auto-trigger feature on the sniper gun is made to make your shots instant and fast. This is an important feature that makes the firing performance better than most.

People who have used the empire sniper paintball gun have great reviews for it. The performance has not disappointed at all. On the field, it’s equal to some of the best and most expensive paintballs in the market. With the dual stainless steel pump on the system, you can have excellent stability on the field, further increasing the firing performance. The gauge 300 psi is made to be positioned anywhere in the marker, which also improves and stabilizes the firing performance. Get the empire sniper paintball, and you will not be disappointed at all.

Empire Sniper gives you the right features and firing ability that you need to compete with the rest. The follow-up shots on the gun can be performed efficiently with smooth precision. It’s made ideal for both right-handed people and left-handed people. It has a .45 frame with a pierced auto-trigger for a great weight. What most people like about the gun most is its ability to be quiet after the shot.

Empire Sniper Pump Durability

Durability is a significant aspect when looking for any product to buy. It does not matter what you want to get, but its lasting ability is very crucial. The same goes with the empire sniper pump gun durability is essential. The durability of the pump is fantastic and made to last for a long time. The paintball gun has been manufactured from aluminum which means it’s made to last.

You will be using the empire sniper paintball gun for the next several years before buying a new one. The handle on the pump is made durable as well and comfortable in your hands. Features like this are the ones that make the gun stand out. Among paintball guns of the same range, the empire sniper gun here is the best. Fast to shoot and easy to handle is all you need

 Empire Sniper Pump Options

Empire sniper pump gives you lots of options of different things on it. Remember that the upgrade of the product is a bit lacking with little opportunity on them. If you consider all features of the sniper gun, you note that it offers limited options on both upgrades and colors.

The paintball comes in two different colors, but most of the gun is black. Since the color of the Sniper is limited to two colors, you find it hard to get upgrades on the same color on the part needed. The other option you have is to go for the military-style marker. This is a customized option that you get for an upgrade. This might not be an excellent color for you, but it’s incredible for an upgrade.

Empire Sniper Pump Manual

Empire Sniper pump comes with a manual ready for you in case you meet with troubles. The manual of the paintball is easy to read and understand in your language. If you got your empire sniper paintball without a manual to guide you, you don’t have to worry about it. You can quickly get a manual online and download it when you need it. The manual covers all the trouble and solution you may encounter. It teaches you how to operate the Sniper, how to adjust it as well to assemble it. With the manual, you don’t need professional assistance at all. Get your paintball today and enjoy the best of the tournament with the paintball sniper.

 Empire Sniper Upgrades

Like all the paintballs in the market, they have all have to come with upgrades. This is true with the Empire sniper paintball as well. It has been designed in a way that you may do an upgrade. This may be true, but what you have to know is that the empire sniper falls short in this area. The upgrades are there, but there are limitations on something, and one of them is the colorways. The Sniper has been designed to come in two main shapes. Most of the individual components of the sniper paintball are black. It’s a bit hard to get the exact color of the marker at any time.

You can customize if you are looking for a marker with tactical elements for a military aesthetic. That is because you may be disappointed in that area with the empire sniper. It’s not we are discouraging you from getting the empire sniper, but you have to know some things. The empire sniper paintball is suitable in all other areas, with few shortcomings in the upgrade section. Few accessories are available for upgrade, and your customization is also unique. Your actual scope of customization is the tank and the hopper. The limitation is only but a forgiven issue. That could be said so due to its fantastic performance in the field.

 Easy To Use

From the simple design of the paintball, you are sure the Empire paintball is made easy to use. It’s designed to make its use easy in all aspects. As soon as you touch the trigger, the paintball is released instantly. It’s one of the best to be used in tournaments. They are designed to be used for matches. Get your today and enjoy an easy-to-use paintball to compete with others.


  • Empire Sniper Is not loud during firing 
  • Smooth shooting performance
  • It comes with an automatic trigger
  • Made of sturdy stainless steel
  • Saves on paint


  • Empire Sniper has limited upgrade options


 The Empire Sniper paintball is a budget-friendly paintball gun that could arouse your interest. This is true if you are looking for a budget-friendly paintball gun. The paintball has been designed as a tournament marker. It comes with all the features that you need to get maximum performance from the sniper paintball.

Empire sniper paintball brings you great value for money. That alone gives you the go-ahead and invests in it. For those that are fond of recreational paintball games, this is an ideal option. With the sniper reviews 2021, you can know more before making decisions on the paintball to get.

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