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I personally find the most frustrating thing while playing paintball is always to remember the mode you are using. More often than not, I forgot and changed it accidentally when there was no need to do so. That can undoubtedly spoil your experience while playing paintball.

Fortunately, now there is a solution for the same.

Wondering what it is?

I’m speaking about the redline board by Empire. The front display lets you know the mode selected, and also, when you want to do a quick switch, it displays the new mode as well. In a nutshell, there is no guessing involved once you get this board installed into your gun.

Before I share the three best Empire redline board kits with you, it is time to understand how to install one on your Empire Mini GS.

15 Steps to Install an Empire Redline Board in an Empire Mini GS In 2022

Step 1: Remove the Front Grip Casing Using an Allen Wrench

The first thing is to remove the front grip casing using the Allen wrench. With the gun, you would have got two Allen wrenches. You have to use the smaller one for this procedure.

Step 2: Remove the Battery

It is also a good idea to extract the battery when removing the front grip. You can, later on, insert the battery once the board is installed.

Step 3: Remove Screws from Both the Sides

It is better to remove the screws from both sides of the gun’s casing. Please note that I’m only speaking about the front side near the front grip and not for the entire casing.

Step 4: Slide the Front Grip Outward

Once you have removed the screws from the casing of the front grip, it will become a bit loose. So, you have to pull it forward with minimal force. When you pull it a little forward, the wire at the bottom will be visible. You have to disconnect the wire plug before removing the grip casing completely.

Step 5: Remove the Back Casing of the Front Grip

So far, I’ve only focused on the front casing of the front grip. After you extract this casing, it is time to remove the back casing of the front grip using the same Allen wrench.

Step 6: Extract the Old Board

Once you have removed the entire casing of the front grip, remove the screws holding the board in place before pulling the board down.

Step 7: Remove the Power Button

After removing the board, you can see the power button screwed into the frame. You have to remove this power button.

Step 8: Install the Redline Plate

In place of the power button, insert the redline plate with the power button groove and screw it in place.

Step 9: Insert the Board

Insert the board and connect it to the port at the top while the board’s screen faces downwards.

Step 10: Line Up the Power Button

As stated above, the redline button has a groove for the power button. After connecting the redline board to the port at the top of the front grip, the bottom side would be hanging loose. Line up the power button with the groove and press it in gently.

Step 11: Test the Placement

If the power button is in the groove, the button should click when you press the power button from the other side of the grip.

Step 12: Install the Screws

After that, you have to begin the assembling steps. Start with the screws to hold the board in place.

Step 13: Connect the Front of the Grip

Before placing the grip back on the casing, connect the plug you removed in step 4. After that, place the casing on the grip and screw it in. Do the same for the backplate of the front grip.

Step 14: Insert the Battery

Reinsert the battery and turn it on. The display should now be working, and every time you pull the trigger, it should indicate the same.

Step 15: Screw in the Outer Casing

The front plate of the front grip consists of 2 casings. One holds the battery, and another is the outer casing. After inserting the battery, screw this outer casing in place.

The procedure might sound a bit lengthy, but you don’t want to get it wrong. That is why; I have highlighted every small detail about the same.

Now is the time to look at the three best boards you can go with.

Top 3 Empire Redline Board Reviews In May 2022 [Expert Recommended]

While getting a redline board, choosing one compatible with your gun with the necessary features is always recommended. To help you choose such a board, I have listed three of the best boards on offer for Mini GS below.

  1. Empire Redline Kit OLED – Axe 2.0 / Mini GS

Empire Redline OLED Kit - Axe 2.0 / Mini GS

Personally, I like that this redline board comes with an OLED display. The advantage is that this display is energy efficient and does not exhaust the battery quickly.

Compatibility with Mini GS markers ensures that installing it is a breeze as long as you’re following the right procedure.

With a capacity of 16 million operations per second, you won’t experience a lag once you install this redline board. The reason for the same is because of the interrupt-based processing, which ensures that the response is extremely fast.

It supports eight different modes. Consequently, it is suitable for professional players as well.

If you want to use a joystick, there is an interface with a rubber seal. That is why; integration is not going to be a problem.

There is another advantage of the rubber seal. It protects the gun from any moisture.

The reason it consumes so little power is because of the nano-watt technology. This same technology also enables it to work at flexible power levels, ensuring that the gun can work pretty well even with fluctuations.

Apart from the mode display, you can keep a watch on the battery level indicator to replace it on time. The software can also provide you with data on various parameters like the number of shots, the average rate of fire, game time, dwell time, etc. That is the reason it is suitable for professional players.

Since it comes with a panel that consists of the power button groove, you won’t have to worry about installation.

Thus, when you’re looking for a redline board, this one will not disappoint you.

  • Low power requirement
  • OLED display
  • Supports 16 million operations per second
  • Offers eight different modes
  • Moisture-proof
  • Easy to install
  • Provides data on various parameters
  • Limited instructions


With the necessary hardware, OLED display, and low power requirement, you won’t be disappointed with this board.

  1. Empire Redline Marker Board Factory Original Part #72411

Empire Redline Marker Board Factory Original Part #72411

Many players prefer to buy just the redline board rather than the installation kit. If your requirement is the same, you should go with this board.

It has features like an OLED display and supports 16 million operations per second.

However, since you are buying only the board, you will have to buy additional hardware to make it compatible with the joystick. Besides that, it does not consist of the panel with the power button groove. That is why you need to either get that separately or can buy this board only when you have one.

When you go with this board, you get everything the factory board offers but not the additional hardware.

  • The OLED screen on offer
  • Low power requirement
  • Supports 16 million operations per second
  • Easy to install
  • Needs additional hardware


If you have the rest of the hardware and want to just get the redline board, you should go with this one.

  1. Empire Redline Axe 2.0 OLED Board Kit

Empire Axe 2.0 W/Empire Redline OLED Board Kit (Dust Black)

If you want to change your gun itself and buy one that comes with a redline board, this kit is the perfect option for you.

The kit has Axe 2.0 and a Redline OLED board. You get the redline board separately and therefore need to install it in the front grip.

Another feature is the gun consists of a nonslip grip and a pressure-controlled engine to ensure that the performance is predictable and reliable.

When you look at the features of the redline board itself, it offers you an OLED screen and a customizable marker board.

Apart from this, the use of nano-watt technology ensures low power requirements. The number of operations it supports is the same at 16 million per second. Compatibility with joystick ensures installing one isn’t a problem.

Lag proof operation means that the accuracy is excellent. It is so precise that you can use it for tournaments and competitions.

You get a detailed manual along with the kit. That way, installation isn’t going to be a problem. If you have some doubts about the operation board, the manual can come to your rescue.

  • Comes with the gun
  • Detailed manual available
  • Lag-free operation
  • It has a nonslip grip
  • Redline board doesn’t come installed


If you have been using the same paintball gun for a long time and want a better gun, go with this kit since it offers you a great gun and a redline board.

Empire redline board buying guide In 2022

It is now time to understand how to choose the right paintball gun so that you can focus on the game.

  1. Quality

By quality, I’m referring to the casing of the paintball gun. It can be plastic or metal. While metal ones certainly offer better quality, plastic one is good enough for beginners.

If you plan to play woodsball, you should go for the metal one.

  1. Easy to Install

I just spoke about installing the redline board into the paintball gun. There are numerous other such customizations that you can undertake as well. When choosing a paintball gun, make sure that you choose one that is easy to customize.

  1. Great User Interface

By user interface, I’m referring to the paintball gun’s grip and trigger. Those are the parts of the paintball gun that will come in contact with you the most. Using the paintball gun will be difficult if they aren’t up to the mark.

  1. Budget-Friendly

Of course, the cost of the paintball gun matters as well. Decide on your budget, and then go shopping for a paintball gun.

  1. Propellant

I’m referring to the gas inside, which propels the paintballs forward.

The gas can be carbon dioxide or HPA. Usually, the more affordable cans offer carbon dioxide with limited propelling power.

HPA, on the other hand, offers you better pressure control and, therefore, is suitable for rapid-fire shootings as well.

Depending on your budget and skills, you need to choose the guns according to the propellant they offer.

Final Words

Using the empire redline board options above, you can upgrade your paintball gun accuracy and have a better playing experience. The guide above goes into the details of the installation procedure and what you can achieve once you opt for these board kits.

Now is the time to gain an edge over your paintball competitors by getting one of these boards.

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