Empire Mini GS In 2022 [Expert Recommended]

Empire Mini GS Review
Empire Mini GS

If you need to get your hands on one of the best paintball markers but aren’t sure if it’s made for you, then you need to go through our Empire Mini GS.

Have you ever impulsively enrolled in a paintball tournament without even owning a marker, to begin with?

Or, are you already in that situation as we speak?

Whether you need a paintball gun right away or are just starting to fancy the games altogether, there’s always time to read the Empire Mini GS review because it is undoubtedly one of the best markers out there.

Whether you need anti-chop eyes to make the best shots or need a secure grip to keep a steady hand, this powerful marker will provide it all while you outperform your opponents.

So, without further delay and confusion, jump into the review already!

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker Review In March 2022

If you are looking for a paintball marker that will only exceed your expectations through its performance, then you have come across the right product. Get to know all about it in our comprehensive review.

  • Provides Protection and Secure Grip

This product comes with a lot of great features that will leave you speechless, but the most prominent one would be its foregrip, which is made out of rubber and comes with a full wrap-around design.

The best part of this feature is that it will provide not only remarkable protection but also make sure you get to have a secure grip around it. As a result, you will be able to operate the marker as if it’s an extension of your arm.

As for the protection, you won’t have to worry about your hands touching the paint or other outside elements.

  • Effortless Removal of the Tank

Another great facility of this amazing product is the effortless removal of the tank. With its counterparts, you would have to face the hassle of removing the air tank using a complicated process, but that is absolutely not the case with this one.

It comes with an on/off ASA feature, which makes sure you face no thread issues whatsoever with the item. This aspect will allow you to remove the tank as smoothly as possible.

Just go through the process before you get to it, and the task will only seem like a piece of cake afterward.

  • New Innovative Design

Not to mention, this model comes with a new innovative design, which will only make things more convenient for you. For instance, you won’t have to switch the foregrip before dropping in the Redline OLED board.

This aspect will not only save your time but your efforts as well. As a result, you will be able to play your games without having to put too much focus on the marker itself.

Furthermore, the hose-less design of the marker also sets it apart from its competitors. It makes the gun much easier to operate, so you surely won’t have any complaints regarding it.

  • Superior Strength and Performance

For superior results in a paintball game, your marker needs to provide equally superior strength and performance. And this one does exactly that with its poppet engine that has been pressure controlled.

First of all, the foregrip and the ASA attachment points are more beefed up than their counterparts. This aspect of the item makes sure it provides the best performance no matter when or how you are using it.

Not to mention, the sturdy build of the gun also ensures durability, which provides utmost strength. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the item falling back by any chance.

  • Four Firing Modes

What truly sets this marker apart from the rest of its competitors is the various firing modes that it includes. The product contains four modes, to be exact, all of which can be used for different situations.

The first mode is semi-auto, which will basically give you the authority to make one shot whenever you pull the trigger. The second one is ramping, which operates in the semi-auto mode for the first three shots and then makes thirteen shots per second.

The third mode is full-auto, which too operates in the semi-auto state for the first three shots and then goes in the full-auto mode when you hold the trigger. The last mode is the ramping/millen mode, which needs you to maintain six trigger pulls every second.

  • Powerful and Electronic

Electronic markers are known for the power they generate. In fact, they are preferred by most players nowadays because they are more powerful than the other types.

And this electronic paintball gun is no less in terms of that. Other than using batteries for power, it also uses high-pressure air to shoot the paintballs.

Hence, once you start playing the game with this gun, your opponents will have no chance whatsoever.

  • Includes Anti-chop Eyes

If you need a clear shot at your opponent and if you want to make it every time without fail, then this is just the marker that you should get.

That is because it comes with a feature that will ensure you make 100% of your shots. With its break-beam eyes that include an anti-chop feature, you will never miss out on your opponents.

Not to mention, this part has been integrated into the marker, so you won’t need to use it separately either. This aspect makes it more convenient for its users and gives them a higher winning rate.

  • Different Colors for Style

Paintball games are interesting, no questions asked. However, do you know what would make them more fun? Having a marker that goes with your style and gives you a different vibe in the field.

And this item has been made while keeping your demands in mind. That is why it comes with different color combinations. With this facility, you will even be able to match the marker with your outfit.

The appearance of the gun is also very stylish, which makes it a good choice for those who prioritize performance as well as looks.

  • Includes a Clamping Feed Neck

One of the significant aspects of a paintball gun is a clamping feed neck, which is often overlooked by both the consumers and the manufacturers themselves. However, that is not the case with this marker.

It comes with a practical clamping feed neck that is also durable and will not break under any circumstances. It will enhance the performance of the marker while making its use more convenient for the users.

Thanks to this, you won’t have to purchase a separate clamping neck, which can be costly and hassle-some. Moreover, its sturdy nature will make sure you don’t have to exchange it as well anytime soon.

  • Provides Accuracy and Ease of Cleanliness

Now that you are more or less aware of all the features of this product, you know that they combine to produce one beast of a marker. But other than that, they also offer accuracy like none other.

With top-notch preciseness, you will also get comfort and strength, which will enhance your play over time. As a result, you will get better outcomes in your games eventually.

On the other hand, maintaining this marker is pretty effortless as well, and you won’t face much hassle when cleaning it either. So overall, this is a deal that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


  • Powerful and strong marker with amazing performance
  • Ensures accuracy and preciseness of shots
  • Low maintenance with ease of cleanliness
  • Ease of use and made for both professionals and beginners
  • Prioritizes style as much as performance


  • Might leak out the air out of the box
  • The regulator is not durable

What to Look for Before Buying?

There will be several paintball guns in the market that will promise to provide the best service and performance. But that is often not the case with them, and not all will be suitable for your needs.

Therefore, you need to keep certain things in mind before you proceed to choose one for yourself. For starters, there are some factors that you need to consider – starting from the type of gun to the game you will be playing.

Although this might seem like a lot of work, it will help you get a paintball gun that you will be satisfied with within the long run. So, go through this section of our article that elaborately mentions all the key factors.

  • Type of Gun

The first thing that you should focus on when choosing a paintball marker is its type. There are three types to choose from – pump, mechanical, and electronic.

Now, the first one is the oldest and the cheapest, whereas the last one is the newest and the most expensive. Mechanical markers are more in the middle ground and suitable for most types of games.

If you are a professional, then you can play with any of the markers, but as a beginner, we would suggest you go for the electronic ones because they are the easiest to operate.

  • Durability

Now, the durability of a marker depends a lot on the player itself because, without proper maintenance, it won’t be able to remain intact and healthy.

But the build of the gun matters as well, along with its brand and warranty. You should also focus on the individual parts to make sure they will last for a long time.

There should be a warranty of at least 2 years, and the gun itself should be made of sturdy materials. Along with that, the product should contain a guideline on maintaining it; otherwise, you might end up being clueless about the kind of care it needs.

  • Performance

Why would you invest in a paintball marker if it doesn’t provide excellent performance? Now, that’s a question you should ask yourself before choosing any one of them.

You need to focus on the marker’s power, prospects, and promises. Plus, you should also go through the reviews of the item to make sure it lives up to its words and your expectations.

Without a reliable performance, you will only become more and more frustrated throughout your games and eventually lose. So, give this factor the utmost priority.

  • Features

This is no generation for guns that are basic and contain minimal facilities. The new and upgraded paintball markers contain a lot of new features that make their overall use much more convenient.

Some of these features can include the easy removal of an air tank or eyes that will give you a clearer and better aim than your opponent. This aspect varies from model to model.

Hence, you should choose the features according to your needs and requirement. You will surely find tons of them in various markers, which will take you a step further in winning the last round of speedball and much more.

  • Range and Speed

Another very significant feature that you should never overlook is the speed of the marker. Now, having a variable speed will surely provide more benefits than having a constant one.

But the thing is, most paintball guns contain the same average speed, more or less. So, you should just focus on getting one with a speed that can be changed according to your convenience.

Conversely, the range of the gun is equally important, if not more. And you should choose this aspect according to the game you will be playing as well as your position in it. You will have long-range, mid-range, and short-range to choose from.

  • Price

If paintball is your passion and if you don’t mind spending tons on a marker, then you can surely keep a high budget for it.

But we wouldn’t recommend you to be reckless about it. Generally, you can find a great gun within 100-900 dollars, and you should make sure your chosen one provides excellent value for money.

The price depends a lot on the brand as well, and we will recommend you to go for a trustworthy brand rather than a low-key one. So, keep everything in mind before setting a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What types of games can I play with Empire Mini GS?

Whether you are playing speedball or woodball, the Empire Mini GS would be ideal for you. This compact but reliable marker is suitable for all types of paintball games, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not it will be ideal for the one you are playing. The different firing modes make it even more apt.

  1. What is the FPS of Empire Mini GS?

Normally, this item has a range between 260-280 FPS. However, you can adjust the speed to be higher or lower according to your convenience and the game you will be playing. This aspect of the gun also makes it very versatile and suitable for multiple purposes.

  1. Does the Empire Mini GS include batteries?

Since the marker is electronic, it does require batteries, and it also includes those. You will be getting 9-volt batteries, and for the best performance, you will have to keep using the 9-volt ones.

  1. What accessories does Empire Mini GS include?

The product comes with a bunch of accessories, so you won’t have to purchase anything extra. For instance, the package includes an O-ring set along with some screws, batteries, and lube. If you want, you can surely purchase other parts, but that won’t be necessary, and we wouldn’t recommend it either.

  1. Does Empire Mini GS include extra barrels and cases?

You will be getting a stock barrel along with a typical retail box with this gun. It does not contain any extra barrels or cases, and actually, it cannot be expected either, given the price of the product.

Final Words

In our Empire Mini GS review, we have mentioned all of its remarkable features along with its benefits and drawbacks. We hope the information will help you decide whether it is for you or not.

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