Dye i4 vs. Dye i5: The Differences Surprise You!

Dye i4 vs. Dye i5
Dye i4 vs. Dye i5

In a dilemma between i4 vs. i5? Want to know what is the difference between Dye i4 vs. Dye i5? We got your back in both regards!

Even if you skimp a bit on the other factors, the thing that should not be skimped one bit is the mask. Trust us; you would not want to get a paintball to splatter on any part of your face. The pain from the sting is too much to handle. And we are stating that from experience.

From that unfortunate event, we understood the importance of a good mask. Talking of good helmets, the options from Dye are basically the go-to options for many.

And we frequently get asked what is the difference between Dye i4 vs. Dye i5. In fact, these two models are probably the ones that most pro players use.

Now, you might be wondering which one should be your pick among these two best-selling offerings. Well, that is why we are here.

We will go through the things that make one stand out over the other. And hopefully, by the end of the article, it will be pretty easy to make a purchase decision.

Dye i4 vs. Dye i5 In March 2022

The Dye i4 – Thermal Paintball Goggle

Let us start with the model that first shook the mask industry, which is the dye i4. This is the model that made the manufacturer this popular. So, you can guess what it can offer.

  • Comfort and Fit

First of all, the unit has a slim and small profile. Also, the mask is reasonably light. In fact, it is one of the lightest masks that the market has to offer.

For being both slim and light, the wearing experience it can offer is truly premium. You should not face any discomfort even when wearing it for an extended amount of time.

Additionally, the mask packs a dual-stage foam system. This system combines both the closed and the open cell foam technologies.

And it does a great job of wicking away moisture from the face. You would not feel like you are getting drenched with your sweat.

And thanks to the dual-stage technology, it should offer you an undeniable resilient boundary between perspiration and eyes. You will be capable of wearing it for a long amount of time without facing any issues.

The design plays a vital role in the case of the fit. It contours all of the angles of the face. For that reason, you will not feel like you are wearing something that is loosely in place.

Also, it will be possible to get a customized fit as well. It can offer that feature thanks to integrating the Tiger Teeth buckles.

On that note, the Tiger Teeth has a 300 thread count. It holds the ability to bite down and stay in place. For that reason, you will not feel like the mask is slipping off while moving at a fast pace.

  • Lens

The lens is one of the most important components of the mask. And Dye knows that exactly well, which is why they integrated the high-quality lens into this model.

The thermal lens it integrates holds the ability to offer the highest level of optical clarity. It is going to show images that will be distortion-free.

In addition to that, the lens can resist fog exceptionally well. It should not get hazy, nor will the vision get distorted in the field.

And it can offer that for integrating the highly advanced anti-fog technology. This technology will work like a wonder when it comes to keeping the lens fog-free even when theweather is too foggy.

Let us not forget the amount of peripheral vision it can offer. Because of integrating the first compound radius lens, it holds the ability to give the players the maximum level of both horizontal and vertical peripheral vision. You should not have any trouble in acquiring and tracking enemies.

Other than that, the mask features a revolutionary lens-changing system. That will enable you to change the lens in ten seconds or less. The mechanism is pretty simple to activate as well. All it is going to require is a simple push. Then, the sliding action is going to take care of the rest.

Talking of which, you might not even need to change the lens that often because it can resist scratches reasonably well. Also, there is a coating that will make it resistant to UV-A, UV-B, and UVC. That means you should not have any trouble acquiring and tracking targets under bright sunlight.

  • Protection

For a mask to become recommendation-worthy, it must offer a good amount of protection. Well, you already know how popular the mask is. So, you probably can guess how much protection it can offer.

Well, firstly, there is a compression-formed earpiece. This delicate piece of material will enhance comfort, protect the ears, and keep the whole thing lightweight at the same time. Additionally, the front has precise blade angling and a proper venting system.

The angling will ensure it can offer good protection to your mouth, while the venting will make sure you can communicate with your teammates without facing any issues.

Also, the vents let a proper amount of air in, which means you will not face any problem in terms of breathing.

Additionally, thanks to it bringing some air inside, the inside should remain cool. And the interior being cool is quite crucial in terms of controlling the sweat and moisture.

The Dye i5 – Anti-Fog Coating Paintball Goggle

Dye i5 Paintball Goggle (Onyx)

Even though the i4 has got a good amount of attention, not all the things were perfect. There were a few things that needed some refinement. Well, that is where the i5 stepped inside the market. Apart from being just a successor to the i4, it does most of the things right. Want to know about them all? Continue reading!

  • Technologies

For bringing out a successor to a highly reliable mask, the brand needed to do something unique. And that is why they have integrated the e.Voke wireless air sync chip into the mask. This chip is what makes this one ready to go fully wireless.

Now, you might be wondering, what advantages does this technology offer? Well, the chip holds the ability to provide audio alerts and reports. Those two will keep you ahead of your opponents.

In addition to that, the upper earcups feature sound catch technology. These two technologies will work magic when it comes to making you fully aware of your surroundings.

You will notice that you are reacting properly to the sounds of the surroundings. So, the chances of you getting tagged by meleed will be pretty low.

  • Fit

The brand has ensured what most people refer to it as an Anatomic fit in this mask. And the thing that plays the most vital role is the GSR gear locking system.

It will provide the right amount of tension control to ensure a secure fit. The chances of the fitting getting loose as you play an intense game will be slim.

Additionally, there are extra wide pads on the back of the strap. Those are going to do a proper job in ensuring that the strap does not slip when you are moving too fast.

Also, they will make sure that the force is distributed to a larger area, which will lower the chances of you facing fatigue as well.

On that note, it will not be that hard for you to get a proper fit on this. There is a dial that ratchets down when you are customizing the fit. Thanks to these two, it should be possible for you to get a highly customized fit.

  • Comfort

Apart from the fit, the mask excels in terms of comfort as well. Remember the GSR strap we talked about earlier? The pads that it has are reasonably thick. And the thicker nature of pads will ensure that you do not face any discomfort while wearing the mask for a prolonged amount of time.

Additionally, as the pads are capable of distributing the force over a large area, the tension will be appropriately distributed throughout the area.

And when the tension gets distributed, the level of comfort will automatically increase. Basically, the chances of you feeling uncomfortable while wearing this will be reasonably low.

Other than that, the front has a generous amount of foam as well. And the best part about the foam is that it offers a soft-touch feel. These multi-layer soft-touch foams will ensure that you get the most comfortable facial fitting. And as the mask integrates the open cell multi-layer foams, the fit should be secure too.

Lastly, all the foams it utilizes are relatively light in weight. The lightweight nature will further increase the overall comfort of the mask.

  • Lens

One of the things that make the i5 stand out the most is the lens. The field of view it can offer is exceptionally high. To be exact, it can provide a complete 290 degrees view.

For that reason, quickly acquiring targets will not take that much effort. You should be capable of acquiring targets within seconds.

Apart from offering a wide field of view, the lens can resist fogs exceptionally well too. It will not get distorted even in critical weather conditions.

The optical clarity it can offer is genuinely something praiseworthy. And because of the level of visual clarity it offers, the image should be clear and free from distortion.

This model also has the rapid lens changing mechanism that was present in the i4. Thanks to that, changing the lens will not take much effort, nor will it take that much time. It should slide out effortlessly, and you should be able to install the lens pretty easily.

  • Protection

Like any other well reliable product from dye, this one can offer the right amount of protection. It has the construction of high-quality materials, and there is a good amount of protection around the chin, which is really not that common in terms of masks.

Alongside that, it comes with compression-formed ears. This design will maximize the level of protection on the ear area and will ensure that the fit is comfortable at the same time.

What Makes the i4 and i5 Different?

You might still be in a predicament after going through the in-depth review of the two masks. Well, to get you out of it, allow us to go through the differences that make the i4 and the i5 different, shall we?

  1. Protection

When it comes to protection, both the masks will offer more than enough of it. However, the i5 has a slight edge over the i4. There is a generous amount of protection on the chin area. And thanks to that, it will be able to protect the whole face better than the i4.

  1. The Design

Both the masks speak some serious business. When wearing any of the two, you are sure to look like a professional who has been in the game for an extended amount of time. However, the i5 has a bit sleek design on the bottom, which most of the players love.

  1. Strap

One thing that will make both the masks different is the strap. The i5 has the GSR pro strap, which offers a load of customizable options. And the foams it utilizes are pretty broad, which will enhance the overall comfort.

  1. Weight

In comparison, the i4 is a bit lighter than the i5. That makes the i4 a bit more wearable for an extended amount of time than the i5.

  1. Breathability

Both the masks feature the scream multi-venting system. However, the system is a bit better on the i4 than on the i5. The i5 tends to suppress your voice a bit, which is not seen in the i4.

Final Words

To conclude, basically, in the topic of what is the difference between Dye i4 vs.Dye i5, most of the differences will depend on personal preference. Both the masks are worth buying, and you would be getting all your money’s worth by getting any of the two.

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