What Clothes Do I Need To Bring for Paintball?

What Clothes Do I Need To Bring for Paintball
What Clothes Do I Need To Bring for Paintball

Paintball is a game of finesse and high response rate, and depending on your equipment, those two aspects can differ and decide how well you can perform during a game of paintball. So, it is recommended to bring the proper clothing and equipment before starting a paintball match.

If you are wondering what clothes do I need to bring for paintballing, you are in luck. Because in this article, we will go through everything you need to know about paintball clothes and equipment. So, without further ado, let’s dive in, shall we?

Clothes & Equipment You Need To Bring For Paintballing

The first and the most important part before you sign up for a paintball match is to ensure that you are in proper clothing and have the required equipment for the game. Unless you want to be injured during the game, having the appropriate get-up is a must.

Many paintball arenas provide the necessary equipment like paint guns, vests, and masks, but their quality might not suit you, or if they don’t, you need to bring your own clothes and equipment. Here are the clothes and equipment you should consider getting for paintballing:


As previously discussed, movement is the key in a paintball game, and your pants will play a significant role in your speed and reflex. So go for pants that allow free movement. You can wear cargo, jogging or tracksuit pants but the best option would be to pick sweatpants.

Make sure your pants are a bit robust because they will face paintballs and grass, thorns, insects, solid rocks, and many more, depending on the field you are playing in.

2. Shirts

When a paintball hits your body, although it’s not lethal, it hits pretty hard, and most of the time, during a match, your upper body will be the first target of your opponents.

So, wear shirts that completely cover your body, so there are no exposed spots. Wearing full-sleeve t-shirts is the best option for this occasion. If possible, you should wear two or more to create comfortable layers that will prevent the paintballs from hurting you badly.

You should also consider padded chest armor and vest if your paintball arena doesn’t come with these facilities.


Shoes are one of the most crucial pieces of equipment during a paintball match, as you will always be on the run and changing positions quite often for winning. And wearing the right shoes will help you gain the upper hand over your opponents.

As you move at a higher pace than usual, ankle twists are a common injury that you will need to tackle unless your shoes do that for you. So, get shoes that come with good ankle support.

Wearing boots on high-tops is also preferred. You can also opt for hiking boots if you are out of options. Keep in mind that your shoes will get wet and dirty depending on the terrain. So, pick shoes that are comfortable and durable.


One of the most exposed areas during a paintball game is your hands, as you will have to hold your gun if you want to knock out the others and win the game. And your hands will be the target of many players.

What’s more, our palms and hands contain one of the most sensitive spots, and if shot with a paintball, it will respond with tremendous pain. So, getting protection from that is necessary.

That’s why you should go for gloves that provide good protection. You don’t need any fancy gloves for that. Weight-lifting gloves, golf gloves, climbing gloves will give the protection just fine.

5. Mask/Helmet

Last but definitely the most crucial equipment that you need is a mask or helmet for your head. Headshots are counted as instant knock-out in a game of paintball, and every player, whether new or pro, will opt for headshots at the first encounter, and you need the proper gear to withstand a shot in the head.

So, go for masks or helmets that provide face to ear protection. Some helmets cover your entire face, which is what we recommend.

These are the equipment that you should bring for paintballing in general. Also, always go for light-weighted clothing because the more agile you are, the better you will perform.


Hopefully, this answers your question; what clothes do I need to bring for paintballing. So, it’s time to get the clothes and equipment and start your glorious paintball journey; best of luck!

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