What Are The Best Strategies For Winning At Paintball?

man and woman paintball players delighted
man and woman paintball players delighted

Paintball is a game of tactics and perfectly executed strategies. And it doesn’t matter whether you are new to the game or a trained veteran; you have to follow a few tips and strategies to be on top of your opponents.

But there are multitudes of tactics and gameplay regarding the playstyle of paintball which might lead you to the question, what are the best strategies for winning at paintball? If such a question arises in your mind, follow this guide to find the best techniques for acing paintball battles.

The Best Strategies For Paintball

There are quite a few tactics that every paintball player needs to follow if they want to be in the winners’ bracket. It doesn’t matter which type of game mode they are playing and whether they are playing in a team or not. Here are the best common strategies that you should follow when playing paintball:

  • Clever Usage of Covers

In paintball, if you get hit with the opponent’s paintball, you are considered dead and thus eliminated from the match. So, your priority is to avoid enemy fire at all costs, and there is no better way to avoid enemy fire than using covers.

Cleaver and proper usage of covers will determine how well you can perform because although paintball is a game of high accuracy and fast reflex, it is also a game of stealth if you have the mindset to play it properly.

So, make sure to use covers to your advantage. Amidst the chaos of the battle, you can slowly pry forward using covers without being noticed. The key here is not using the same set of cover moving forward or tracing backward as that will be predictable, and if you even get noticed once, you can’t use that same area cover, can you?

  • Using Baits or Fake-outs

This is more effective in a team-oriented game, but using fake-outs is one of the most convenient ways to win a paintball match, even with low to average accuracy.

Baiting or fake outs happens when you use a player of your team or side to bait or take the attention of your opponents and then take out the distracted opponent with ease. This is where another strategy comes into play, and that’s being sneaky along with the clever usage of covers.

Use your teammates to create a good enough distraction to gather a good sum of players at the middle of the arena and then use covers to move forward without revealing your presence. Now depending on the game mode type, the following steps may differ.

For example, if you are playing capture the flag, then infiltrate their defense, take out the defenders by surprise, then grab the flag and run. Although for this scenario, you will need little backup so that they can cover for you while you escape with the flag.

On the other hand, if you are playing team vs. team battle or bomb or team deathmatch, you sneak up behind the distracted enemies and take them out with a swift burst of gunplay.

  • Crossfire Hold

This is more of a defensive strategy used by players who want to play for time or protect the flag or bomb. The tactic is elementary but very effective. A player aligns himself and his gun with another player while they aim at each other, so if someone tries to rush in, they get caught in the crossfire and get easily eliminated.

  • Trade Kill Strategy

Trade kill is often used in high-stake games to ensure that players can take out an opponent even if one of them dies. It can be used for defensive and offensive as the process is versatile for both situations.

The basic concept for this strategy is to advance with teams of two or three, and upon encounter, if one teammate dies, the other teammate trades his kill by eliminating the opponent who killed their teammate.

This way, you can single out the opponents even if you have a bad aim compared to the opposition as it doesn’t matter how good you are; you can’t take on two or three guns firing at you at once.


Hopefully, if you have come this far, you have found the answer to the question, what are the best strategies for winning at paintball. Because if you follow the mentioned tactics to the point, no one can stop you from winning at paintball. So good luck paintballing!

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