Sliding in Comfort: Top Picks for the Best Paintball Slider Shorts in 2023

Best Paintball Slider Shorts
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When you are in the world of paintball, you need to get ready with proper protective gear for each battle. Paintball pants are also a significant protective gear for paintball, and you need the Best Paintball Slider Shorts to ensure your highest safety on the paintball field.

It is crucial to get dressed in paintball slider shorts and other protective gear for the paintball gameplay. If you are a newbie to paintball or a professional player, you can never avoid protective equipment, including paintball slider shorts.

As a paintball player, the more you play, you will realize how serious the paintball slider shorts are. Also, you will recognize the importance of finding the Best Paintball Slider Shorts. Quality protective padded shorts always offer comfort, flexibility, and a good fit on your body which is the key to enhancing better performance with furthermost protection on the battlefield of paintball.

Therefore, in this article today, we will review top paintball slider shorts and guide you to find the best shorts for your paintball.

The Best Paintball Slider Shorts: Editors Picks!

Slider shorts are one of the protective gear for paintball. Paintball slider shorts are tight-fitting padded gear that performs to provide your safety. When you are a ferocious paintball player, you will bruise easily. In this case, paintball slider shorts will be an excellent investment to protect yourself.

Slider shorts come with thick padding on the thighs, which can absorb knocks and shocks. Simultaneously, the soft materials maximize bounce factors that make sure impacting paintballs do not burst straight away.

Some people wear cargo pants, baggy pants, and other elastic-type pants to enhance added protection to protect the lower parts of the body. But it is highly recommended to wear pants which are mainly made for paintballing. Paintball slider shorts addresses all of the protection with the comfort of the wearer. Therefore, the best paintball slider shorts are the key to lower body protection.

Gear up with Confidence: Top Expert Recommended Paintball Slider Shorts for 2023

You can choose your paintball slider shorts from countless numbers of different types of options. But we are going to review to ten best paintball slider shorts in today’s article. You will find comfortable, durable, well-padded, and lightweight paintball slider shorts at an affordable price from our list. So, without more ado, we are quickly getting into it.

  1. Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts – 3D Protection For Hip, Butt and Tailbone

Extra-small (XS): 21-24 inches | Small (S): 25-28 inches | Medium(M): 29-33 inches | Large(L): 32-38 inches

The Bodyprox Protective Padded shorts are made for Paintball, Snowboard Skate, and Ski that provide 3D Protection for the Hip, Butt, and Tailbone. This model comes from the reputed brand Bodyprox and is available since July 12 2021 in the market. This model of shorts is black in color and suitable for both adult males and females.

These protective Padded Shorts are essential aids to protect from several nasty bumps, crashes, or falls during your gameplay. The Bodyprox protective padded shorts might be an excellent choice for your extreme protection. The most mesmerizing thing about this model is the adequate generous shock-absorbing EVA foam cushions strategically placed to the hip, thigh, and tailbone area to protect from bumps, scratches, and even drops during intense outdoor activities. Therefore, you can go for extreme competitive sports without any fear of getting hurt.

The Bodyprox padded shorts are made from premium soft and breathable fabrics and ergonomically designed to reduce discomfort. These protective padded shorts come with a combination of 55% Nylon, 35% EVA, 5% Spandex, and 5% Rubber that provide immense comfort wearing them because they fit on your body easily. It offers quick-drying technology to prevent fabrics from sticking to the skin, providing exceptional ease for your body and mind. Moreover, it gives a soft and comfortable custom-fit waistband that gives you excellent mobility.


  • Skin-friendly
  • No risk of injuries
  • Very soft and breathable
  • Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts is highly flexible and durable
  • It feels light under the pants or shorts
  • Quality protective gear for several extreme activities
  • More comprehensive coverage with generous EVA foam
  • Do not have constant fidgeting and adjusting
  • Perfectly adjustable to the desired fit to accommodate
  • You can clean your shorts in the washing machine easily


  • Bodyprox Padded Shorts takes time to remove the foam and squeeze them in through one-inch holes when you need to wash.
  1. HK Army Crash Slider Shorts

The HK Army Crash Slider shorts come from the reputed HK Army brand and are suitable for adult males and females. This model is available in the market since July 20, 2017. These slider shorts come in blue, red, green, and white colors with a black combination.

If you play a lot of paintball, play a tournament paintball, or play like crazy woodsball paintball, you should wear slider shorts. In this connection, HK Army Crash Slider Shorts might be perfect for you because these slider shorts help you have a much better day of paintballing. These slider shorts come with an excellent padding system and provide outstanding breathability.

The base part of the slider shorts comes with stretchable fabric materials like Lycra and Spandex. So it is comfortable, breathable, and lightweight, and it stretches with your body. So, you can wear it effortlessly. These shorts are somewhat like a stiff wetsuit with neoprene. It is lightweight and comfortable, so wearing them feels like you are wearing a regular pair of shorts.

The padding on it is dual-layered foam padding. These shorts have two layers of materials, which gives the ability to separate and lose the pads from the shorts. Those pads in the pants can move independently of each other. It creates better airflow and comfort because the pants are not getting stuck in one place. They can move in opposite directions wherever they need to keep you nice and comfortable.

These slide shorts have got an excellent padding system along the hip, which is really where you get blasted or where you land the most. The back part covers the hip and towards the front. And then down towards the thigh side. A little bit around the front of the thighs gives you maximum protection on your leg when you wear slider shorts in the first place or on the upper legs about your whole leg.

The enormous growing protection is their crotch protection, and this is not removal. On the inside, you can add a soft cup or remove it altogether, but you cannot stitch in. On the backside, the padding has good protection above your butt area. It is very comfortable, and it can move with you. Otherwise, you feel like you are wearing a thick diaper. The HK Crash Army Slider Shorts are great with upfront protection, and they can take an impact quickly.


  • Easy to use
  • It is super lightweight and super comfortable
  • Tight-fitting as designed
  • Very flexible and breathable
  • Provides high-impact padding
  • They keep you warm and protected
  • Great for the crotch protection



  • The elastic on the top sometimes gets lost pretty fast.
  1. Exalt Paintball Shorts – FreeFlex Slide Shorts

Exalt Paintball FreeFlex slide shorts are available since February 27, 2018. This model of slide shorts comes from the very reputed brand Exalt with black color. These are the new FreeFlex slide shorts in the outdoor sports world.

The Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Slide shorts are very straightforward, but they are not cheap, and also it does not have any lacking. These slide shorts are compact, thin, and flexible, so you will feel that you are wearing just regular shorts underneath your pants.

People always look for thin slide shorts that may not have as much padding as some of the others but offer a range of movements and flexibility. The Exalt Paintball FreeFlex slide shorts hit that perfectly. They have charming lightweight materials to begin with. The material running through the slide shorts is the same as the elbow pads, which are super comfortable, lightweight, breathable, stretchable, and moisture-wicking. It has everything inside, and it never feels heavier.

You can find the padding runs down, under the thigh, on your hips. But in the crotch section, it has a foam cuff, but it is not removable. Also, it does not have any pouches or anything. On the back, you will find that they do not provide a lot of padding. Also, you don’t need an extra amount of padding for the tailbone. You don’t need any additional material on the back of your slide short.

You will get everything in these shorts for hip, thigh, and crotch protection if you look for slide shorts. It does not overdo it with lots of padding, but it provides the perfect amount of security with the movement factor that is added to it.

Moreover, these paintball slide shorts come with a silicone strap at the top on the inside of the shorts. It usually goes all the way across the top and all around. So it is a super thick line of silicone to keep this thing from falling.


  • Best groin protector for Airsoft or any sports
  • It can perform at the highest level of competition
  • Provides new molded cup design to protect groin and crotch from impacts
  • It fits well, and it feels great
  • Can protect hips when sliding into bunkers
  • They are extremely flexible
  • Best protective shorts for diving and sliding
  • Constructed breathable and lightweight fabrics
  • Provides silicone printed interior waistband to stop shorts from slipping or sliding downward
  • Ensures maximum comfort, utmost freedom of movement, and ultimate protection


  • It is a little bit pricey.
  1. Empire Paintball Short – Neoskin Slide Short

Empire Paintball Neoskin Slide Short - Black/Grey (Large)
The Empire Paintball Neoskin slide Shorts are a famous model of the Empire brand that are available in the market since October 26, 2015. They come in black/grey color. These slider shorts are the most lightweight and breathable in the paintball.

These Neoskin slide shorts are usually designed to protect your lower body when sliding into bunkers. You can wear these shorts underneath the other clothing. However, the padding of these shorts is very interesting. They have thick and have too much padding, but you cannot feel that there is a lot of padding because they have many fibers inside them.

The top section of Neoskin Shorts is elastic, and it has a perfect amount of stretch to it. The hip padding at the top is stitched only to two units at the top of the waistband. In this way, it lets the waistband still stretch without trying to stretch the pad itself. The side section has a much harder pad to help get shots, but it also helps with diving, crawling, sliding, or anything you find yourself lying down. It has breathable padding indeed on both sides of your upper thigh. And finally, the bottom of the Neoskin shorts is a little bit elastic to keep them tight around your thigh. The most exciting thing the bottom layers are all removable.

In addition, the Neoskin shorts have moisture-wicking materials that fit tightly to the skin, and it is very stretchable and comfortable to wear. They are incredibly good with heat transfer and heat management to keep you cool by evaporating the sweat off your body which keeps your body dry, and you feel comfortable on the battlefield. Also, they are very lightweight because they have a lot of air that can move between them. They can easily smash down and quickly bounce back up. These shorts are comfortable, breathable, and movable. It does all those things for your comfort but can still protect you.

Furthermore, it has a custom tailor to fit your body perfectly. So if it is a summer day, you can pull the padding out. If it is the day when you think you will get blasted a lot, you can put a little extra padding in there. Therefore, customizing your pad set up and giving the different layers and feels of the foam will be the smart play in paintball.


  • It has a detachable pierced EVA foam panel
  • It comes with spacer air mesh construction
  • Provides ultra- breathable padding system
  • Good enough for crotch protection
  • Have a hip slider pad that protects you from the impact of the paintball


  • They do not have knee pads.
  1. TUOY Padded Compression Shorts – Thigh Protector For Paintball

Small (S): 24-28 inches | Medium (M): 29-32 inches | Large (L): 33-36 inches | XL:37-40 inches | XXL:41-45 inches | XXXL:45-48 inches

The TUOY padded Compression shorts have been available since October 27, 2015, by the manufacturer TUOY. They are suitable for both adult males and females. However, these compression shorts come with 90% polyester and 10% Spandex. It has 9mm professional foam padding that is integrated with breathable nylon fabric. So, these shorts are a combination of Polyester fabrics, Lycra, and EVA foam.

These shorts are good as hip and thigh protectors for paintball, football, and basketball players. These shorts provide stretchy elastic features at the legs and waist. Also, they provide a non-slip silicone strip to fit on the body perfectly. Moreover, the high-density soft pads of these shorts keep you balanced during exercise which can add extra confidence on the battlefield. Furthermore, the high flexibility foam provides increased protection, and the double-side sewn ensures enough sturdiness.

Here, we have provided the size chart for your convenience. Measure your size carefully before you purchase and pick the right one.


  • Provide breathable material for extreme comfort
  • It can absorb 90% of the impacts.
  • Have comprehensive padding coverage for thigh, hip, and tailbone
  • Offers enough stability to hip, waist, and thighs
  • Able to improve performance and reduce muscle pain
  • They are comfortable and breathable in all weather conditions; it doesn’t matter whether it is a hot or cold environment.
  • During your activities, it stays in the proper place and never slides down.
  • The shape does not destroy after multiple washes.
  • Provide great flexibility and motion that do not cause any skin irritation
  • Suitable for different kinds of sports like paintball, rugby, soccer, football, basketball, snowboarding, skiing, and so on
  • These shorts are very durable.


  • You cannot iron, bleach, or tumble dry your padded shorts.
  1. Valken Paintball Phantom Agility Slide Shorts

The origin of Valken Agility shorts is Taiwan, and the manufacturer is Valken. These shorts especially come for men in black color and have been available since April 27, 2021. The Valken Agility Slide shorts has 100% Rayon fabric.

These paintball slider shorts provide significant protection for the hip and the crotch that you should never ignore. You can wear these slide shorts underneath the pants. They will protect you during sliding, diving, crawling, laying because they come with a little bit of extra padding on the hip area. It goes a long way after a hard day’s paintballing.

The Valken Paintball Phantom Agility Slide shorts have a tight elastic band at the top, and you find nothing is irritating inside them. Besides, the middle crotch padding is removable. So, if you want to replace it with a hard cup, you can do it very quickly. Also, the hip pads are stitched in the shorts, and remember, it is not removable. So you cannot take this out at all. And that is the only padding shorts you are going to get in the agility shorts.

Furthermore, the design of these shorts is just superb. You never feel restricted or confined in any way with these shorts. It provides you with a wide range and extreme freedom of movement that you always want.


  • These shorts are super stretchy.
  • Can transfer heat to keep you cool on hot days
  • They provide an extreme breathability feature
  • Protects hip and crotch immensely
  • EVA foam can absorb all the impact of the paintball
  • Provides a snug fit to keep your pads in the proper place
  • Come with 4-way stretch fabrics
  • Has free-motion padding
  • Agility pads offer an extreme level of protection
  • Easy to wash, and they dry very fast
  • It has built-in groin pads.


  • These slider shorts requires 1 AA battery.
  1. Leatt 2019 3DF 5.0 Impact Shorts

Leatt impact shorts come from the Leatt Brace brand with only black color, and it is the top leveled protective shorts from Leatt. Leatt brought this model to the market on August 30 2018.

These shorts have certified 3DF hip padding protection in the upper hip and thigh areas. Also, these shorts are tested and certified as impact protection in the hips to level one. The 3DF material is a type of soft, spongy material with hands-on impacts.

These shorts also provide a comfortable waist stretch. The anti-odor, moisture-cool, and air mesh-wicking fabrics make sure to keep you cool in summer and keep you warm in winter. They also have silicone printed elastic leg cuffs and a pre-shaped 3D design for perfect fit and functionality. So, you feel comfortable with these shorts.

However, the side of the hips has good padding. They seem like red mold around the shape of your legs. There is a little bit of padding around the back of the thigh. It is 3m protective, and it gets more challenging when it is impacted. It would help if you had a nice coccyx attachment that goes on the back. Therefore, these shorts are incredibly comfortable, and it doesn’t make you feel like you are wearing anything bulky. Also, there are no restrictions on these shorts when you are wearing them.


  • These shorts are very comfortable.
  • These shorts can reduce the impact of bruising.
  • It provides protection for the hip, upper hip, thigh, and coccyx
  • They provide silicone printed elastic leg cuffs
  • It is pretty tight-fitting shorts
  • They ensure a comfortable fit and exclusive protection
  • The padding is soft enough to conform to your body easily


  • The seam on the back above the tailbone is a little rough.
  1. Shock Doctor Shockskin Lax Relaxed Fit Impact Shorts

The Shockskin Lax Relaxed Fit Impact Short is recommended only for men and manufactured by Shock Doctor. They have been available since November 17, 2009. The padding in the sides and hips of these shorts is more complex, but the tailbone pad is pretty thin.

These shorts come with shocks integrated fabric and vented foam pads with tight high-frequency seams. They can move and contour with the body for utmost protection with extreme comfort. The ultra-carbon flex cup offers multi-layer protection for serious athletes. They can shield and transfer shock and impacts of up to 100 mph away from the body.

They provide an x-fit brief cup retention system that integrates a wrap-around inner mesh supporter to ensure unparalleled comfort, fit, and stability of proper cup position. Also, an exclusive pattern has been improved to provide an ideal anatomical fit without any compression. It increases a huge of your movement freedom. These shorts are designed with flatlock and smooth seams to absorb shock in critical areas and enhance comprehensive coverage for the hip, tailbone, and thighs. The moisture-wick fabric keeps your skin dry and cool.


  • They are incredibly comfortable.
  • They perform confidently with the ultra-protection
  • They fit like a glove and stayed in place for a full hour of gameplay
  • These shorts provide you with incredible feelings in hot weather
  • They are skinny and slim
  • Can absorb all impacts
  • Provide more protection on your tailbone


  • These shorts are only for men.
  1. Sportz Race 2.0 Series Slide Shorts

G.I. Sportz has had a new model of 2.0 series race shorts since July 17, 2017. These are protective underwear for super competitive sports where you constantly find yourself on the ground rolling, crawling, diving, climbing over rocks, and so on. These shorts come with an extra layer of protection and have enough flexibility in all directions that you always look for.

The padding of this short is excellent. It is thick but very soft and flexible. Custom molded EVA foam has excellent dense-tick padding and can absorb all impacts to protect your body during paintballing. Shock absorbing panels combined with very light 4-way Stretch fabrics provide unique 3-way protection for your hips, thighs, and bottom without restricting freedom of movement or comfort during gameplay.

Besides, padding has super lightweight, stretchable, and breathability features. There are two main sections of padding in these shorts. The first section is very slight and provides padding for crotch protection which is perfect when you wear it. The second section is the hip padding that goes all around to the backside of your butt and offers excellent safety for your hip.


  • Can protect the crotch, hip, and thigh areas
  • Stretchable fabric provides extreme comfort with flexibility
  • Provides ultimate sports performance
  • They are more durable
  • An elastic strap helps to prevent your short sliding down
  • Enough ventilation enables you to keep cool in hot weather
  • Usually designed for Grinding and Sliding with Zero Fear
  • The upper adjustable elastic strap prevents your shorts from sliding down.
  • Provides silicone inner non-slip bands to hold your shorts in the perfect place during gameplay.


  • The price is a bit high, and they come in one color only.
  1. Mounchain 3D Protective – Fit Impact Pad Short

XSS: Waist- 50c m/19.7 inches, Weight- 26.5 -33 pounds/12-15 kg | XS: Waist- 50-56 cm/20-22 inches, Weight 33-44 pounds/15-20 kg | S: Waist- 56-66 cm/22-26 inches, Weight 44-55 pounds/20-25 kg | M: Waist- 66-74 cm/26-29 inches, Weight 55-66 pounds/25-30 kg

The Monchain brought the 3D protective shorts for the child on November 24, 2016. The 3D Protective Pad shorts are the protective gear of hip, butt, and tailbone for girls, boys, and kids. These protective shorts come in blue and pink colors. These 3D protective pad shorts are suitable for various sports such as Paintballing, Roller Sports, Mountain Biking, Cycling, Downhill, Trail, Snowboarding, Skating, and other extreme levels of activities for the child.

These shorts for the child are highly impact-resistant to ensure the highest security for your child. They come with 2cm thick EVA foam padding. This padding helps protect the lower body parts that usually get hurt so easily, such as the hip, thigh, tailbone, and sit bone. This product ensures your child’s protection against being debilitated when they slide down or fall during all outdoor action sports activities and practice, including paintball.

In addition, EVA foam padding and elastic Lycra breathable fabrics mesh combined to provide enhanced comfort. Also, it has a heat transfer ability that keeps your child cool and can gather fresh experiences during gameplay or practice sessions with these protective shorts. It is very comfortable for both girls and boys. Furthermore, this product is top-rated for its durability and flexibility. It provides durability, flexibility, and stability at the same time with extreme comfort and breathability features.


  • It comes with good quality.
  • It looks so cute
  • Durable and flexible
  • You can wash these shorts easily by hand
  • Highly comfortable and breathable
  • Lightweight has good mobility and fits well
  • Provides enough protection on hips and backside
  • Good product for protection fall impact of kids
  • These shorts offer extreme safety during paintball, skating, snowboarding, etc.


  • They do not provide knee pads.

Pre-Purchase Insights: 9 Vital Factors to Consider for Buying the Right Paintball Slider Shorts

You should remember the nine most crucial things whenever you are planning to purchase paintball slider shorts. It is essential to get perfect paintball slider shorts to prevent injury during paintballing. Only suitable paintball shorts can provide ultimate comfort and safety during your gameplay.

  1. Different Brands

Slider shorts from reputed brands will never disappoint you because a good brand always has a clear focus on its product to ensure consumers meet their needs. The slider shorts usually provide excellent protection, and this protection is essential. The major part that you need to focus on is groin protection, though this is not where you get hit frequently. The shorts also protect the side of the thighs and hips. It can protect your thigh from incoming shots or diving around the ground.

If you do not buy your slider shorts from valuable brands, they might not provide as extreme protection as you expect. Several highly reputed brands provide you top-rated protective shorts. Also, some of them include an elastic band to keep the slider shorts from slipping off your body.

The most significant advantage of having flexible or dry-fit materials keeps your slider shorts from bunching up or slipping around. It mainly gives you the ability to move around and kneel around very comfortably. So, you should know about the brand and buy the product from a highly-rated brand.

  1. Protective Padding

The protective gear is essential because it will keep your skin protected from any unwanted injuries like scrapes, soreness, and so on. The padding adds an extra protective layer for the paintball players against the paintball shell.

A quality pair of paintball slider shorts should provide enough protection on the leg when a player dives, crawls, kneels, runs, and does many activities that get involved with the legs during paintball gameplay. So, you must look for paintball slider shorts that come with enough protective padding where padding stays at all the correct places of your shorts. It is essential because it can stave off injuries to the knees whenever you need to kneel and also the upper thigh whenever you crawl.

It is somewhat difficult to find shorts with the best protective padding. But, it is crucial to select shorts that provide enough protective padding for the safety of your upper thigh and hips when you head out onto the paintball field.

  1. Abundant Thickness

Another crucial factor for choosing paintball shorts that you must keep in mind is that your paintball slider shorts must have enough thickness to protect the legs from thorns, twigs, rocks, and other elements that may scratch and damage players’ skin. The thickness of your shorts is a crucial matter for the ultimate safety of your upper thighs, knees, hips, and legs.

Typically, rugged fabrics provide plenty of protection against not only the elements but also the environment. Paintball pants need to be thick only to keep the skin protected from all manners of paintball impact. So, you should check the thickness before purchasing your paintball shorts. When your slider shorts come with plenty of consistency, they will provide excellent safety for your lower body. You feel at ease during your gameplay, and it doesn’t matter how challenging your game is.

  1. Fine Materials

The quality of any product usually depends on its materials. As you are seeking the best paintball slider shorts, you cannot compromise on their quality. The primary thing you must find is shorts that come with durable materials that are rugged and durable enough to avoid tearing when you snag a branch or crawl over stony ground.

However, quality paintball shorts garments must be tear-resistant. The material of paintball shorts should be able to withstand sharp objects to some extent. Besides imperviousness, tearing and durability make the garment flexible enough in required areas like the crotch and hips.

The paintball slider shorts usually have Nylon, Spandex, EVA foam, Rubber, Lycra, and so on. You should check if your chosen shorts are made from fine fabrics and materials. Otherwise, you won’t feel comfortable wearing them on the paintball field. Only a paintball short with fine material can protect you from all kinds of injuries with great comfort.

  1. Ideal Design

Paintball slider shorts are usually made in a loose design. But the shorts must be a bit tight to not become a hindrance to any movement. Mainly, an ideal design of the slider shorts provides enough freedom and flexibility for the players.

You should focus on the flexible waistline design for your shorts that can allow effortless adjusting, swift wearing, and taking it off. Also, you should go for a silicone printed interior waistband that stops shorts from slipping or sliding downward.

Paintball slider shorts with elastic design are enough tear-resistant, while the shorts’ fitness offers complete freedom of movement and flexibility to the paintball players.

Many brands come with fantastic designs for both males and females. You just need to pick the selected design that can provide you ample protection in the field of paintball.

  1. Comfort and Breathability

Comfort is the crucial factor to consider for any protective gear. When you choose paintball shorts, you need to check that shorts are perfectly breathable. Moreover, some shorts have laser-cut holes in the front and provide enough ventilation in the back.

If you wear thick but non-breathable shorts in warm weather, you feel very uncomfortable and leave the paintball field with a bad memory and experience. Discomfort also causes poor performance.

Usually, EVA foam padding and breathable fabric mesh can enhance comfort and cooling. Also, it gives you a fresh and relaxed experience. So, before buying your shorts, make sure your shorts are made of breathable fabrics. To get extreme comfort during the gameplay, you should find paintball shorts that are lightweight, flexible, and adjustable to fit perfectly.

  1. Easy to Wash

You spend all day in the field playing paintball and return home with lots of enjoyment and experiences. But suddenly, you find that your slider shorts get dirty and you need to wash them. The happiness on your face will fade away if strains are not removed from your shorts.

If you have shorts that are very easy to wash, then you never face any problems. In this connection, you must check the manufacturer’s instructions about washing paintball shorts.

It will be best to always go for a paintball short that can be cleaned with detergent powder thrown in a washing machine. Never avoid what water you need to use, hot or cold. Also, some paintball shorts can be cleaned by hand easily. And dry your shorts hanging in the shade.

  1. Slide Shorts Sizing

Paintball slider shorts sizing is something that you can never ignore. You always want snug and fit slider shorts that can prevent a bunch of extra material from moving around. The padding can stay by having it down on the top of the shorts which gives enough stability.

Paintball slide shorts offer all sizes from small to XX-large. Elastic design is much more important to get the appropriate size. Plenty of elastic gives on all sizes to find the perfect fit.

Paintball slider shorts are usually 15% tight than your regular use shorts. But do not worry about this. You need tight-fitting shorts only for your safety.

Some slider shorts come with knee pads. Also, the paintball slider shorts have ventilation that makes sure nothing gets sweaty and keeps you cool during gameplay. Slider shorts are the new and smaller alternative.

To get the perfect size for your shorts, measure your waist around the narrowest part of your body, and measure around the fullest part of your hips. Keep the tape horizontal while measuring. But when your measurement comes on the borderline between two sizes, you should pick the smaller size for a tighter fit. But when your waist and hips come in two different suggested sizes, you must select the size from your hips measurement.

  1. Budget-Friendly

To make a budget plan, firstly, you have to separate your needs and wants. Your realistic goal will help you make a wiser choice of spending. Make sure that your money is not spent more than you earn. You have to balance your budget to accommodate everything you need to pay for.

When you know how much slider shorts usually cost, will help to make your budget plan. Sometimes, the price is dropped to boost sales. But it doesn’t mean the quality of the product is terrible.

No matter the price of the shorts, you need to consider your budget very well before buying your shorts. When a regular paintball player, you should find a budget-friendly product that provides good quality and durability. Only a quality product can offer flexibility and breathability with enough comfort during your gameplay. Our reviewed above products come with high-quality at affordable prices. If you get a high-quality product with a friendly budget, what is the point of spending more money from your pocket on other models?

Video Guide

All Your Questions Answered: Exploring the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the point of sliding shorts?

A: Actually, it is not required by sports rules, but these shorts are essential indeed to keep your hips safe from injury. Paintball protective shorts need to wear for to protect your thighs and glutes from paintball impact during sliding. These shorts add extra safety by giving you another layer between and your pants.

Q: Can I use paintball sliding shorts for mountain biking?

A: Of course. You can wear sliding shorts for mountain biking, skiing, football, baseball, and so on.

Q: Do I wear anything under slider shorts?

A: You should not wear underwear under your slider shorts. When you wear any form of protective gear, we recommend not wearing anything underneath.

Q: Are sliding shorts and compression shorts the same thing?

A: Both types of shorts have the same and are made of soft and smooth fabrics. The only difference is that sliding shorts have different padding parts, whereas compression shorts do not come with padding.

Q: How tight should sliding shorts be?

A: Typically, sliding shorts should be 15% smaller than your regular size for your shorts. The materials of sliding shorts stay with your body tightly and support your muscle with comfort.

Q: Are sliding shots padded?

A: Sliding shorts are usually snug-fitting, but they come with different types of padding systems. It prevents serious injury during gameplay.

Q: How should sliding shorts fit?

A: Sliding shorts have a great stretchy nature. It is because quality materials are used in slider shorts. So they fit so quickly even though they are snug and tight. But you always feel comfortable because of having enough ventilation on it.

Final Words

We can confidently say that you know everything about paintball slider shorts from our article. We have reviewed the top 10 best paintball slider shorts of 2021 and provide proper guidelines that you should always follow. We hope, from now on, you may never face any difficulties choosing your paintball slider shorts.

However, you should never forget that it will not improve your skill if you have the world’s best paintball pants. Paintball pants cannot make you the best paintball player. They can only provide your protection with generous comfort on the battlefield of paintball. If you want to be the best paintball player, you need to practice more and more, gather enough experience, and find out your mistake. In this connection, you will get great support from the best paintball slider shorts by preventing injuries to your lower body.

I hope you all enjoy our article and you are buying your shorts inspired by our Best Paintball Slider Shorts guide. Do you still have any queries regarding any of these paintball slider shorts? Feel free to comment it down. It’s our responsibility to reach you to remove all confusion from your mind.

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