What Is The Best Paintball Pistol In 2022 [Expert Recommended]

Best Paintball Pistol
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If you’re looking to buy the best paintball pistol, then you should check out this list of some of the best pistols available on the market right now!

When you’re in a serious paintball match, having a proper sidearm can give you a significant edge when tackling much more versatile situations.

It will even help you handle close-range encounters with more efficiency. Therefore, we’re here to find you the best paintball pistol in 2022.

There are different variations of pistols available, each with specific power and range functionalities while having different trigger responses.

So, you need to know which type of pistol is the perfect fit for you and how you can manage to change between them in much more fast-paced situations.

Top 8 Best Paintball Pistols In April 2022 [Recommended]

There are different variations of paintball pistols available on the market right now; let’s find you some of the best, shall we? –

  1. T4E TPM1 .43 Caliber Training Pistol Paintball Gun Marker

Umarex T4E TPM1 .43 Caliber Training Pistol Paintball Gun Marker, Black

Among some simple options, this is undoubtedly one of the most sought after since its simple design packs some incredible power for accuracy and quick response.

There are two classifications of the product; one is with some matte and rubber-like finish while the other is the blue variant.

In the case of power, this is a mid-range weapon as its shot power is much more effective to that extent. Therefore, even in closer perspectives, it is the right choice to go with.

Along with being compatible with .43 caliber paintballs, this product is also great with rubber bullets of the same classification. You can easily use any of the two ammo types when using the gun.

Moreover, the product is powered by economical CO2, which is efficient for reducing negative effects. But the CO2 is not included in the packaging of this item.

The accessories included with the unit are attractions since you can get better tactical advantages utilizing those extensions. Each of them can be used at any time.

Additionally, the easy mounting system makes the attachment of the accessories relatively easier, such as the light, laser, and other things. You can also purchase separate items.

In the case of holster compatibility, there are many options that you can easily go for without needing to buy anything too special. The Safariland, Blackhawk Serp level 2, every one of these is an option.


  • Magazine capacity of 8 shots
  • High-quality design
  • Two-color variations
  • Includes attachments
  • Great holster compatibility


  • .43 caliber paintballs are hard to find at times
  • There’s only one magazine chamber

Why should you buy this product?

The top reason to consider this is the quality build and grip, which influences quicker responses in various predicaments.

  1. JT ER2 Pump Pistol RTS Kit clear

JT ER2 Pump Pistol RTS Kit clear

In the case of flexibility and efficiency, this product from JT is one of the best. The structural design is quite different from all the available others.

When it comes to color and design, this is a transparent gun that makes it unique since most people try to go for something slightly realistic.

Even if it is not as realistic in design, you should try the product out when looking for power in various situations.

This is a .68 caliber gun, which has such tremendous power that, starting from close range to mid-range, it will give you a tactical advantage.

Due to that tactical advantage, this is the best 68 caliber paintball pistol available on the market right now. You will never regret your choice to get it since it will surely bring you many wins.

In the case of cartridges, this gun uses a 12-gram CO2 power, which is perfect for high power response and effectiveness, also reducing the drop rate of the paintballs.

Each of the cartridges will have about 30 shots, so you will have plenty available to make sufficient attempts to take the opponent down. The transparent classification makes it much easier to keep track of the bullets.

Moreover, the package also includes a firing pump that will maintain the trigger’s responsiveness and shoot the shots with better effectiveness.


  • Transparent design
  • Easy to keep count of the balls
  • Accurate design
  • Innovative pump functionality
  • Lightweight design


  • Not the best for long-distance shots
  • Shooting sound is quite loud

Why should you buy this product?

You should buy this pistol because of the transparent structure, which looks fantastic and is quite useful when you want to keep check on the ammo.

  1. Umarex T4E Walther PPQ .43 Caliber Training Pistol

T4E Walther PPQ .43 Caliber Training Pistol Paintball Gun Marker, Flat Dark Earth

This is one of the best weapons to go for if you’re looking for something that will give you a realistic feel along with practical functionalities.

There are few variations of this product on the market, each better than the other. You can easily choose the one that fits your style.

Among the three colors, the most unique and high-quality color is probably the flat dark earth color variation. It looks fantastic due to the gold finish and quality black outlines.

Another great thing about this product is the metal framework, which highly influences the quality of the build, making it much stronger and more durable.

No matter how rough the situation is, there won’t be any visible damage to the product’s body. Moreover, this will also influence the device’s weight so that you can train with a more realistic weight class.

Furthermore, there’s another interesting thing about this product: it is quite cost-efficient, you need very little money to train with it often.

This pistol comes with about 8 rounds, which is excellent to keep a realistic count of the bullets. Also, the release of the magazine is quite realistic for the feel.

Additionally, when it comes down to the sight and customizability, this is fully compatible with sight adjustments, only with the rear sight. It will also fit any holster classification.


  • Various holster compatibility
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Compatible with attachments
  • Cost-effective gun
  • Shoots at 355 FPS


  • Sights can be a little too sharp
  • Might have some slight jamming issues

Why should you buy this product?

You should try this pistol out because it is the best choice for training purposes due to its realistic design and structure.

  1. Umarex T4E Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 .43 Caliber

Umarex T4E Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 .43 Caliber Training Pistol Paintball Gun Marker, Black

Another amazing addition from Umarex is that they are still bringing forward versatility and functionality along with alignment with realism.

There are several essential things required in a training gun; one of the core things is the feel and realism since it will help you adjust to the weight.

Umarex tried to capture that essence and build a product that is the best at what it does. Moreover, starting from grip to power, this product is great at maintaining fast responses.

In various situations, one of the core essences of any sidearm is that you will be able to truly maneuver it with little effort and be able to equip, reload.

The design of the gun will allow you to make the best of that and help you get in form with the device’s functionality without needing to make any modifications.

Another great thing about this product is the easy mounting and accessories functionality. You can attach whatever you need to without needing any extra tools.

The package will contain a hard case for storage, which you can easily carry around wherever you need. That makes this the perfect gun for training.

Moreover, cleaning the device is also quite simple; you won’t need to buy anything extra to get it done. The unit will include a cleaning squeegee which you can use to clean.


  • Highly efficient when scoping
  • Attachable components are simple
  • Compatible with various ammo
  • Includes a magazine
  • Easy to clean


  • Magazine body slightly prone to breakage
  • Packaging could improve more

Why should you buy this product?

You should try this product out because of the attention to detail, starting from the magazine to the gun’s body; it maintains realism.

  1. Wearable4U T4E .43cal Walther PPQ LE Paintball Pistol

The fascinating thing about the device is that several things are included in the package to make your whole experience with this product complete.

This one is another entry to the list of pistols that promote realistic design and makes training efficient. You get the best out of the product due to its quality function.

In bullet compatibility, this works with .43 caliber paintballs, which allow better firing power with a moderate firing range. You will be able to respond much better in close range.

Another great thing about this pistol is that it uses the CO2 blowback action, putting a lot of power behind every shot.

Therefore, you will experience having a proper handgun during any real-life situation. Moreover, this product is widely used in the reinforcement sectors.

Its magazine’s size is also quite well since it can hold up to 8 shots making successive attacks with each trigger pull. The CO2 makes the shots possible.

Along with paintballs, this is also compatible with various other bullets, such as rubber bullets and powder bullets. You won’t need any modifications done to the magazine for that.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a paintball gun that has all the power you might require in a real-life situation, then this is the one you should try out.


  • Includes two separate magazines
  • Also includes a pack of 100 paintballs
  • High-quality hard case
  • Powerful CO2 blowback action
  • Comes in a complete bundle


  • Recoil can be slightly higher than normal
  • Doesn’t include any attachment accessories

Why should you buy this product?

You should go for this because of the complete bundle form of the whole unit. It will include everything that you might require.

  1. T4E Umarex .43cal Walther PPQ GEN2 Co2 Paintball Pistol

T4E Umarex .43cal Walther PPQ GEN2 Co2 Paintball Pistol Black semi auto W/Free 50 Rubber Balls Package

One of the core reasons for training with a realistic gun is the recoil practice; this product specializes in controlling your aim even in high recoil situations.

Due to the proper measures and blowback functionality of this product, you will be able to measure the amount of recoil these devices are supposed to exert. That will help you train and control your shots much better.

It is also fully compatible with different ammunition, starting from rubber paintballs. This pistol is better compatible with rubber bullets.

The caliber of the gun is about .43, which is one of the most efficient and standard power rates for any handgun. So, you get the experience of using a proper gun.

Another great thing about this product is that it is relatively easy to operate in real-life situations. So, you eventually get to experience the natural recoil and reload time.

In reload time, the clip is designed to detach in the most realistic way possible. That helps you estimate the functionality and timestamp of reloading a .43 caliber gun.

The size of the magazine is also quite sufficient for longer sessions; therefore, you would be able to get a much better response in fast circumstances.

Moreover, there are two different firing rates, semi-auto and safe velocity, which is about 300 FPS. That will help you get better accustomed to the fast-paced movement.


  • High-quality structural design
  • Semi-auto firing mode
  • Includes free rubber bullets
  • Compatible with dust bullets
  • Realistic recoil


  • The design might not be picture accurate
  • Magazine pull requires a little effort

Why should you buy this product?

If you’re looking for a product that will include some additional ammo in the packaging and is great for rubber bullets, then you should buy this.

  1. Umarex T4E TR50 Revolver .50 Caliber Training Pistol

Umarex T4E TR50 Revolver .50 Caliber Training Pistol Paintball Gun Marker, Black

The best thing about revolvers is that they are powerful and the rate of them being jammed is lesser than any other gun. Therefore, this product from Umarex is the best-rated paintball pistol.

When it comes down to this gun, the best thing is not only about the amazing power it packs; it’s about the structural design and accuracy.

This gun’s aesthetic is one of the best since it has a beautiful metallic black framework, along with a tactical design.

The power of the gun is one of the best; this is one reason why making long-range shots is excellent with the gun. Moreover, it is an automatic revolver; therefore, you will be able to make consecutive shots.

That greatly influences the gun’s fire rate, so you can keep executing the pump action without being interrupted by recoil or jamming.

For the pump, CO2 is used; now, the installation of the CO2 is relatively easy. You really won’t need to make any clearance or open any of the compartments.

It is also fully compatible with a wide range of accessories, so it will certainly make the paintball games much more fun.

All the accessories are included with the packaging, and the mounting system is quite easy, so anyone can handle it without needing any external hand in the process.


  • Easy CO2 chambers
  • .50 Caliber firing power
  • Low jamming rate
  • Includes two rotary magazines
  • High firing rate


  • The pull trigger can be non-responsive at times
  • Paintballs might leak in the chamber

Why should you buy this product?

You should try this product out because of the fantastic fire rate and the power behind every shot; it is one of the best .50 caliber guns available.

  1. T4E Umarex TR50 .50cal Co2 Paintball Revolver

T4E Umarex TR50 .50cal Co2 Paintball Revolver w/Quick Pierce Co2 System

If you’re looking for something that will ensure you get quality and performance in a small quick equip form, then this is the product you should go for. This is the absolute best paintball pistol top on the market.

Let’s start with a few great things about this product, one of them is the device’s grip. It is one of the most easily used and handled products available.

Due to the great grip rate, this product is quite efficient in the case of close-quarter situations. You can easily switch out the weapons without any extra delay.

In the firing rate, this device fires at a rate of 350 to 360 FPS which is quite fast, and that comes in handy with the quick scope effect of the gun.

The bullet strength is also quite effective when in long-distance; this product uses a .50 caliber gun which is the best choice if you’re looking to maintain some great accuracy.

Moreover, the whole powering of the gun is done through CO2, which will exert a lot of pressure on the ammunition so that you can make hard-hitting shots.

When it comes down to the construction, the whole gun is made out of polymer, making the pistol strong and durable, allowing better movement. The gun is also quite compatible with various holsters.


  • Includes 5 magazines
  • Capable of shooting 6 rounds
  • Perfect for quick scope training
  • Durable design
  • Lightweight construction


  • The gas consumption can be quite high
  • Rounds can be slightly low

Why should you buy this product?

One of the biggest factors to consider this product is the inclusion of 5 magazines, which can be quite useful during usage.

How Do I Choose the Right Best Paintballs of 2022?

When it comes down to choosing the best paintballs for your pistol, you need to check a few things before deciding. Therefore, we will try and simplify that process for you as much as we can –

Know the Types

Most people might overlook the type of paintballs; there are different types of paintballs available on the market. Each of the types has good things and bad, which you need to factor in before deciding something.

There are basically three variations of paintballs, recreational grade, tournament grade, and reusable ones. Among these, there are different caliber types and colors that you can choose from.

  1. The Recreational Grade

The biggest difference in the recreational type of paintballs with the others is the quality type. They are slightly more generic than all the others, and their performance is quite conflicting at times.

Since it’s already in the name, these products are mainly designed for recreational purposes. Therefore, when you’re working with these balls, you don’t really need to overthink the quality.

In the case of the usage, these products are mainly used for entertainment purposes, leading towards casual gaming predicaments. So, you can use them the way you want.

Another big thing to mention about these is that they are relatively cheaper than other ammunitions. These balls don’t go under too much pressure or are not assessed too intensively during production.

But that doesn’t make this item any less impressive than the other variations that we’re going to talk about to clear any sort of confusion.

  1. The Reusable Grade

This is another interesting variation of the product; it is basically a paintball that does not splatter. These have a foam-like filling on the inside, allowing them to reduce breakage during impact.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a pistol that will be much more cost-efficient and easy to use, then this is the product you might check out. You won’t have to restock the ammo anytime soon.

This sounds quite good since the reusability of these balls is high, but there are downfalls of using these devices. It kind of cancels out the core reason for using a paintball in the first place.

During impact, these do not have any mark that will make sure other players do not escape or cheat. So, leaving a mark while using reusable balls is quite hard.

Considering all these, for training purposes, using a reusable bullet is better since that will help you reuse the balls again and again. They will also sustain reduced damage during extended uses.

  1. The Tournament Grade

Definitely, the best quality grade is the tournament grade, and each of the balls is curated with the highest of the case; none of them are inconsistent. So, if you’re looking for something competitive, then this is the product you should try.

The weight and the structure of the bullets are confirmed by professionals so that during the tournaments, you do not encounter any technical difficulties. This will enable you to keep your performance consistent.

Though one of the downsides of using a product like tournament-grade paintballs is that they are slightly more expensive than the other balls, you will get amazing quality but at a higher cost.

There are a few other advantages of using tournament-grade balls, one of them is highly increased accuracy and reduced weight. That will help you make your shots much better and hit the target on the move.

Additionally, one of the issues most paintballs face is the drop rate during firing; this makes the paintballs have a much more rounded trajectory making it slightly difficult to make the shot.

This product reduces that issue and makes the trajectory much more accurate, and the drop rate is significantly reduced even in some long-distance shots.

What to Choose?

Considering all the features each of the types have, you should choose the one that matches your requirements the best. You need to take into consideration everything starting from cost to quality.

If you’re looking for a more realistic experience so that you can get better information and feel on how to handle real-life situations, then going for the tournament grade paintball is the best.

Another important thing you need to make sure of is the caliber of the ammo; without that, you won’t be able to use them on the pistol. You need to make sure you get the right type of ammunition, depending on the gun.

Therefore, it’s imperative to make sure you make up your mind on what to use. Otherwise, it’ll be wasted, and that will be better for you. It will also help you spend much less.

Choosing the Caliber

When it comes down to the caliber of the gun, it entirely depends on the type of weapon you’re using. The most common caliber is the .50 caliber which is perfect for this mid-range shooting.

Moreover, the caliber will determine the power of the gun, and that will make your performance much better. So, make sure your gun would be the right choice for you.

Some Things to Avoid

There are a few things you need to avoid if you want the best performance from the paintballs. One of the core things to avoid is using the wrong caliber for the gun you’re using.

So, you really need to make sure you’re using the right weapon and the correct ammunition. Otherwise, you will cause jamming, and that will make using these paintballs much more painful.

Another thing you need to ensure is the quality of the paintballs. In a competitive premise, you might want to avoid using paintballs that are inaccurate, which will only reduce the gun’s accuracy.

Some of the bullets have too much drop rate, which can make accurate shooting much tougher, and it will affect your comfort during mid-range shots.

If you avoid these, you will definitely be able to get the most out of the gun you’re using, and you will definitely not regret the choice you’re making.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Can I use rubber bullets for these guns?

You can definitely use rubber bullets, but you just need to make sure of the caliber of the bullets; otherwise, they won’t have the right amount of power that is required. So, make sure you’re buying the right ones.

  1. Can I use two separate bullet types on a single gun?

You can definitely do that; you can use three types of bullets, and some even allow more. Starting from bust balls to rubber balls, you can use any variation of ammunition without needing anything extra.

  1. Do these only come with a metal frame?

There are some products which come in metal and also plastic framework, so depending on the brand you intend to choose, you will get that kind of frame. Metal frames are much more realistic in weight and handling; this is perfect for training for real-life circumstances.

  1. Will these include magazines in the packaging?

It completely depends on the type of unit you intend to buy; some will include extra magazines on the packaging, while for some, you might need to buy an extra magazine if you require.

  1. Can I attach different types of accessories?

Most of the products are fully compatible with different accessories; you will not need any extra items to attach the accessories to the weapon. Some of the attachments are included with the packaging, while others you need to buy externally.

  1. Should I buy tournament-grade paintball or recreational for training?

If you’re doing professional training, then you need to get the best quality paintballs. Otherwise, they will just not give the right performance. You need to get the most realistic feel from these products. Otherwise, you will lose the essence of training with the real gun.

Final Words

As you have already been exposed to various products with different merits, you have probably realized that preference is one of the key factors to these. You can buy anything you want as long as you’re satisfied with it.

One of the products that we would like to suggest is the Umarex T4E .43; this is the best paintball pistol 2022 because these make sure you’re getting the most realistic experience when it comes to training.

Otherwise, you can also try out the JT ER2, which is also great when you want to experience something that is lightweight and great in the case of customizability. It will also give you great mobility during usage.

So, it’s crucial to determine what kind of product you intend to go for. You should go for the one that is actually good for you, and it will perform the way you want it to perform.

If you’re looking to use something for protection and training purposes, you should consider going for a product that will allow you to experience some natural drawbacks.

And lastly, another important thing is the quality of the paintballs or other ammo you’re going to use. They will substantially influence your effectiveness.

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