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Paintball is a game full of fun, action, and excitement, and it keeps the blood pumping. So, today, we will review a grave subject that is highly passionate to paintball players, and it is paintball lube.

When you are a paintball enthusiast, you must look for the best paintball lube for your paintball gun. Paintball lube makes sure your paintball gun is running at peak performance all the time.

The proper lubricant is ultimately essential for your paintball guns. But many players do not care about paintball lube at all, and many others fail to choose the correct gun lube due to a lack of enough knowledge about paintball lube.

Therefore, we will discuss some top paintball lube on the market so you can choose the perfect lubricants to keep your gun trouble-free and long-lasting.

What Is Paintball Lube?

Before reviewing the best paintball lube, we are willing to let you know what paintball lube is. Paintball lubricant is a substance that helps to reduce friction and gives you a smooth, accurate firing. It also prevents snags when you are out in the woods. Besides, lubricants help for easy functioning and help keep the gun clean.

However, paintball lube comes in different forms, such as synesthetic oil, operating oil, mineral oils, etc. If you have a paintball gun, you should choose a suitable paintball lube to get the best performance for your gun during the game. And every severe paintball player must have a clear image of the lubricants and should come to the playground with a clean and ready paintball gun.

10 Best Paintball Lube For 2023 [Recommended]

When you own a paintball gun, then you have endless options for paintball lube for your gun. You have to choose the correct lube for your gun. It’s not surprising at all if you get confused when picking the correct lubricants. We care about your worries. That is why we are willing to introduce you to the top 10 lubricants for your paintball gun. So, stick with us to pick the perfect one for your needs.

  1. Captain O-Ring Paintball Marker Oil Lube (1 oz)

In 2008, captain O-ring LLC was established as a family business in New Jersey and promised to provide quality products at an honest price. It is pretty challenging to beat their quality, timelines and pricing for products.

The captain, O-ring paintball marker oil, is one of the best lubes on our list, a petroleum-based oil suitable for paintball markers. The manufacturers produce the same oil that Eclipse has. The main advantage of using captain O-ring paintball marker oil is, it can prevent friction on the moving parts of your gun.

Some oils tend to be too thick and some oils are too thin. Too much thinner oil drips off, which is irritating. The captain O-ring oil thickness is perfect in comparison to many other paintball gun oils. The consistency of this oil is thinner than syrup and thicker than water. This feature makes this oil really feels good, and it goes smoothly onto the parts.

Most paintball players like this oil to maintain their paintball marker, and it is considered the right oil for proper maintenance. This oil helps to prevent damage to the inner parts. Also, this oil keeps the O-ring free from deteriorating.


  • Works excellent and is a good value for the money
  • Very high-quality paintball marker oil
  • Keeps the marker in top condition
  • Reduces friction and wear on moving parts
  • Prevents deterioration of the O-rings of a paintball gun
  • Provides good customer service


  • No safety seal on the package
  1. Captain O-Ring Pure DOW 33 (1 oz Jar)

There are so many lubricants that are used in paintball guns. But DOW33 lubricant is the only lubricant widely recommended by paintball manufacturers globally. The captain O-ring pure DOW33 grease comes with a one-ounce jar and is the same as GR33SE and SL33K.

This is why it has become one of the best paintball lubricants on the market quickly. The DOW33 lubricant is very lightweight and easy to transport from game to game for cleaning your gun. The jar is OK with its colour which makes it easy to find.

The captain O-ring DOW33 is an excellent lubricant for your paintball gun with no fancy colors or fillers.

In addition, DOW33 works great on O-rings in most paintball guns. But if your gun comes with rammer O-rings of poppet marker, then you should avoid this lubricant.


  • Very versatile paintball gun grease
  • Perfect for cold weather play
  • Suitable for all kinds of paintball guns
  • Good ointment for the marker of the gun
  • Thinner than Vitamin E and super slippery
  • Gun shoots much better and is quieter with this grease
  • Keeps markers and O-rings healthy with their actual shape
  • This grease is highly effective to prevent CO2 from leaking


  • The jar is not very sturdy
  1. Planet Eclipse Paintball Gun Grease

The Eclipse paintball gun grease is new on the market but is excellent for low-pressure regulator pistons and inline piston regulators. It is also suitable for making anything slippery.

However, the Planet Eclipse grease is ideal for the inner parts of those types of paintball guns with a spool valve marker. The most astonishing thing is you can use this grease on any of the mechanical aspects of your paintball gun. So, if you have a paintball gun with a spool valve marker, you can undoubtedly choose this grease.

But, if you own a paintball gun with Ego/Eket assemblies, do not try to use this lubricant. It may damage your marker over time. Never forget, this lubricant is only perfect for the paintball gun with a spool valve marker.

One more reminder, you must always be careful whenever you clean your paintball gun with the Planet Eclipse grease. Before you clean your paintball gun make sure the CO2 cartridge and other cartridges have been removed. You also should wear hand gloves when you are working on a paintball marker, as it will keep you safe and help avoid unnecessary mess.


  • Easy to use and handle
  • Pretty standard grease
  • It helps to fire your gun instantly
  • Paintball comes out easily from the gun
  • Extremely great for specific types of gun
  • It can be applied almost everywhere
  • Works well without any issues


  • It is not a universal paintball lube
  1. Super Lube 56204 O-ring Silicone Lubricant

The next and the best paintball lube on our list is Super Lube 56204 O-ring silicone lubricant, which Synco Chemical Corporation manufactures. This silicone lubricant comes with a clean and clear appearance. This lubricant is highly popular because it can expand the life of the O-ring.

Super Lube silicone lubricant is a non-curing type of silicone lubricant that is perfect for lubricating and protecting the O-ring from further damage by pinching, cutting, or friction. This lubricant is waterproof and can fight against moisture and other contaminated substances. It also helps to set the O-ring into the correct position. Moreover, using this silicon lubricant, your gun performs well by speeding up assembly operations and improving automated assembly.

Furthermore, this Super Lube 56204 O-ring silicone lubricant can be used in various things, including paintball guns. It is suitable for any O-ring situation. It can be used on O-rings of flashlights and watches. This lubricant is ideal for someone looking for something to create a better seal on an O-ring for a saltwater aquarium. It is highly safe for aquarium use.

The Super Lube silicone lubricant is thinner, and the viscosity is almost similar to gear oil.


  • It has a huge versatility
  • It has a wide temperature range
  • Able to shield against moisture
  • Can protect rubber in paintball guns
  • Works great to help make a better seal
  • Preserves the life of O-rings
  • It is a clean, food-grade, and dielectric lubricant
  • Provides excellent quality and smooth viscosity


  • It is a little bit pricy
  1. Exalt Hater Sauce Paintball Lube- 2 oz XL

The Exalt Hater Sauce paintball lube has first come on the market on 23rd March 2012. It contains 60 ml of lube. The extra-large tube of Hater Sauce is the perfect size for any paintball player who is meticulous with their marker maintenance.

The Hater Sauce lubricant is designed especially for paintball guns and it never becomes runny. The primary purpose of this lube is to prevent the bolt from sticking on the spool valve bolt systems.

The Exalt Hater Sauce lubricant has the great slickest consistency among other lubes, which is used in paintball markers nowadays. Using this lubricant on the paintball marker, users can quickly reduce the LPR pressure of their paintball marker. The LPR pressure reduction helps to reduce the kick of the marker dramatically and allows a highly stable marker setup of your paintball.


  • Fully synthetic lube
  • High quality product
  • It is oozy and thin
  • Cheaper than DOW
  • Best for regulators
  • It can easily be used for cleaning purposes
  • User needs to lube their markerless often
  • Can improve the performance of the paintball gun
  • It keeps the paintball gun and gear in a good shape
  • Users can reduce marker LPR pressure without a drop-off
  • Provides high performance in all climates and conditions
  • It lasts more than 1-year for the severe paintball players


  • This product does not come in a small tube
  1. Tippmann Marker Lube Casual Containers Oil Gold- 1 oz

The Tippmann Marker Lube Casual Containers Oil gold is specially formulated to operate efficiently and smoothly the paintball marker. This lubricant is a warranty-approved lube for all kinds of markers that need oil.

The container has a twist on/off pointed cap that makes for easy application. It does not spill all it contains if it tips over. It is the best oil to keep your Tippmann or other paintball gun operating perfectly.

This oil performs best on Tippmann markers such as Bravo, custom 98, A5, X7 (Non-Phenom), Alpha and TiPX.

Tippmann manufactures this lubricant and first came on the market on the 16th of May 2012. The colour of the lubricant is black, and it comes in a 1-ounce bottle. You can carry it in your gear bag in your hand, and you can quickly apply it if you need to lube your gun in between games or after the day is over. The primary purpose of the Tippmann marker oil is to keep your Tippmann marker operating at peak performance.


  • Easy to apply
  • Values money
  • Only a few drops are enough
  • Warranty approved lube
  • It lasts for the year
  • Twist on/off tip pointed cap prevents the waste of oil
  • It helps to lube quickly during the gameplay
  • Keeps marker working properly


  • It is not cheap compared to other paintball gun oils
  1. Tech T Paintball Gun Sav Marker Grease

Lubricants can solve all internal problems of the paintball gun. That’s why paintball players can never avoid lubing their paintball marker. So, on our list, Gun Sav is another of the most potent and broad-spectrum greases for paintball guns. The Tech T Gun Sav grease is excellent for the paintball marker that comes with FSDO.

The Tech T Gun Save grease is suitable for any temperature conditions. This grease is tremendously slick and an excellent alternative for all kinds of greases. It is mainly applied to all markers with spool valves like Matrixes, Ions, Geos, Shockers, etc.

The Tech T Gun Sav lubricant is highly safe for all types of paintball guns. Also, the oil makes for the straightforward handling of your paintball gun.


  • Awesome for paintball guns
  • A slight amount on your finger can lube your entire gun
  • Able to work at all temperatures
  • Incredibly the slickest grease worldwide
  • It is safe for all kinds of markers
  • Provides the best range of coverage
  • It comes with a bright colour container
  • Considered as a universal lube
  • Provides high performance
  • Extremely smooth
  • Parts can move more freely using this grease


  • Somewhat liquidy compared to other grease
  1. Dye Slick Lube Advanced Paintball Marker Grease

Dye Slick Advanced grease came on the market on the 16th of June 2018 and gained its popularity within a concise amount of time.

Dye Slick lube comes in two different versions-

  • The Big container: It might be perfect if you are doing a lot of maintenance or doing tech work for a team or something like that.
  • Smaller Tube: You should pick up the smaller size if you use it for a single player or your gun.

Bigger or smaller, both come with the same stuff inside.

Dye Slick Lube Advanced paintball marker grease comes with a new formula specifically for paintball guns. This lubricant works excellently and it is very similar to DOW33 and DOW55. You can feel the same kind of consistency, it is light and you can cover your O-ring by putting a thin coating on it.

This lubricant is perfect for both spool valve and puppet valve-style markers. It works on regulators, bolts, rams, and anything of your quality and keeps it free and moving.


  • Top-quality
  • It lasts for a long time and is very thin
  • Delivers the best performance
  • Delivers more shots
  • Reduces friction
  • Works excellent for non-moving O-rings
  • Available in ¼ oz tube and 2oz tub varieties.


  • The price is somewhat high
  1. Gold Cup Oil Bottle- 1 ounce

The Gold Cup oil bottle contains one ounce of lubricant and is the best paintball marker lube. This lubricant is very effective and can keep all working parts moving on your paintball gun. This lubricant works for not only the critical paintball marker but also the advanced paintball marker.

The Gold Cup marker oil is the best choice for professional paintball players. This lubricant has an oily consistency because you know it is an oil lubricant. Like other marker oils, it also has a smell and taste. Also, it is a very cheap marker oil, but the quality is so good.

The Gold Cup bottle has a small pointed hole that makes it easy to get all parts well lubricated. If you need a small drop of oil in a tight spot, you can easily apply the oil. It has a perfect size to put in your pocket, and if you need it in the field during gameplay, you can use it instantly. The bottle cap is quite sturdy, so there is no risk of the cap leaking. Overall, this oil is an outstanding choice for any paintball enthusiast looking for some oil lube for their marker.


  • Suitable for every paintball gun
  • Can improve the working condition of any paintball gun
  • It keeps all parts safe on the gun
  • Protects O-rings by reducing friction and tear
  • It is safe and easy to use
  • Offers the best price
  • Extends the life of the marker


  • Except for paintball guns, it cannot work on other types of equipment
  1. UltraSilk Paintball/ Airsoft Marker Lube and Treatment

This is the last best lubricant on our list. The brand name of this lubricant is social paintball and UltraSilk is its manufacturer. The colour of the lubricant is blue and comes in a1 ounce container. It went on the market for the first time on the 4th of July. The TheUltraSilk lubricant is pretty amazing and can pull the automatic gun smoothly and effortlessly.

The UltraSilk Marker lube is a custom blended and penetrating marker treatment. It has a very light viscosity. It will give you a quicker, smoother operation after using this lubricant. The primary functions of the UlraSilks are to reduce friction and control corrosion. You should use this lubricant after each cleaning of all the markers. You just need to coat all moving parts lightly, along with all metal-to-metal surfaces. You should apply this lubricant underneath the O-ring to get the best results.

The Ultrasilk paintball lubricant is good, but this is an aftermarket lubricant. So, You should use this lubricant only when your marker is not under its one-year manufacturer warranty anymore.


  • Increases consistency
  • It is slimy and watery
  • Only a tiny amount is enough
  • Improves Performance
  • Minimizes the friction
  • Able to boost efficiency


  • This lubricant is an aftermarket petroleum-based marker lubricant

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying the Right Paintball Gun Lube or Grease for the All the Time

Before buying paintball gun lube, you need to know the five most important factors. The easiest way to find the right product is all about doing the proper research.

  1. Brand

Brandis the first and most important thing you should keep in mind before buying your gun lube. Top paintball gun lube brands always come with unique features that can make them stand out in the crowd.

When you go for a non-reputable brand, you might not be satisfied with its products. You may get only a cheap product with low quality and it may not be suitable for your gun. In this case, your money will be wasted.

So, you should keep a clear image of the brand and whether it is reliable or not. If your preferable lubricant comes from a highly reputed brand, you will get a quality product.

In this article, we have reviewed the products that come from famous brands. Therefore, now you can pick your paintball gun lube without any hesitation.

  1. Check the expiration date.

The expiration date is a significant factor for any product. After the expiration date, the product might be damaged, spoiled or ineffective.

Lubricants are made of chemical components to enhance the performance of your paintball gun. It also expands your gun life when you maintain your gun with the proper lubricant. But, the chemical composition can change over time. That’s why manufacturers provide specific expiration dates for every kind of paintball gun lubricant.

As lubricants have their life limit, you must check the expiration date before buying your paintball gun lube. If the expiration date is over and you use it on your gun, then it may cause damage. In some cases, it remains an ineffective lubricant. But, most of the time, there may be a danger when using a lube, which is expired.

  1. Get an original one.

You are buying a paintball gun lubricant, but do you know if it is original or not? Are you thinking about how you can get an original lubricant? Alight, we have a solution for you.

The first thing to get an original product is to know your brands. Every manufacturer has labeled. So pay close attention to the packaging. If you find there is no difference in the size, logo and colour scheme of the packaging, it is 100% original.

You can also find the original product through customer ratings and reviews online. You can trust better ratings as that means a quality product. Also, customer reviews give you essential information on a product that comes from real-world customers. They already used the paintball gun lube and shared their decent experiences with the paintball gun lubricant.

Positive customer reviews provide trustworthy information, and in this way, you can get the original lubricants for your paintball gun.

  1. Easy to use

Before buying a paintball gun lubricant, you should check it to see if it is easy to use or not. The packaging makes the lubricant easy or hard to use.

Different lubricants come with other packages and consistency. So, focus on the package so that you can use your lubricant effortlessly.

Some lubricants come in a tube. Suppose those lubricants are like oil, then the tube must be designed with a small pourpoint on the tip. If it has a large pourpoint, then lots of lubricants will be wasted. With a smaller pourpoint, you can use every single drop without any being destroyed.

Also, lubricants should come in a convenient container. With perfect consistency, you can use your lubricates with your finger. It is easy to take your finger from the container and easy to use to coat your gun.

  1. Budget-Friendly

Now let’s talk about the cost of paintball gun lube. Before buying paintball gun lubricants, you should compare their price with their function. You know cheap products are not always good, but you may not know that the expensive ones will always make you satisfied.

When you buy a lubricant for your paintball gun, make sure it gives you value for your money. High quality lubricants are somewhat pricy. Therefore, you should pick a paintball gun lubricant that comes with high performance at an affordable price.

In this article, we have demonstrated the top ten paintball gun lubes which come from top brands. By reading this article, we hope you can easily find budget-friendly lubricants for your paintball gun. Your paintball game will be more enjoyable when you have lubricants at an affordable price.

How to use paintball lube properly?

Paintball lube is a lubricant used to keep the moving parts of a paintball gun functioning smoothly. To use paintball lube, follow these steps:

  1. Clean the parts of the gun that need lubrication, such as the bolt and o-rings, with a cloth or brush.
  2. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the parts, using a drop or two as needed.
  3. Use a cloth or brush to spread the lubricant evenly over the parts.
  4. Reassemble the gun and test it to ensure it is functioning properly.
  5. Repeat the lubrication process as needed, typically every few thousand rounds or as the gun starts to feel dry.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is paintball grease used for?

A: The primary purpose of grease is to enable the markers to perform the best by preventing damage to any inner moving parts. When you put oil on the O-rings of your gun, your gun will function smoothly and you can operate it efficiently. It also helps to seal your O-ring.

Q: How often should I lube my paintball gun?

A: You should lube the bolt of your gun after every time you play a paintball game. Before applying lube onto your gun, you need to clean the gun first.

Q: Can I use WD-40 on my paintball gun?

A: You must say no WD40 for your paintball gun. WD-40 will damage your O-ring which will cause leaks. Also, it will ruin many internal parts of your gun, including rubber hoses. So avoid WD40 for paintball guns.

Q: What kind of lube should I use for a paintball gun?

A: There are so many kinds of lube on the market. All lubricants are not suitable for paintball guns. So, you should use lubricants for your paintball gun, which are specially made for paintball guns. Lube is commonly known as grease or oil. You can choose the suitable one from those we have reviewed in this article.

Q: Should I oil my paintball gun?

A: Yes, of course. It is essential to oil your paintball gun. Before your gameplay, you should oil the rear and front bolt O-ring of your gun. You must use those oils which are specifically made only for a paintball gun. If you choose another oil, then it may damage the O-rings severely.

Q: Can I use too much lube on a paintball gun?

A: It won’t be a wise decision to put too much lube on a paintball gun. You should not lube, you just need to get the O-rings a little bit, and just a light coating of lube is OK. With too much lube, the parts cannot move ideally, and it will make your gun performance delayed during your gameplay.

Q: Can I use any cleaning materials on a paintball gun?

A: The essential things for cleaning paintball guns are paintball gun squeegee, paper towels, and gun oil. If you have a paintball gun cleaning kit, you don’t need to use any other materials because a cleaning kit provides everything that you need to clean your gun.

But except for the above things you should not use any other cleaning materials. Other cleaning materials can react to the gun’s inner mechanisms, which is very harmful to your gun.

Q: Is there anything I should know before I start cleaning?

A: There are some things you should ensure before cleaning your paintball gun. The 1st thing you need to do is to de-gas your gun to prevent accidental fire when you clean your gun. After that, you should know to disassemble your gun correctly. You should disassemble only the significant parts so that you can re-assemble the gun in the right way. You also should bear in mind that paintball guns and water are not generally best friends. So, be careful while cleaning your gun if you need to use water.

Video Guide For Paintball Lube

The Final Words

When you are a severe paintball player, you must take good care of your paintball gun. And you have already known how important it is to lubricate your gun with the perfect lube. Though you have unlimited choices, our reviewed above ten are the best paintball lubes ever. You can pick one even with your eyes closed.

A paintball game is a great way to make friends and spend a lot of quality time. So make sure you are fully prepared with the right equipment. To make your gun ready and function well, we have described the top ten lubricates available on the market.

Still, have any confusion on your mind? Alright, you can consult with us in our comment box without any hesitation.

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