Best Paintball Hoppers 2022 [Recommended]

Best Paintball Hoppers
Image of The Best Paintball Hoppers (Image credit: Michael Shumaker)

Struggling to find a well-performing loader for your gun? Well, the list of the best paintball hoppers 2022 has to offer will surely make that easier.

We believe that we do not have to shed any light on hoppers. You already know what it does and where it resides.

Also, you probably know how essential the component is and how it can affect most of the important factors of the paintball guns.

It is the only thing that can ensure better accuracy, fire rate, and overall aim. For that reason, like knowing where to put the trigger finger is essential, choosing one of the best paintball hoppers 2022 has to offer is pretty important as well. Without that, you will not be able to secure a solid overall performance for the gun.

What Is A Hopper In Paintball?

Even though we were pretty sure that you know what a hopper is in the beginning, there is still a chance that you are new to the entire paintball thing. If that is the case, you might not have any idea regarding what it is and what it does.

In a nutshell, it is a loader. It sits on the top of the gun, which houses the paintballs. And it does the job of loading all the paint to the chamber.

You can think of it as a magazine of a regular gun. However, unlike the magazines, these hold the ability to change the fire rate, the aim, and finally, the gun’s accuracy.

Now, you might be wondering how it brings that many differences. Well, there are plenty of mechanisms that these will utilize. And each of them is better at some aspect when compared to the other ones.

For example, some might be capable of offering a reasonable fire rate, while they will be underwhelming inaccuracy. On the other hand, one might offer a praiseworthy level of accuracy but will not shine that much when it comes to improving the gun’s aim.

Top Best Paintball Hoppers In May 2022 [Expert Recommended]

Like you, we struggled to get our hands on the hopper that actually offers good overall performance on all of the factors.

That is where we decided to do deep research on these and test out the top-selling ones. And from the research and testing we did, these were the ones that offered stellar overall performance:

Empire Paintball 200 – Best For Simple and Cheap

Empire Paintball 200 Round Loader, Black

While there are plenty of different options out there, most look for the best gravity paintball hopper because of how simple their operational procedure is. And in that criteria, we believe that this one would be the ideal pick.

Before anything else, we would like to talk about the overall capacity of the loader. As the label states, it holds the ability to hold up to 200 rounds.

With that number of rounds, you will not find the need to reload the unit that frequently. And this ability will offer you a significant advantage on the site.

Apart from the overall capacity, the overall construction of the unit is pretty solid. The unit is made of high-quality polymers. Because of utilizing high-quality materials, it achieves a reasonably higher level of sturdiness.

That means it should be capable of withstanding the rough and tough environments of different sites.

You might have already guessed it; the unit will be reasonably durable as well. And it achieves that trait for the high-quality material it utilizes. So, you can expect it to last for a long amount of time without showing any issues.

Talking of issues, it will not jam that easily either. And the magic is all done by the splitter anti-jam design. This design will ensure that the balls pass through the openings smoothly.

We Like
  • Can hold 200 rounds
  • Made of tough polymers
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Features an anti-jam design
  • Moves the balls through the openings smoothly
We Don't Like
  • The latch is not that easy to shut
  • Some of the units might ship with cracks on the bottom

Short Note:

Firstly, you need to consider this one if a large capacity is one of your priorities. Secondly, it features an anti-jam design, which makes it pretty easy to recommend.

Dye Proto Primo – Best For gravity-fed hopper

Dye Proto Primo Paintball Loader Hopper - Black

So, what makes an offering recommendation worthy? Well, if you ask us, our first answer would be to have an easy operational using process. And this one from Dye has amazed us in that sector.

Let us first talk about the thing that makes it stand out the most. It comes with a clear lid on the top. That lid will let the player look inside the loader.

That means it will be possible to estimate how many balls are remaining inside. This estimation of the remaining ammo is pretty crucial in intense fights.

Apart from the lid being clear in color, it utilizes a spring-loaded mechanism. This mechanism will aim to make the reloading process easier. There will be no hassle in reloading the unit, which will offer you the ability to load it quickly.

This one is also the best type of paintball hopper. But what makes it be that? Well, it utilizes the vertical feeding mechanism.

This mechanism is powered through the slight agitation of the gun. For that reason, it holds the ability to work smoother than most of the other types of available loaders.

Additionally, it has a positive shelf design. This specific design can relieve the pressure on the ball to a substantial amount. Also, thanks to the vertical feeding mechanism, the gun should offer optimal and consistent overall performance.

  • Feature a clear lid
  • The lid is spring-loaded
  • Easy to reload
  • Sports a positive shelf design
  • Not idealfor the guns with exceptionally low recoil
  • It does not ship in a proper packaging

Short Note:

The clear lid was basically the thing that made us choose this product. Adding a cherry on the top, it utilizes a spring-loaded mechanism and has a positive shelf design.

Dye R2 – Best For Easy loader

Dye R2 Electronic Paintball Loader (Black)

The manufacturer Dye is one of the go-to options for most paintball players. They are known for offering reliable accessories and components. And the case is the same for this loader we are going to talk about here.

One thing that makes this unit stand out the most is the adjustable capacity mechanism. It can be adjusted to have two different maximum round capacities.

The first setting is 200 rounds, which is pretty common. And the other one is 260 rounds. It can hold that amount without the need for any shells or parts.

Apart from the variable capacity mechanism, this one integrates the Rotor Force Fed mechanism. This technology makes the unit capable of feeding 30 plus rounds in a second.

And the mechanism is pretty efficient as well. It can last for up to 100 thousand shots with three AA batteries.

Additionally, the mouth of the unit is about 20 percent larger than most of the other available units.

This larger mouth design will enable you to load the chamber easily. Also, it has a completely redesigned system that will allow the players to switch from Quick Feed to rain system within seconds.

It even has a battery indicator that will light up when the battery level is extremely low. The new logic board also enables it to offer to reload alerts that might give you an edge over the opponents.

  • Features a variable capacity system
  • Integrate Rotor Force Fed mechanism
  • The reloading mechanism is pretty efficient
  • Sports a reasonably largemouth
  • It has a battery indicator
  • Some of the packages might ship with missing plates
  • It does not have a proper anti-jam design

Short Note:

One of the main reasons would be the adjustable capacity. And the other would be the larger mouth.

Dye Proto – Best For gravity

Dye Proto Primo Paintball Loader Hopper - Black

Consistency is one of the things that the manufacturer Dye does not skim on one bit. And that can be properly illustrated with this unit that we are going to review.

So, what makes this one consistent? The answer would be the vertical feeding mechanism. That mechanism will ensure that the balls are fed to the gun with full consistency. It will do that by funneling and sorting the balls as you are shooting the gun.

The unit is available in four different colors as well. Depending on the looks you are after, you can pick black, blue, green, or red.

All of them feature a positive shelf design, which is going to ensure that the pressure from the balls is relieved properly. It will further smoothen the feeding system.

Aside from the design, the unit comes with a clear lid on the top. This lid will let you have a peek into the housing to estimate how many balls are left when you are in the field.

For that reason, you will not have to rely on luck during the last few minutes of the game, where you have to shoot several balls already.

In addition to that, the lid comes with a spring-loaded mechanism. This mechanism is going to make the reloading process a breeze.

Also, as it is powered through the minimum agitation of the gun, there will be no need to use batteries. That eliminates the hassle of replacing the cells.

  • [su_row][su_column size="1/2" center="no" class=""]
  • Consistent feeding motion

  • Utilizes the agitation of the gun
  • Sports four different colors
  • The lid is clear in color
  • It has a positive shelf design

Short Note:

This one became recommendation worthy simply for being highly consistent. And it being available in different colors is just a cherry on the top.

Dye LT-R - Simple and effective

Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader (Black)

Some of the players are all after mind-blowing feed rates and higher reliability. And if you are one of them, this one from Dye should be on your consideration list.

The thing that makes it achieve a higher feed rate is the patented loader technology. That, combined with the Force Fed technology, it should be capable of feeding 30 plus rounds in one second.

Now, that is an insane feed rate, which would surely come in handy during maneuvering the spray and pray technique.

Other than having a high feed rate, the unit achieves its reliability label for being highly efficient. It utilizes three AA batteries that should last for up to 80 thousand plus balls. So, there will be no need to go through the hassle of replacing the cells that frequently.

Apart from being highly efficient, there is an adjustable feed tension mechanism. This mechanism will let the player tune the loader according to their preference.

Also, it has a built-in Shark fin release trigger, which will make it capable of handling most of the types of paint.

It also comes in plenty of different color options. There are four different options, to be exact. Each of them is available with and without a quick feed attachment.

And the quick feed attachment comes in four different colors as well. That means you can get a fully customized look on your gun.

  • Utilizes a fast loader technology
  • Can load 30 plus rounds in one second
  • Highly efficient
  • The feed tension mechanism is adjustable
  • Boasts Force Fed technology
  • A bit on the heavier side
  • The operational noise is a bit high

Short Note:

This one surely stands out when it comes to the feed rate. And due to it being highly efficient, it is undoubtedly a worthy pick according to us.

Virtue Spire IR² - A nice loader

Virtue Spire IR² Electronic Paintball Loader/Hopper - Black

Ever thought that a hopper can be intelligent? Are you wondering if we are in our sane mind or not? Well, we are definitely in our sane minds, and this offering from Virtue will surely make you believe that there are some insane loaders available in the market.

First, let us start by talking about the thing that makes it intelligent. It implements the three-eye feeding technology. This technology will constantly monitor the paints.

And thanks to it relying on improved sensors, the whole thing will be exceptionally efficient and quiet. It will not make that much noise.

Apart from being intelligent, the unit is reasonably durable as well. And it achieves such a high durability level for featuring the construction of high-quality nylon.

However, the form factor is pretty compact. Also, it is relatively lighter than some of the other offerings that are out there.

Alongside that, the unit's feeding mechanism is capable of lowering the chances of a jam occurring. It does a proper job of lowering the number of pulses as well. For that reason, it should be able to offer highly reliable performance, and you should enjoy a higher level of stability.

The unit is pretty gentle on the paintballs. It makes sure that the balls are properly fed to the gun, thanks to the flexible rubber fingers. The lid is also tool-free, and you can attach a speed-feeding mechanism within seconds.

  • Boasts three-eye feeding technology
  • Reasonably durable
  • Compact in size
  • Pretty light in weight
  • Does not pulse during the feeding
  • It might ship with a cracked lid
  • Not that resistant to scratches

Short Note:

The thing that makes this one worthy of purchase is the three-eye feeding technology. Also, it is reasonably compact and light in weight.

Empire Halo Too - Fantastic and Intermediate Hopper!

Empire Paintball Halo Too Loader, Matte Black

While browsing through the listings, you might want to opt for the best budget paintball hopper that does not skimp one bit on the important factors. If that is the case for you, check this offering from Empire out!

First of all, the brand did not slack one bit in terms of the build quality. They have opted for the highest-quality polycarbonate.

And for featuring the construction of this high-quality material, it should be capable of withstanding the harshest and the roughest paintball games and settings.

Apart from sporting a praiseworthy build quality, it has some other noteworthy features as well. The low battery indicator is one of them.

It will indicate when the battery level is too low. So, the chances of you finding yourself not being able to use the gun in an intense fight will be pretty slim.

The overall capacity of the hopper is up to the mark as well. It can hold up to 180 balls at a time. Also, the ball feeding rate is pretty praiseworthy for the money.

It can shoot 20 plus balls in a second. With that fire rate, you can plow through the field with style.

It does not weigh that much either. So, it will not be adding that much weight on top of your gun, which will make swifter movements possible. Also, as it features a matte coating on the exterior, it should blend exceptionally well with most of the guns.

  • Features a good build quality
  • Reasonably sturdy
  • Holds 180 balls
  • Shoots 20+ balls in a second
  • It has a low battery indicator
  • The mouth is not that wide
  • Not that resistant to jamming

Short Note:

If you do not want to break your bank in getting a highly functional and well-performing loader, this offering needs to be in your consideration.

Virtue Spire - Great For paint handling

Virtue Spire IV 280 Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers - 280 Black

Even though there are plenty of high-performing loaders out there, one thing that most fail to deliver is wireless functionalities. However, Virtue has considered it, and that is why they have brought this one out.

Allow us to describe the performance it is capable of offering. Spoiler alert! It is better than most of the average offerings!

The manufacturer has integrated iFI technology, which most of the compatible markers will be able to take advantage of. Also, it has proactive feeding logic to offer consistent overall performance.

Additionally, it has a reasonably higher level of durability. It utilizes a single hinge-mounted design, which makes it achieve that level of durability.

And as the housing is of high-quality material, the level of sturdiness is pretty high as well. Also, the single hinge-mounted design will make the installation a breeze too.

As we have mentioned, it has a unique wireless mechanism. You can program it through bundled Apple or Android app.

Also, the installation is tool-free. It will not even require any tools to change the feed adapter. In fact, you would be able to change it within a couple of seconds.

Other than that, there are two LED indicators. Both are going to give alerts for reloads. Also, it integrates a smart spring ramp. That is going to make the operation process easy.

  • Integrates iFI technology
  • Features proactive feeding logic
  • Sports single hinge-mounting mechanism
  • The installation process is tool-free
  • Has wireless app
  • The power button is a bit finicky
  • Virtue Spire does not ship properly packaged

Short Note:

As this one has a wireless mechanism added with a single hinge-mounted design, we think you should check this one out.

HK Army Pinokio - Best For durable and fast

HK Army Pinokio Speed Hopper Black

One of the problems that some of the offerings have is being weak in the feed neck area. Well, HK Army had factored that in, and they have implemented a proper design to fight that.

As we mentioned, this body is made of high-quality nylon. This material makes the unit achieve a higher level of durability.

Also, thanks to the neck region being reasonably thick, it should not break that easily. It would be natural for you to expect an extended use out of it.

This one is pretty light in weight as well. It will not add any unnecessary weight on the top, which will make maneuvering the gun a lot easier.

Also, there is a single multi-purpose button on the body. It will take care of turning the loader on and off. So, operating it is going to be a breeze too.

Alongside that, it has a patented nose releasing mechanism. This mechanism will make the maintenance process more manageable.

You would be capable of cleaning it without dropping a single drop of sweat. It even integrates an upgraded logic system, which will work like a charm in offering an increased feed rate.

The center of gravity is appropriately balanced. For that reason, the stability after installing this will be just right. And, it is pretty gentle on the fragile paintballs. So, the chances of a jam occurring will be reasonably low too.

  • Comparatively durable
  • Light in weight
  • It has a single multi-purpose button
  • The nose is easy to release
  • Sports the properly balanced design
  • Not compatible with some markers
  • The lid is a bit stiff at the beginning

Short Note:

The build quality of this one is up to the mark. And the neck region is reasonably thick, which eliminates the common neck-breaking problem that most offerings have.

Empire Prophecy Best For Budget Friendly

Like some of the top dogs, the brand Empire has a lot of high-performance loaders to offer in the market. And this hopper we are going to review is not an exception in that regard.

The first thing that makes it worth getting is the assembly process. It will not require any tools for that. The same goes for the disassembly process as well. For that reason, there will be no need for you to go through any hassles in terms of setting this one up on your gun.

Aside from the installation process, the unit integrates a Sound Activated feeding mechanism. This force-feeding mechanism will utilize infrared sensors to lower the chances of any jams occurring.

The feeding process is going to be smooth as well, making it a worthy pick for players looking for quiet loaders.

Another thing that makes it worth getting is the overall form factor. This one is pretty light in weight. It will not add any extra weight to the gun. The lightweight nature is going to make handling the gun a lot easier too. Also, thanks to the low-profile design, it should look good on most of the paintball guns.

It can offer a reasonably fast feeding rate. And the loader achieves that ability by utilizing a proper design for the drive carrier. The feed rate is also going to be highly consistent. Also, it has the capacity to carry 200 balls.

  • The installation process is tool-less
  • Features a low-profile body
  • Reasonably light in weight
  • It offers a fast feeding rate
  • Capable of keeping the feeding rate consistent
  • Not gentle on the delicate balls
  • The build quality is not that praiseworthy

Short Note:

Firstly, the assembly process is pretty straightforward. Secondly, the low-profile and lightweight body will offer a redefined user experience.

TIPPMANN SSL-200 - Best For Feeds

On the lookout for an electronic loader that is highly efficient? Look no further because Tippmann has got the thing that you were probably looking for all this time!

First of all, it utilizes the Bend sensor for the feeding mechanism. This sensor makes sure that the system is drawing power only when you are pulling the trigger of the gun.

At the other times, the power draw will be pretty minimal. So, you can expect the cells to last for a long amount of time.

Apart from being efficient, the unit is reasonably fast as well. Thanks to the Bend sensor, it can shoot15 balls in a second.

Also, the unit has a low-profile design that should blend exceptionally well with most of the markers. It even has an adjustable O-ring, which makes it highly compatible.

Other than that, there is a low-battery indicator on the body. That will alert you when the battery level is exceptionally low. Also, the overall capacity of the unit is 200 rounds.

This amount of capacity is also up to the mark when compared with the other available units. Reloading it too frequently will not be a necessity.

The feeding mechanism of the unit is pretty silent. It makes a minimal amount of noise during operation. That means it will be possible for you to maintain stealth with this on your gun.

  • Sports Bend sensor
  • Highly efficient
  • Features a low-profile design
  • Adjustable O-ring
  • It makes considerably less amount noise
  • A bit bulky
  • The durability level is not that high

Short Note:

This one is pretty efficient when it comes to power draw. Also, it has an adjustable O-ring that makes it widely compatible.

Tippmann Cyclone Feeder - Best For Increases resale value of a marker

Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System for Custom 98, Alpha Black Elite and Project Salvo markers

Are you tired of the manual and electric options that most of the brands are offering? Want the best pump paintball hopper? Well, Tippmann might have the right thing for you then!

The first thing that makes it right for you is the air-assisted loading system. Instead of relying on the batteries, it will operate using the force exerted from the compressed air from the cartridge.

That means you will be able to get the speed of an electronic loader without having to use batteries.

On that note, it can feed 15 balls in one second. That feed rate is quite praiseworthy, considering the fact that it does not require any batteries.

Also, the whole thing can contain up to 200 rounds. So, there will be no need to go through the hassle of constantly reloading this up in the field.

Additionally, the unit has a pretty low-profile design. This low-profile body will make it compatible with a wide range of guns.

So, there will be no need to worry about the compatibility that much either. Also, the unit is pretty light in weight, which means maneuvering your gun around will be an easy task as well.

Apart from that, the installation process should be pretty simple. It utilizes a quick-release elbow that is going to make the setup process hassle-free. You can disassemble it without going through any hassles as well.

  • It does not require any batteries
  • Can feed 15 balls in a second
  • The overall capacity is 200 rounds
  • Sports a low-profile design
  • Easy to install
  • Not that resistant to jams
  • The build quality is not that praiseworthy

Short Note:

It features an air-assisted system that makes it feed up to 15 balls in a second without using any batteries. Also, the installation process is pretty simple as well.

Virtue Spire IV 220 - Best For Smooth

Virtue Spire IV Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers - Black

Having to guess when to reload will put you at a major disadvantage in serious gunfights. Well, you will not have to do that if you pick this one from Virtue up.

So, what makes this one capable of letting you know when to reload? The dual LED indicator would be the direct answer to that.

Those are going to light up when the balls inside are too low in number. Also, it integrates a smart spring ramp, which is going to ensure that the balls are fed smoothly.

The maintenance process of the unit is going to be simple and hassle-free. It has a toolless tray. That tray will disassemble within seconds, and you will not even need any tools for taking it out.

So, cleaning it will be a breeze. Also, the drive assembly is magnetic. That will be easier to work with as well.

Alongside that, the unit is reasonably durable. It utilizes the same single hinge-mounting mechanism that Virtue is well known for.

For that reason, it should be capable of withstanding harsh and tough paintball sites without showing any issues that easily. The feeding mechanism is pretty consistent as well.

It even has the same wireless feature as the other offering from Virtue we looked at.

And thanks to the tool-less adapter mechanism, changing to different feed adapters will not be an issue. The overall outlook of the unit is pretty sleek too. It also comes in plenty of different colors.

  • Boasts dual-LED for reloading alerts
  • Integrates smart spring ramp
  • The tray is easy to take out
  • Has a consistent feeding mechanism
  • Sports some wireless functions
  • The lid is not that durable
  • Does not use an easy-to-use power button

Short Note:

The fact that it has two different LEDs to give reload alerts makes this one worthy of purchase. And it is reasonably durable as well.

How Do I Choose the Right Paintball Hoppers In 2022?

After going through the reviews, the choosing process might have become a bit easy for you. But don’t you think that by keeping some of the important factors in mind, that process can become a lot easier? Well, it will. For that reason, it is quite important to keep these factors in your mind before making a purchase:

  • Capacity

The first thing that you need to consider is the overall capacity. Most of the brands are going to stick with the maximum capacity of 200 rounds.

However, many will go well beyond that. You will find offerings that can hold up to 280 balls inside. And those are the ones that players who prioritize high capacity opt for.

On the other hand, there are some that might have the ability to contain less than 200 rounds. Those are okay as well.

However, do not opt for the ones that can contain less than 150 balls. With those, you need to reload the loader too frequently, which is not a good thing to do on a site.

  • Feed System

One of the things that will be different for most of the offerings is the feeding system. There are basically three different types of feeding mechanisms.

The most common system is the gravity feeding system. That is what most of the brands are going to integrate into their offerings.

For the gravity system, the mechanism is pretty simple. The hopper will stay vertical, and gravity is going to do most of the work. These are mostly ideal for mechanical markers, and you should not use these on electronic guns.

Nonetheless, the other type of feeding system that the loaders will utilize is the agitated system. This will basically use a motor to spin the balls and feed theminto the gun.

The motors will be battery-powered. Because of the nature of the system, these are going to be compatible with both mechanical and electronic guns.

The last type of feeding system that you will find on the hoppers is the force-feeding system. As the name suggests, these will force-feed the balls into the guns.

They will rely on a battery and a feeding mechanism that will be reasonably fast and consistent. Also, these would be ideal for only electronic guns.

  • Feed Speed

Apart from the feed system, you need to consider the feed speed. The faster the feed rate, the more balls the gun would be able to shoot in a second.

Usually, the rate is going to hover around 15 plus balls. Those are pretty good to spray a location down with paints.

However, there are some that will have a feed rate of 20 plus balls. If you want something that can drown a location or player with paints in a small amount of time, those are the ones that you would want to opt for. But do not opt for the ones that have less than 15 balls per second rate.

  • The Lid

One thing that some of the manufacturers are going to skimp on is the lid. However, this is an important component that you should put proper emphasis on.

First, consider if it is transparent or not. Transparent lids make it easier to check how many balls are inside the hopper.

Secondly, check whether the lid has a spring-loaded mechanism or not. The spring-loaded mechanism is going to make the opening and closing process of the lid an easy task.

For that reason, reloading those hoppers will be an easy task. And being able to reload easily is something that you should not take for granted.

On that note, check the size of the opening. The wider the opening, the easier it will be to drop balls inside the hopper. Also, do consider if the lid is easy to open and disassemble or not. If the lid is not that easy to disassemble, you need to go through extra hassles to install a speed feed adapter on the top.

  • Form Factor

Even though most of the players think that the form factor is not something important, it can be the reason for a significant difference in reality.

The small and the low-profile ones are usually going to fit better on the guns. Also, they will obstruct less amount of your view.

Additionally, the lightweight ones are not going to add any additional weight to the top. And the gun that is properly balanced on the top without having any extra weight is generally easy to maneuver.

You would be able to make swift moves with them without facing any issues.

However, do consider the capacity when checking the overall form factor. For example, if you are opting for a small loader that can only contain 100 rounds, you would be sacrificing too much on the capacity.

  • Installation Procedure

Another thing that should be in your consideration is the installation procedure. The overall design will have a high impact on this factor.

Usually, the ones with a proper mounting design are easier to install. Most of them will not require any tools for the process either.

On the other hand, there are some with an intricate installation process. Those will require you to go through several steps, and you might have to handle intricate tools as well. We would recommend staying away from them.

  • The Tray

Apart from the installation process, you should also consider the maintenance process. And for that, you need to consider the tray. Usually, the ones that come with a tool-less detaching process would be easier to maintain. Keeping them clean will be hassle-free. And we would highly recommend opting for them.

  • Build Quality

We do not think that we need to say anything about the importance of build quality. Nevertheless, for this factor, you need to consider the quality of the material.

The units that are going to be made of high-quality material are going to have a higher build quality. Those will have a higher level of durability as well.

And the ones that will have a higher level of durability would be able to withstand harsh and tough fields without showing any issues. Basically, those will be long-lasting and will hardly show any integrity issues throughout their entire lifespan.

  • LED Lights

The last thing that should be in your consideration is the LED lights. These will generally offer you an alert about the hopper getting empty.

So, you will know exactly when you should reload. For that reason, we would recommend checking whether there are LED indicators on the gun or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many paintballs can a hopper hold?

That will depend on the overall capacity of the hopper. And the capacity is something that will differ a lot from one offering to another. Nevertheless, usually, most of the loaders will be able to carry 200 paintballs. However, there are many that can contain more or less than that.

  • Are Paintball Hoppers universal?

Generally, paintball hoppers are universal. They are mostly compatible with most of the paintball guns unless they have some proprietary design. Those designs will make them compatible with a selective range of guns. That is why you need to check the design before making a purchase.

  • What is the difference between an electronic paintball hopper and a gravity-fed hopper?

First of all, the electronic paintball hoppers are generally agitation and force-fed hoppers. The agitation ones will rely on a motor, which is going to spin the balls and feed them to the gun. And the forced-fed ones are going to utilize a special mechanism. That mechanism will feed the gun with balls.

Both the force-fed and agitation loaders will rely on a battery, and they will have a reasonably faster feed rate. Also, the force-fed ones are ideal for electronic guns, and the agitation ones would be ideal for both electronic and manual guns.

On the other hand, the gravity-fed ones will strictly rely on gravity. For that reason, the feed rate is not going to be that high. Also, they would be only ideal for mechanical paintball guns. The electronic ones will not get the right number of paintballs per pull of the trigger with the gravity-fed hoppers.

  • What is the approximate number of shots a paintball hopper makes before needing to change the batteries?

The number of shots a hopper can make before needing a battery replacement will depend on how efficient the loader actually is.

Usually, the highly efficient ones will be able to make at least 80 thousand shots. Many can even make 100 thousand shots. However, there are plenty of inefficient options available.

  • What are some of the hopper maintenance tips?

It is always recommended to check the battery once a week. Also, if the low-batter indicator lights up, replace the battery as soon as possible.

Keeping low-charged cells can damage the system. Check for balls inside getting splatted because those can cause frequent jams.

Additionally, keep the lid closed while storing the hopper in your home. That will lower the amount of dust getting inside. Also, clean the loader at least once a month to ensure a longer lifespan and consistent overall performance.

  • What hurts more, airsoft or paintball?

Even though the airsoft BBs travels faster than the paintballs, they are considerably smaller in size. And as the paintballs are reasonably large in size, the level of sting it gives upon splatter is higher than airsoft BBs.

However, both do hurt a lot, but when it comes to which one hurts the most, paintball would be the answer.

Final Words

We have tried our level best to shorten the list of the best paintball hoppers 2022 has to offer. And hopefully, we were Ableton arrow down the list enough to make it easier for you to choose one for your paint gun.

However, if we were to choose one, we would opt for the  Empire Paintball 200 Round Loader.

It has an anti-jam design, which works like magic when it comes to eliminating the chances of lower the jams. Also, the overall capacity is 200 rounds, which is pretty much up to par.

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