Best Paintball Guns Under 200 In 2022 [Expert Recommended]

Best Paintball Guns under 200
Best Paintball Guns under 200

Do not want to break your bank to get a well-performing marker? Take a look at the best paintball guns under 200 of 2021 we have selected through intensive tests.

A casual game of paintball might not require that high-performing gear. But as you move higher in the skill level, we are sure that you will feed the need for high-performing gears. And we learned it the hard way. Our team lost the finals of a particular competition just cause our guns were not good enough.

However, the opponent team was not using the expensive ones as well. In fact, that is where we learned that it is possible to get one of the best paintball guns under 200. And you might not believe us, but some of them can even outperform the high-end models that are available on the market.

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Like any other gear, there are plenty of options out there that will be in this price segment.  But not all of them would be worth getting. To ensure that you do get one that is worth the money, we have done extensive testing on the top-rated models. And from our test, we can conclude these to be the better-performing ones:

Tippmann Cronus Tactical – Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

Tippmann cronus tactical paintball marker gun , Black and Tan

You might be thinking that you would not be able to get your hands on something that looks good by shooting for one of the best budget paintball guns under 200. Well, that is not the case at all. And Tippmann is here to prove that to you!

Unlike some of the other markers that are in this price segment, the manufacturers leaned forward for realistic looks. Yes, it looks more like a real gun than a regular paintball marker. It even has a vertical grip on the bottom, which has more functionality than just making the rifle look good. That will increase the accuracy.

Apart from the looks, the marker is highly reliable as well. It utilizes an in-line bolt system. This system will ensure the feeding mechanism works flawlessly. As a result, the fire rate will be pretty praiseworthy for this one. Also, you can further modify it, thanks to the Picatinny rail on the body.

In addition to that, the body is of high-impact composite material. This material makes the firearm ready for the harsh and tough environment of the field. You can expect to get a consistent performance for a long amount of time. Also, thanks to its high-impact nature, it achieves a higher level of durability.

The unit also has molded rubber grips. Those will let the user hold wield the gun with full comfort.


  • Features a semi-realistic design
  • Has a vertical grip
  • Made of high-impact composite material
  • Boasts in-line bolt system
  • Sports molded rubber grips


  • Some units might have a flimsy stock
  • Might ship with missing parts

Why should you buy this product?

It stands out when it comes to overall looks. Also, due to sporting an in-line bolt system, it will offer stellar overall performance.

Azodin Blitz 4 – Compatible with CO2 and HPA

Realistic looks might not be your cup of tea. Instead, you might want something that looks like what the other players use but offers a stellar performance. In that case, take a look at what Azodin has to offer here.

The thing that makes it offer high performance is the honed barrel. It is one of the multiphase kind, which will offer a higher level of accuracy. With a proper aim, your shots should land exactly on the target. The body is reasonably light in weight too. That low weight will make it easier to wield it.

Even though it is light in weight, it is not one bit behind in terms of build quality. The manufacturer has opted for the highest quality materials. And those make it achieve a higher build quality. It should be capable of withstanding the harsh and tough environments of the field.

Apart from being durable, the unit packs Striker Zero Circuit Board. This board has some features, which some of the other 200 dollars paintball guns do not have. And those features will work like a charm in the case of offering consistent overall performance throughout the entire lifespan.

The rifle is compatible with both the CO2 and HPA air canisters. So, there will be no need to worry that much about the cartridges either.


  • Packs a multiphase honed barrel
  • Highly accurate
  • Reasonably durable
  • Utilizes Striker Zero Board
  • Compatible with both HPA and CO2


  • The attached hose is prone to leaking
  • Does not come with an ergonomic grip

Why should you buy this product?

This offering comes with a multiphase honed barrel. Also, it is compatible with both the CO2 and HPA cartridges, which makes it worthy of purchase.

Azodin KAOS 3 – Slim Nylon Double Trigger

While the regular offering from the Azodin is good enough in terms of performance, you might not be fond of the regular black color coating it comes with. If that is the case, check out the KAOS 3 that they are offering.

Unlike the offering we looked at earlier, this one comes in four different colors. Each of the color options has a unique pattern, which makes the offerings look unique. It does not only look good, but it feels good in the hands as well. And it is capable of offering that because of utilizing a slim profile for the body.

Aside from that, the trigger frame is reasonably durable. It is of high-quality nylon, making it achieve a higher level of sturdiness. You can expect this one to last for a good amount of time without showing any signs of performance degradation. Also, it boasts a feather regulator that is highly adjustable.

On that note, it has the same honed barrel as the last offering we looked at. It is 12 inches long and features the same multiphase. Thus, the accuracy should be up there with the high-end offerings in the market. This one even has a screw-lock Feed neck, which will offer higher control over the feeding mechanism.

It is also compatible with both the CO2 and HPA cartridges. Also, this one boasts a good handle. That should offer a good overall grip over the firearm.


  • Comes in four different colors
  • Has a slim profile
  • Boasts 12 inches honed barrel
  • Made of high-quality nylon
  • Works with CO2 and HPA


  • Not that gentle with some rubber balls
  • The trigger is not that ergonomic

Why should you buy this product?

This one is available in four different good-looking color options. Also, the slim profile makes it comfortable to wield.

Tippmann Cronus – Modified Marker

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun, Black, 17 x 13.2 x 3.3 inches

We have already looked at the tactical version of the Cronus. Well, this marker we are going to have a look at is the stripped-down version of that. And it holds some obvious benefits that are not generally found in most of the other offerings.

So, which benefits are we actually referring to here? That would be the compact form factor. This form factor will make wielding easier for the newbies. There will be no need to push the marker that much to the shoulder. Also, due to being compact in size, storing it will be easy.

The overall construction of the unit is pretty solid as well. It is of high-impact composite. And due to the high-impact nature of the material, it should hold the ability to withstand the harsh and tough conditions of the sites reasonably well. You can expect to get extended use out of it.

Additionally, it has a vertical grip, like the tactical version. That will enhance the overall stability and allow you to easily control the recoil during the spray and pray technique. Also, it has the Picatinny rail, which will offer the ability to commence full modification. It would be possible to install multiple attachments.

Other than that, the unit has the same highly reliable in-line bolt system. This system will make sure that the feeding system works without showing any issues.


  • Compact in size
  • Easy to store and easy to wield
  • Features a vertical grip
  • Sports Picatinny rail
  • Boasts the in-line bolt system


  • Not that accurate
  • Tends to blow up some paintballs

Why should you buy this product?

This is the stripped-down version of the highly reliable Cronus tactical. And due to it having an in-line bolt system, you can expect to get a consistent overall performance.

Tippmann Sierra One – .68 Caliber Paintball Gun

Tippmann Sierra One .68 Caliber Paintball Gun - Black

The brand Tippmann seems to have a lot of recommendation-worthy budget markers to offer to the market. And this offering we will talk about is pretty unique in terms of looks.

First, let us talk about the overall outlook. This one is leaning more towards having a replica look of the Sierra One rifle. In fact, some might not even be able to tell whether it is a marker or a real deal. And for this realistic look, it will offer a good overall hand feel.

Apart from just looking good, it performs well too. It integrates a custom thread. And this thread is capable of accepting the 98 custom upgrade parts. Also, as it has a Picatinny rail, it will offer you the ability to modify it to a greater extent. Starting from the sight to different accessories, it will accept all of them.

The build quality of the unit is pretty stellar as well. It is entirely of aluminum. Even the receiver is of aluminum. Because of featuring the construction of that material, it achieves a high level of durability. So, it should easily withstand tough game scenarios and the harsh environment of the sites.

Additionally, the stock of the unit is highly adjustable. You can fold it to easily store it. Also, it would be possible to adjust it in six different positions.


  • Looks like a replica of Sierra One
  • Offers a good hand feel
  • Integrates custom thread
  • Sports Picatinny rail
  • Comes with a highly adjustable stock


  • The stock sights are not adjustable
  • Does not have a praiseworthy level of accuracy

Why should you buy this product?

If you are more about having realistic gun holding experience, then you should definitely put this product on your consideration list.

Tippmann 98 Custom Marker

Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Power Pack (Black)

We simply can not have enough of the offerings that are from Tippmann. Most of them offer high performance and are so reliable that we could not just not add them to this recommendation list. And this one can illustrate both of the factors perfectly.

To start with, it includes the ever-so-famous Tippmann custom maintenance pack. Thanks to that, it would be possible to carry out the maintenance task properly. Also, for its98 custom barrel, it would be compatible with 98 custom parts that are being offered by the manufacturer.

Apart from being modifiable, the overall construction of this one is pretty solid. The whole thing is of die-cast aluminum. This material will enhance the overall durability level. Also, there is a grip on the front, which will work like a charm when it comes to offering a higher level of stability.

In addition to that, the unit is fully adjustable. It is also compatible with both CO2 and nitrogen cartridges. Also, it has an open blowback system. This system will ensure that the compressed air is feeding the gun optimally. You should get consistent overall performance out of it.

On that note, the handle and the foregrip of the marker have an overall ergonomic design. That design will let you comfortably wield the gun.


  • Bundles with a custom maintenance pack
  • Compatible with 98 custom barrel accessories
  • Fully adjustable
  • Has ergonomic handle and foregrip
  • Works with N2 and CO2 cartridges


  • Tends to leak the air
  • A bit prone to jamming

Why should you buy this product?

This one has the 98 custom barrel but does not have the replica looks like some of the other offerings. Also, it has a fully adjustable body.

Tippmann TMC MAGFED – Extremely Authentic Milsim Tactical Paintball Marker

Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker - Black/Tan

On the lookout for a marker that has a complete 1:1 looks like an authentic rifle? Well, today is your lucky day because we have managed to find one. It does not only excel in terms of looks, but there are also other things it is good at.

As we mentioned, it has a 1:1 design of a real rifle. All the corners and the components have replica looks, which aim to offer you the experience of holding a real gun. And the good part about the design is that it works with both the traditional and Go MagFed feeders.

If you plan to use the Go MagFed option, you can utilize two of the magazines it includes. Each of them can hold 20 rounds and has a spring-driven mechanism to constantly feed the barrel with paintballs. The barrel is also 12 inches long. It can offer a good overall accuracy level.

Other than that, the gun is highly adjustable. You can tune the FPS from 250 to 325 FPS. Also, the receiver of the unit has durable overall construction. It is of aluminum. For being of that material, it would be capable of working flawlessly for a long amount of time.

The firearm also has Picatinny rails. Those will let you attach different accessories with it. Also, it has an easy pull-trigger, which should make the operational process straightforward.


  • Sports a 1:1 of an automatic rifle
  • Has two operational modes
  • Comes with two magazines
  • The FPS rate is adjustable
  • Integrates Picatinny rails


  • The fire selector is a bit finicky
  • Does not work that well with 7 grams rubber paintballs

Why should you buy this product?

Due to the fact that it has a 1:1 rifle looks and has two different operational modes, we think that this one is definitely worth purchasing.

Spyder Victor Semi-Auto – Air Efficient EKO Valve System

Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker (Diamond/Black)

Even though there are plenty of regular-looking paintball markers out there, there are only a few that are highly efficient. And this one from Spyder is one of those few.

As mentioned in the specs, the unit can shoot up to 1500 shots with a 20 oz CO2 cartridge. That amount of shots per cartridge is basically what makes it highly efficient. And because of having this level of efficiency, there will be no need to replace the cartridge that frequently.

In addition to that, there are two different color options available. It comes in a matte finish, which looks pretty slick. And the other color option is the forest camo that is basically a green finish. Also, as the body is of high-quality anodized aluminum, you can expect it to have a high level of durability.

Other than that, the clamping Feedneck is of high-impact polymer. That is also going to last for a long amount of time. It even utilizes a Delrin material for the Cocking bolt. Also, the barrel is 10 inches long, and it is one of the micro-ported barrels. For that reason, the accuracy level is going to be pretty high.

It even has a non-slip rubber coating on the handle. That will ensure that you can have a firm grip over the gun. Also, it has an ergonomic design as well.


  • Highly efficient
  • The handle has a non-slip rubber coating
  • Comes in two different color options
  • The body is of anodized aluminum
  • Features a 10 inches long barrel


  • Some of the screws on the gun have loose threadings
  • The O-rings are not that durable

Why should you buy this product?

The first thing that makes it worth the purchase is the efficiency level. Secondly, it has a non-slip rubber coating on the handle and an ergonomic design.

Dye Rize CZR Marker – 4th Generation Eye Pipe

Dye Rize CZR Paintball Marker (Black/Grey)

You might have already heard about the manufacturer DYE. They have been around for a long amount of time. And they are well-known for offering high-performance gears. Well, this one is not an exception in that regard.

To start with, it sports the two-piece True Core barrel that is 14 inches long. The barrel has the Hyper3 regulator, which is going to lower the chances of jams occurring inside the barrel. Also, it has a dedicated on/off airport. That port is going to make it easier to get complete control over the gun.

Even the clamping feedneck of the unit is adjustable. It would be possible to adjust it according to your preference. Also, as there is a lever lock, the adjustments you are going to make will stay in place. And there are five different color options available. Each of them looks good and should stand out in the crowd.

The unit also has a high-performance Eye Pipe, which is in place with color-coded O-rings. For the color-coding, the maintenance tasks will become a breeze. Also, thanks to the reinforced overall construction, it should be capable of withstanding the toughest games in the harshest environments.

Alongside that, it has an overall ergonomic design. Such a design will make wielding the gun more comfortable. So, you would be able to operate it for an extended amount of time without facing any difficulties.


  • Boasts a two-piece barrel
  • Integrates the Hyper3 regulator
  • Has an adjustable clamping feedback unit
  • Features a lever lock on the clamping feedback
  • Easy to maintain


  • Might ship with a dead battery
  • A bit prone to leaking air

Why should you buy this product?

It comes with a high-performance barrel. Also, the feedback clamp of the unit is highly adjustable. There is a lever too, which will let you lock in your adjustments.

Mercury Rise Venom Semi Auto .68

On the lookout for something that is light in weight but does not skimp one bit in terms of the build quality? Well, we might have found the right option for you. And yes, it is from Mercury Rise.

For starters, the unit is of anodized aluminum. This material keeps the overall weight to a minimum. However, thanks to being high in quality, the unit can achieve a higher build quality level. In other words, it is going to last for a long amount of time without showing any issues.

Other than having a good build quality, the grips on this one are molded. The handle even has an ergonomic design. For that ergonomic design, you should get full comfort when holding the gun. You would be able to operate it for a long amount of time without facing any fatigue.

Apart from that, there is an external velocity adjuster. With that, you would be able to finely tune the FPS before getting into an intense fight. Also, there will be no need to get any tools to work with the plug. It has a tool-free design to make the operational procedure simple and straightforward.

Even the coking design is dustproof. For being capable of resisting dust, the chances of internal jams occurring will be exceptionally low. Also, this feature will eliminate the need to clean the chamber.


  • Made of anodized aluminum
  • Light in weight
  • Comes with molded grips
  • The handle is ergonomic
  • Features a dustproof coking design


  • The trigger is a bit finicky
  • Does not have a durable finishing on the body

Why should you buy this product?

This unit has a good overall build quality. Also, it is pretty light in weight and has molded grips, which are comfortable to hold onto.

Empire Axe 2.0 – Accurate, smooth and lightweight Marker

Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Marker Dust Red Dust Orange

Tired of seeing boring color coatings on the markers? Want something that will stand out in the crowd and will catch some attention? If that is the case, you need to have a look at what Empire is offering here.

First, it has a unique pattern on the body. The color coating is red and dust orange, which forms a sleek-looking overall outlook. It should definitely be an eye-catching piece of your entire gear set. The unit also integrates a shockwave board. This board will offer different firing modes.

In addition to looking good, it performs exceptionally well too. The unit has a reasonably lightweight body. This lightweight nature will make wielding it easier. Also, it will make the recoil a lot more controllable. The two-piece barrel will enhance the accuracy even further.

Apart from the barrel, this one has a poppet engine that is pressure controlled. It is highly reliable and can offer good overall performance in terms of feeding the barrel properly with paintballs. Also, the feeding mechanism is pretty smooth. There should be considerably fewer amount of jams.

Even the FPS of the firearm is adjustable. You would be able to adjust it from 250 to 325 FPS. Also, the handle will accept different aftermarket drop-in boards. So, you can customize it according to your preference.


  • Comes in a sleek, eye-catching finish
  • Has a shockwave board
  • Light in weight
  • The engine is pressure controlled
  • Highly accurate


  • Some might ship with a different pattern than advertised
  • The coating is not that resistant to chipping

Why should you buy this product?

It comes in a sleek coating and has a shockwave board integrated. Also, the FPS rate of the unit is adjustable, and it is possible to attach drop-in boards on the handle.

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 – Mechanical Paintball Marker

Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL Mechanical Paintball Marker - Black

If you were on the lookout for a mechanical marker, then there is no need to look any further because this one from Planet Eclipse might be what you were looking for all this time.

First of all, it has a fully mechanical system. That means you will have more control over each of the paintballs that are going to come out of the barrel. Also, the mechanical system will make it easier for the newbies to learn how to handle these guns accurately. And then, it will be easier to move to intricate guns.

Apart from that, the overall design of the unit is pretty ergonomic. It has an ergonomic handle, in which the hand should rest naturally. Also, there is a vertical foregrip on the front. That will ensure that you have a firm grip over the marker. Also, it will enhance the overall accuracy even further.

Other than that, the build quality of the unit is pretty solid. The manufacture has opted for high-quality materials. And those make it exceptionally durable. It would be pretty natural for you to expect it to offer a longer lifespan and hassle-free overall user experience.

Even the FPS rate is adjustable. That will offer you precise control over the speed and the distance of the paintballs. Also, the barrel of the unit has a proper design. It will enhance the overall stability.


  • Fully mechanical
  • Features an ergonomic design
  • Has a vertical grip
  • Highly accurate
  • Extremely durable


  • Not that easy to maintain
  • Does not ship with the Pal feedneck

Why should you buy this product?

The unit is fully mechanical. And due to the fact that it is highly accurate and features a durable overall build, we can happily recommend this one to our readers.

How Do I Choose The Right Paintball Guns Under 200 In 2021?

After going through the reviews, things might be a bit easy for you now. However, things can get easier! But only if you keep some of the important factors in mind. Basically, those points will enable you to scrutinize the different offerings efficiently.  And the factors we are basically referring to here are:

  • Outlooks

The first thing that you need to consider is the overall outlook. In this price segment, there are two types. One would be trying to mimic the overall looks of the real guns. However, not all of them will be able to offer a 1:1 look. Some will look close to the real guns, while some will feature a total replicated look.

On the other hand, the second type is the ones that have the regular paintball marker looks. There really nothing that special about these in terms of outlooks. Now, to choose the right one, consider whether you want your marker to look and feel a bit like the original guns or not.

If you want the gun to look a lot like the real deal, opt for the guns with a replicated looks. On the other hand, if that is not the case, opt for the regular ones. On that note, some of the replicated guns can offer the same hand feels like the real deals. Also, they can offer a realistic feel in the case of an operational process.

  • Barrel

After considering the outlooks, consider the barrel. This is what is going to ensure the most of the performance. Usually, the ones with a good barrel design are the most reliable. Also, they are capable of offering a higher level of accuracy as well. So, with them, you would have more control over the paintballs.

On the other hand, the ones with a mediocre barrel will offer average overall performance even if they check the other factors. For that reason, put proper importance on the barrel.

  • Build Quality

The sites of the paintball games are generally harsh and have pretty tough environments. Gears with mediocre build quality will not be able to withstand and keep up with those environments. They will simply not last that long. And you would not want to make an investment in something that will not last long, right?

For that reason, the build quality should be in your consideration. Here, consider the construction materials. The higher the quality of the construction materials, the better the build quality is going to be. And, as you know, the ones with high build quality will be capable of easily keeping up with the sites’ tough nature.

  • Feed neck

Even if the manufacturers provide good build quality, some of them will skimp on the durability of the feedneck. And without a durable feedneck, the hopper is not going to be on the top properly. The chances of it breaking during an intense fight will be exceptionally high. For that reason, consider the durability of the feedneck.

  • Accuracy

One of the important factors of the markers is accuracy. This factor is basically what is going to ensure whether your paintballs are going to land on the target or not. The markers with a higher level of accuracy will be more capable of hitting the balls on the target. So, we would recommend opting for them.

  • Stability

Another important factor for the markers is stability. Usually, some of the guns will have a vertical grip on the front to increase the overall stability level of the gun. And those are pretty easy to control. Even the automatic mode, you will find them easier to control.

On that note, if you can not properly control the gun, it will be pretty hard for you to land your shots on target. Considering that, we would recommend putting a good amount of importance on stability.

  • Ergonomics

Apart from the stability, you need to consider the overall ergonomics. Here, consider the handle first. If the handle does not have an ergonomic design, it will be pretty hard for you to comfortably hold the gun. And without getting the right amount of comfort, you will not be capable of holding the gun for a long time.

Aside from that, check the design of the vertical grip if there is any. That must have an ergonomic design as well. Also, consider whether there is any coating on the surface or not. Without any coating, your hands are going to slip, and it will be pretty hard for you to get a firm grip over the firearm.

  • Adjustability and Customizability

The adjustability level is something that will vary from one offering to another. While some of the units are going to offer a higher level of adjustability, some will offer an average level of it. However, if you do want to customize the marker according to your preference, opt for the ones with a higher level of adjustability.

Usually, the ones that offer a higher level of adjustability should let you modify the handle, attach different accessories and tune the hopper. Also, these are capable of offering a personalized operational experience. However, if you are more of a stock settings player, there will be no need to worry about this factor that much.

On that note, there are some offerings that will have Picatinny rails. Those will let you attach a wide range of attachments to the marker.

  • FPS Rate

Apart from adjustability, you also need to consider the FPS rate of the gun. Generally, the ones with a higher FPS rating would make the paintball travel farther and faster. For making them travel faster, it would be possible to accurately hit a moving target.

On the other hand, as the balls are going to travel farther, you would be capable of neutralizing medium to long-range targets easily. Considering these, we would recommend opting for the units with a higher FPS rate.

Talking of which, for most of the units, the FPS rate will be adjustable. And this is important as well. If you are mainly playing in a field where the interactions are all close quarters, you need to dial the FPS rate a bit. It will let you save some gas as well.

The Limitations of Cheaper Paintball Guns

Not everything is perfect for the offerings that are within this price segment. And before you head right into the market to purchase one of the offerings in this price range, we would like to ensure that you know the limitations. And the most crucial ones are as follows:

  • Accuracy

One thing that most of these are going to lack at is in terms of accuracy. While there are many that have a good amount of accuracy, most of them can only offer an average level of accuracy. With those, getting the shots to land on the target will become exceptionally hard.

  • Reliability

Another one of the things that some of these will not be able to offer is reliable performance. Usually, they would offer good overall performance in the very beginning, and gradually, the performance would degrade over time.

The jamming issue would be a great example of this factor. It would not be noticeable in the very beginning, but after using those units for a while, the jam issue is going to occur quite frequently.

  • Adjustability

In some cases, the cheaper options are not going to be that adjustable. However, most of the players want to customize and finely tune their markers. But without the gun being adjustable, it will be impossible to do that. Nevertheless, this is not the case for most of the offerings.

  • Durability

Another thing that is quite common with the cheaper offerings is the low build quality. Most of the manufacturers are going to opt for low-quality materials to cutdown the overall cost. Those are the ones that will have a shorter lifespan and will not be capable of withstanding intense gameplays and tough environments.

  • Upgradability

As most of these units are not going to be compatible with high-end parts, it will not be possible for you to upgrade the marker later on the road. In fact, for some cases, if you want to get a bit of extra performance, you need to upgrade the gun altogether.

Top Rated Brands On The Market

As the medium to high-end price segments, the market of the budget price range is pretty competitive. And for being competitive, there are plenty of brands pushing out their offerings. Nevertheless, among all of the brands, the ones that have the highest ratings are as follows:

  • Tippmann

When it comes to getting realistic-looking markers, they are the go-to options for many. They have an extensive lineup of paintball markers that are exact replica or close to the real deal when it comes to outlooks.

  • Dye

Even though the manufacturer Dye is more well-known in the upper price segments, they do have some units to offer in the budget price segment. And because of how popular they are in the upper price segments, they are making quite a fame in the lower segments as well.

  • Azodin

Like Tippmann, the manufacturer Azodin has a lot of units to offer to the market. However, among all their offerings, the affordable ones are the most popular. Nevertheless, their other offerings offer good overall performance as well.

  • Empire

Last but not least, the brand Empire is pretty well known too. However, they are most popular for offering high-quality attachments and accessories for paintball, but they do have some good markers to offer in the market.

The FAQs (Frequents Ask Questions)

  • What is the standard PSI for a paintball gun?

The air in the tank will remain in compressed form. And generally in extremely high pressure. But the PSI rate will not be the same for each type of air. And as you know, paintballs use three different types of compressed air. One is CO2, the other is HPA, and the last one is N2.

Nevertheless, the standard PSI of those compressed air is generally from 3000 to 4500 psi. But the pressure regulator on the outside will let the air get out at 250 to 860 psi.

  • How much does it hurt when hit by a paintball?

With the proper amount of protective gear on the body, it would be pretty normal to feel a slight sting on the body. The pain will be similar to a firm flick. However, without the right protection, the sting will be pretty intense.

  • What does FPS stand for in paintball guns?

The FPS in the case of paintball guns stands for feet per second. Here, if the rating of the gun is 260 FPS, it would be capable of making the paintball reach 260 feet in one second. Usually, the higher the FPS rating, the better because neutralizing moving targets become easier with those.

  • Can it install Picatinny accessories on my paintball gun?

It will depend if the marker has a Picatinny rail or not. Without the marker having that rail, you would be stuck with the proprietary attachments. On the other hand, if the marker has the Picatinny rail, it would be possible for you to install the attachments that are compatible with the rail.

  • Are cheap paintball guns worth it?

Not all of them would be worth your money. Usually, the cheaper ones have bad build quality, and they are not that reliable. However, there are many that do have a good build quality and offer good overall performance. Those are going to be worth each of your pennies.

  • Should I get a realistic-looking paintball gun?

If you are more after having any authentic combat simulator experience, then we would recommend getting the realistic-looking markers. Some of them will even have the right weight to offer you an authentic gun holding experience. Also, those will be compatible with Picatinny accessories, which makes them worth getting.

  • Are paintball hoppers universal?

Generally, the hoppers or the loaders are universal. They would be compatible with most of the markers unless they have a proprietary feedneck. Only when the feedneck has a different design, the hoppers that are easily accessible will not work on it.

  • How often should I clean my paintball gun?

It will depend on your use case scenario. If you are playing pretty frequently and the gun is getting covered with paint too often, then clean it at least once in two weeks. Other than that, you would be all good if you clean it after a month or so. But do make sure to take proper care of the gun if you want it to last long.

  • Is it possible to take paintball stains off the clothes?

Yes, it is possible to take the paintball paint off the clothes. All you need to do is get onto the cleaning process as fast as possible. The longer you leave the paint, the deeper it will get into the fabrics.

Final Words

As you can see, there are plenty of best paintball guns under 200 that do offer good overall performance and are highly reliable. And we hope that our reviews were capable of making the choosing procedure a bit easier for you.

That being said, if we were to choose one, we would get the Tippmann Cronus tactical. It has a semi-realistic design and features an in-line bolt system. The overall build quality is up to the mark as well.

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