Best Paintball Gear Bag In 2022 [Expert Recommended]

Best Paintball Gear Bag
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It’s not easy to get the best paintball gear bag in the market at the moment. There are lots of them available in the market that if you are not experienced with them, you will find it hard to get the right one. For this, we have come up with some of the best paintball gear bags to look at.

The great thing about having a paintball gear bag is that it helps you with your transportation needs. Paintball comes with lots of gears and accessories that require you to carry them all the time. The good thing with the paintball gear bag is that it’s designed to carry everything that is related to the paintball.

For serious paintball players protecting the accessories and gears are very important. For this, you will need to come with the best durable bag that is water-resistant and serves you for a long.

The Best Paintball Gear Bag Comparison Table For 2022

10 Best Paintball Gear Bag In March 2022 [Recommended]

  1. HK Army Expand Gearbag (Stealth)

HK Army expands gear bag is one of the most used by paintball players after the backpack in the market. HK reinforced construction is a fantastic feature that is noticeable from the start. The affordability of the gear bad and versatility take it to the next level. The gear bag is said to expand because it can be enlarged by thirty percent with the zipper at the base. This is great for those that want to add a few more items to the bag later.

Some of the items that can be fit in the extra space are long markers, uncoupled rifles, and more. HK army expands gear bag can also be a duffel bag with wheels to make it a perfect multipurpose bag.

The features that it comes with are all essential and may lack in the cheaper store backpacks. It comes with waterproof zippers, and it’s well-padded at the shoulder strap to make it comfortable to carry for a long distance. It’s made in that the side pockets are perfectly positioned with loop attachments for ease of access.

There are also loops inside the bag that is made to hold barrels. What the bag has inside enables you to carry the different accessories and items you need along with the game. It has a large mesh document holder for files if you want to carry your work along with you. It comes with a microfiber compartment made to keep the paintball mast the same and protected.


  • It’s suitable for affordability and versatility
  • It can be enlarged when needed
  • Waterproof zipper
  • Extra pockets
  • Document holder inside
  • It has a special barrel holder inside


  • No Major Issue
  1. Virtue High Roller V4 Extra Large Travel Gear Bag with Rugged Wheels

High roller backpack is one of the series of roller backpacks. It gives the best of value and performance. The high roller V4 is made perfect for professional players. It’s made suitable for extreme action sports like paintball. This is because it’s made to withstand the rigors of constant travel and practice. It’s long-lasting

The bag is made similar to the expanded gear bag in the market, but it’s more modern with an appealing appearance. It comes complete with a Velcro patch and is large to fit more items. The storage could be said to be massive 700cu with waterproof tarp-lined at the main compartment for large items.

The bag is well padded with Neoprene sleeves on both sides. It has breathable mesh-lined zipped pockets, a clear vinyl zipper pocket, and cloth and shoe pockets. With so many pockets included in the backpack, you are able to carry the different items with you anywhere. The backpack also comes with a microfiber lens compartment that protects the goggle from being scratched or drowned.

The bag’s durability is amazing with multi-terrain nylon wheels, which are reinforced with waterproof features in the interior. Some of the gear bag features that you may like include:

  • Tarp lines.
  • Armored goggle case.
  • Waterproof tarp-lined wheel cover.
  • Foam-padded top handle.
  • Hide-away heavy-duty backpack straps.

The comfort in the bag is good, and you won’t feel hurt when you carry it for long. That’s thanks to the amazing padding on the straps and also the line inside. You are able to use the bag as a duffel bag or as a backpack.


  • It’s waterproof
  • Large storage capability
  • It comes with different pockets for different items
  • Has special compartment to protect delicate accessories and masks
  • Great features
  • Durable


  • It’s not suitable for airplane travel when loaded
  1. Planet Eclipse Paintball Holdall Gear Bags

Planet Eclipse manufacturers are known to be one of the best in the market with superb features on the gear bags produced. You get the best of the gear bags from planet eclipse with the right one for you. Not all bags in the matter gives you the same feeling when using them.

The planet eclipse paintball holdall gear bag is a versatile model that is used in different areas. It can be used as a travel bag and also as a gym pack. The bag has an amazing design and weighs not more than 3 pounds, and holds different wide range paintball gears. The bag has been designed with high-quality materials that make it worth getting.

The bag comes with a special pocket that allows you to place your id card. It becomes easier to verify your identity with the id display when moving from one location to another. You don’t have to take out your id every now and then. It features an internal pocket to help store your valuables away from others.

The out pockets of the bag make it easy to access anything you need, especially if you will keep using and storing it after some time. During the game, this is the right place to store the guns, grenades, and others. The bag has been designed with an internal moisture-resistant lining that is made to absorb moisture sweat from the gear.


  • It has many compartments
  • It’s versatile
  • Has detachable handle
  • Has moisture resistant
  • Easy to access


  • The zippers sometimes stuck when suing
  • Design good but not easy to wash
  1. Planet Eclipse GX2 Classic Paintball Gear Bag (Grit Grey)

Planet Eclipse GX2’s classic paintball gear bag is a great one to have if you want a long-lasting one. The planet eclipse GX2n comes in custom colors that you have options to get what you like. It has been designed to be tough thanks to the Eva protective lids in place and more.

The design of the gear bag makes it an appropriate one to have for you to use, no matter where you are going. The bag has been designed to weigh 5.7 kgs with inserts. Like other users, your choice depends on the weight of the bag you are able to handle while running. Go for something that will not be hard for you to carry while playing or running.

The gear bag comes with high visibility locking zip which is easy to locate and open when needed. Ease of access should be one of the features you look for when going for a bag for a paintball game. Since the GX2 gear bag follows the classic two-compartment design, then you are in for fantastic performance.

The bag’s large main compartment is big to carry lots of gears and a marker paint gun. It comes with a handy internal zip pocket and a document holder for those who want to carry their work and assignment. It has been designed with moisture-resistant lining that makes it possible and easy to remove paint and dirt on the bag. It comes with a side compartment that keeps clear gears from your dirt gears and stuff.


  • Has tough light Eva protective lids
  • Ease to access zip pocket
  • The pull handle is removable
  • Has convenient external side pockets


  • No Major Issue
  1. HK Army Expand 75L – Roller Gear Bag – Stealth

HK army expands 75L roller gear is what we call a modern bag with incredible performance. HK Army is known as the best brand in the market with super features and performance on the market. HK army expands 75L is an incredible one that is linked in the goggle compartment with microfiber. The microfiber material makes it easier to clean the bag. Also, it prevents other wet clothes and gear from the other clean ones. The bag isis carefully made for you; it becomes easy to carry no matter where you are going. It’s made from a telescopic handle with a rubber grip to soften the hold and make it comfortable to carry with you everywhere without getting tired.

The bag can also be used as a duffel thanks to the installed smooth glide wheels that enable you to walk with the bag. The wheels make sit easier to drag the bag along when travel or feeling tired. The good thing with the backpack is that it fits well in the airplane luggage areas hence an amazing one for traveling with it. The ergonomic backpack shoulder straps are detachable and well padded. This means the pads have made your game comfortable and easy to wash the clothes as well. The main interior in the market compartment is well padded to make the bag more suitable for delicate gears.


  • Easy to clean
  • It comes with an interior padded
  • Accessing the side pockets is easy
  • Shoulder straps are detachable


  • A bit heavy
  1. Planet Eclipse Paintball Holdall Gear Bag

When going for the best paintball gear bag, you have to weigh all options and also get what you really need in a bag. The Planet eclipse has one of the best products, including the planet eclipse paintball Holdall gear bag. The compartment of the bag is about 490 x 280 x 280mm in size and not that heavy for those that are used to running with it.

The bag has been made and designed with a superb side compartment. The compartment has been made with amazing moisture-resistant lining that does not allow moisture to penetrate through. The lining also becomes much easier to clean dirt and sweat away to avoid the bag getting smelly over time. The gear bag shoulder straps are removable and can be washed separately and also be changed to a new one when needed.

Since the bag can travel from one place to another, you don’t need to show your ID everywhere for identification. This is thanks to the ID pocket in the bag that allows you to place your ID in and show it out for verification when need anywhere. Some people may find it easy to use and suitable while others don’t. The outer zip pockets of the bag are easy to access and best for playing in the field with


  • Water-resistant
  • The outer zip is easy to access
  • Easy to access
  • Tough material used


  • It could be a bit heavy for some people
  1. Expand Backpack Paintball Gearbag – Shroud Black/Green

Enjoy the best of expanding backpack paintball gear bag with amazing features to make the experience better. Paintballing is not all about the paintball gun and gears but also about how to carry them all. It’s not easy to have a shabby bag for your paintball with some of the gears missing out. Expand backpack paintball is one of the best in the market, with superb space and size for your use.

Expand Backpack Paintball Gearbag has been lined with a microfiber material in the goggle compartment to make it easy to clean. The bag is amazing but has a lower expanding capacity compartment which would have been better for those wishing to expand the gears in the future.

The backpack’s shoulder straps are well padded to make it comfortable for you when carrying the bag around. The bag comes with molle loops on 4 side pockets. The zippers are waterproof and do not allow the water to go through the gears. With the waterproof, it’s hard for your bag to be smelly from sweat and so on.

The interior of the marker compartment has been padded to store the content better and safer. It has been designed with interior barrel loops that help to secure the hold barrels. Also, apart from the zipper being water-resistant, the general bag material is made water-resistant and does not allow water to ruin your gears and clothes.


  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • The straps are padded
  • The zipper is water-resistant


  • The additional space is small
  1. Planet Eclipse Paintball Holdall Gear Bags

Planet eclipse brans have been known as one of the best, especially the different paintball bags in the market. There are lots of different planet paintballs in the market, and each has a unique attractiveness. The gear bag has been designed with amazing features that make the purchase worth it.

Planet Eclipse gives you value and performance, something you love in any item you buy. The gear bag can be carried over the shoulder, thanks to the removable shoulder strap. It’s being removable makes it easier to adjust and also clean. The good thing with the bag is that it’s versatile whether you are traveling light or working out; it’s a perfect deal. It gives you space to separate the playing gears and your clothes.

The best thing with the bag if you are traveling far is that it has an IB pocket in place. This allows you to carry your ID with you everywhere and get it verified on identification without getting it out every now and then. The bag has designed pockets that make it easier to access the contents from the bag when needed.

Planet Eclipse Is a fantastic feature that the bags brings, especially when playing paintball. The zipper are well designed and does not flip open while running around. The compartment comes with a large opening that makes it easy to fill inside and also has a handy zip pocket to store any valuables you want to carry. It has a moisture-resistant lining to keep your wet towels and other clothing that are wet. This separates them from other gears to avoid being damaged and so on.


  • Moisture resistant
  • Have small zip pockets
  • Easy to access gears
  • Separate gears and clothes
  • ID pocket


  • No Major Issue
  1. Expand Backpack Paintball Gearbag – Shroud Black/Red

With a design that has you in mind, the manufacturers have produced one of the best-expanded backpack bags for you ever. Expand backpack is one made for easier movement when playing as well as when traveling the different areas. You just need to grab your gear and go with the all-in-one backpack. Since the expand backpack paintball gear bag has you in mind, then it has got you covered. The bag is versatile and can be carried as a duffel bag or as a strap in your back the way you wish. The bag’s versatility makes it the ultimate paintball gear bag backpack and what you need for ideal gaming.

The capacity of the bag is able to be adjusted and increased by 30. This happens by opening the bottom compartment fully to give the extra space designed with it. It’s a good one to have if you plan to buy more gears in the future and don’t want to repurchase a new bag.

It comes with exterior side pockets that have a molle webbing to give extra attachment points. The goggle compartment is lined with microfiber. Though the expanding capability is there in the backpack, it’s limited if you want to add more items. The bag’s shoulder straps are padded to make it comfortable for you when carrying it around. The zippers are waterproof, which makes the gears safe while inside and avoids the smell of sweat while playing over time. Like many gear bags, the interior market compartment is padded.


  • The interior marker compartment is padded
  • The lower compartment can be expanded a little
  • Has 2 Velcro locations on side pockets
  • Water-resistant


  • Limited expanding
  1. Planet Eclipse GX2 Classic Paintball Gear Bag (Fighter Red)

Planet Eclipse GX2’s classic paintball gear bag is a great one to have for professional players. It was made with great diligence to give the best performance to the users. It made tough that can last longer in all the rough ground and different tossing and turning.

Planet Eclipse GX2 comes with light EVA protective lids. The color red is quite catchy and great for those that find it attractive with good design. It has been designed with great convenient external side zip pockets that allow you to access the gears when playing. This is much faster to store grenades and other items you will need to hit your opponent when needed.

The bag’s general design is good and perfectly made to suit different people. You are able to carry the bag with you anywhere, anytime easily. The amazing retractable pull handle contributes to this. The handle has been designed to be carried easily and comfortable for long travel and use.

The gear bag can be used as a duffel with robust trails and wheelset in place. It’s made fit for airplane travel since it fits the luggage area well. The compartment is sizeable and carries quite a number of gears that are large for the side pockets. It has also been vented and is water-resistant to moisture and other water sources. It has got you covered in the different aspects, that’s why it’s a good one to have for your use.


  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to carry
  • Handles are well designed
  • Compartments are large enough
  • The material is tough


  • Planet Eclipse GX2 May be hard to carry with you

4 Reasons You Need A Paintball Gear Bag

  1. Transport Convenience

Paintballing comes with lots of equipment and gears involved that may be inconvenient for you to carry around with you one by one. Paintballing requires the players to move from one place to another to participate in events. For this, it’s hard to carry the different gears in regular bags. That’s why you need a paintball gear bag. The bags are not always the same but are designed according to standard airline specifications. The gear bag can be slung over the shoulder and carried everywhere at will

  1. Waterproof your Gear

One important reason why you need a paintball gear bag for a player is for your own good and to avoid the gears from getting wet. Most of the bags are designed to waterproof to protect your items from getting wet or spoiled. You should invest in a water-resistant paintball gear bag for the safety of your gears. When looking for the best water-resistant gear bag, you have to review the customer review. With the reviews, you are able to ascertain from them whether the bag is really waterproof or not. You may as well read the reviews in full and see what the users liked and not liked about the bag. It’s killing two birds with one stone.

  1. Paintball gear

With so many gears required for paintballing, you need somewhere to carry the items with you. For this, you will need an excellent gear bag specifically designed for it. There are so many bags out there that you may take time to find. That’s no problem at all since you will not lack a bag as long as you know which one meets your needs. Look at the reviews by other users who have used the bags you have shortlisted before buying. This will enable us to know if what is stated by the manufacturers is true or not.

  1. Compartments

The compartment that the gear bags come with is what most people are looking for to carry the gears with them for paintball. Compartments help to carry many things at once and reduce the hassle of looking for an alternative. The main compartment is the biggest to hold larger items like the gun, masks, elbow pads, etc. Other pouches on the bag store items like paintballs, grenades, pens, and more. Make sure the pockets come with zipper or Velcro straps to prevent them from falling out

7 Things Help You To Pick A Right Paintball Gear Bag  In 2022

  1. Size

It’s not hard to look for the right bar for your gears as long as you know what you are looking at. When looking for that perfect gear bag, you have to consider the size of the bag. The size will determine the number of items you will carry with you to your game. The number of pockets and size of the main compartment matter a lot.

You should not go for an oversize bag if you are not a deep-rooted fan of the game and play less frequently. This is because it determines the number of gears you have with you. It becomes easier to get the right one when you figure out the number of items you have with you. Consider if you have other things to buy with the size of bag you have in mind and if it will fit eventually. It will also save you the cost of buying another bag when you get something else and does not fit the current bag.

  1. Design

The gear bags in the market are many, and each comes with its unique design. When looking for a gear bag, you have to know which design you find suitable for you. The design will also demonstrate the convenience of carrying since you will be moving to different locations. If you are comfortable with the sling on your shoulder, go for it.

You could also go for a backpack and also a hand handle bag. All of this will be on you to decide. There are three designs for bags generally, and any of them could be suitable for you. The duffel bags and backpacks are mostly used for carrying paintball gears by many players. There is also the last design that is made unique for specific paintball accessories.

  1. Durability

Durability is a feature that is an important aspect when looking for the best gear bag for your use. You don’t want to go for a bag that will wear and tear the next few months of use. Get something that is made with the right durable material and will take you years of use unless you want to change on your own.

Some bags are made to be used outdoors, and there are some that are suitable for a one-time weekend trip. The paintball gear bag is made to take the dumping, thrashing, and beating that comes with the game. It should be there with you in the mud, snow, and sand, especially for the professionals. Most of the paintball gear bags are padded or stitched on the stress area to avoid wearing out quickly. For those that take paintballing seriously, you will find the bag’s durability to be very important to you.

  1. Easy To Carry

When going for a paintball gear bag, you have to consider how easy it is to carry it. The weight of the bag should be first for you to check. This is because when the bag is heavy, and the items you are carrying are also heavy, how are you going to carry it. You will have a hard time carrying the bag around.

The heavier bag is also considered a good choice with good padding for damage control. You need to know how much weight you can handle and the size of the padding you find comfortable for your bag. This will help you determine the type of bag you will go for. You can go for a heavier bag, but easy for you to carry around and durable rather than a lightweight one. But to get a heavy one or lightweight bag depends on your preference

  1. Waterproof

Paintball is an intense game that will require one to dive into different environments while playing g. you could crawl on mud, snow, water, sand, and so on. For your bag to last longer, it has to be made resistant to some the things like water. Most people go for a water-resistant bag.

This is a fantastic feature that manufacturers display on some bags. To know for sure if the bag you are going for is really water-resistant, you will have to look at some reviews. The reviews by those who have used the bag before will give you a direct answer if it’s good or not.

  1. Skill Level

The kind of paintball gear bag you get will also be determined by the level of skill you have in the game. A beginner doesn’t have to go for an expensive bag at all go for the one you are able to afford. This is true for those with a limited budget. Invest in a cheaper model and enjoy your game anywhere. It may not be the one you are looking for, but it will serve you for the time being

  1. Budget-Friendly

Budget is an important aspect of getting the right paintball gear bag for your use. The paintball gear bag you are going for should be able to meet all your requirement. The cost of the gear bag does not matter as long as it’s within your capability.


The paintball gear bags have flooded the market, with each coming with amazing features and performance. To get the best of the paintball gear bag, you need to keenly look at the different ones to understand what they offer. Reviewing some of the posts and comments by those who have used it before helps you get a real glimpse of what the bag is all about.

Your skill level will determine the bag you are going for and the number of times you play paintball. For those that are regular players of paintball, getting the right durable bag is very important. Since it will determine the period, you will use the bag and save bucks for it.

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