What Is The Best Paintball Armor In 2022? [Expert Recommended]

Best Paintball Armor
Best Paintball Armor

Having the best paintball armor can save you from bruises and some serious injuries. So, don’t wait anymore and get one from our recommendation list.

We can not stress enough how important it is to wear the proper gear while playing a paintball game. Without wearing the right equipment, you will remain vulnerable, increasing the chances of seriously getting injured.

That being said, most players will skimp on the case of protecting their bodies. They will simply wear thin clothing and get into the game.

Well, even though clothes can lower the sting of the balls, they will not be able to reduce it as much as the best paintball armor would be capable of lowering.

And in case you do not know how much it hurts to get by a paintball, it is just like getting stung by a flock of a bee at the same time.

Top 9 Best Paintball Armor In May 2022 [Recommended]

There are plenty of options out there. Having options is a good thing, but those will make the choosing process a bit hard. Well, that is why we are here.

We have gone through the top-rated options and made them go through vigorous testing. And from our tests, these are the ones that stood out the most:

  1. Empire BT – BT Chest Protector

Empire Paintball BT Chest Protector, Olive, Small/Medium

Among all of the brands, the manufacturer that seems to have many reliable pieces of equipment for paintball players is Empire. And this paintball armor vest we are going to talk about will illustrate how reliable their offerings are.

Unlike some of the other units, this one is capable of offering full-core protection. Starting from the back to the chest to the outer arm to the shoulder, it will protect all of the regions. Also, there are moisture-wicking panels under the arm and on the lower back area.

Even the padding on the armor is quite generous. Those will be capable of offering the right amount of cushioning. And for the amount of cushioning it can offer, you should stay protected in the field. Also, it has perforated padding, which will offer the right amount of protection and ventilation at the same time.

Other than that, the placement of the pads is proper on this one. They are in the right place to offer the right amount of comfort during shooting. So, you would be able to be in the field for an extended period of time.


  • Offers full-core protection
  • Implements moisture-wicking panels
  • It has a generous amount of padding
  • The paddings are at the right place
  • Provides a good amount of ventilation


  • The size might be too big for some
  • Some of the paddings are a bit too loose

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Why should you buy this product?

This one offers full-core protection. And thanks to its integrating moisture-wicking panels, you will not sweat that much while wearing it.

  1. Himal 600D Combat– Lightweight Combat-Vest for Games

Himal Tactical Vest for Men-600D Encryption Polyester-Military Vest-Adjustable Lightweight Combat Vest

Though there are plenty of options out there, there are hardly a few that offer adjustability options in size. And this paintball armor suit is one of those few.

As you may know, it comes with a shoulder belt. That belt is fully adjustable. The belt makes the unit compatible with people who have a waist from 37 inches up to 48 inches. So, there will be no need to worry about the fit that much for this one.

Apart from being adjustable, the construction material of the unit is top-notch. The manufacturer has opted for 600D polyester, which is well-known for sturdiness and strength.

This material makes the vest capable of withstanding rough and harsh environments. Also, the overall design makes it comfortable to wear as well.

Alongside that, there are plenty of pouches on the body. And thanks to the webbing structure, you would be able to carry many accessories at the same time. It even has D-rings, which are capable of holding carabiners.


  • The size is adjustable
  • Made of high-quality material
  • It has plenty of pouches
  • Features a mesh structure
  • Integrates two D-rings


  • The padding is not that thick
  • Utilizes low-quality zippers on the pouches

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Why should you buy this product?

It has an adjustable belt, which will make it easier to get a proper fit. Also, there are plenty of pouches on the body.

  1. Maddog Padded Chest Protector

Maddog Padded Chest Protector - Black

While most of the armors are going to be good at offering protection, they will bit on the heavier side. Well, that is why Maddog has decided to bring out units such as this one into the market.

As you might have already guessed, this body armor for paintball is pretty light in weight. The lightweight nature will make the unit highly comfortable to wear.

You will not feel like something is dragging or slowing you down. It is highly flexible as well. This trait will make the armor highly maneuverable.

Other than that, it has an elastic strap on the bottom. That strap will make this one compatible with most of the players.

There will be no need to go through the hassle of releasing and adjusting the buckles as the strap is elastic. Also, it has an adjustable strap on the side.

The unit can offer a praiseworthy level of protection. And the padding it integrates is pretty thick. However, the overall unit is lightweight.


  • Reasonably light in weight
  • Highly comfortable
  • The bottom has an elastic strap
  • Sports an adjustable strap on the side
  • It offers a good amount of protection


  • The venting system is not that efficient
  • It might be too small for some players

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Why should you buy this product?

The offering is pretty light in weight. Most importantly, it has an elastic strap on the bottom. And it even has a side strap, which is adjustable.

  1. TIPPMANN Chest – Padded Foam for CQB Protection

TIPPMANN Paintball Chest Protector

One of the things that most of the armors fail to offer is the right amount of protection to lower down the sting of close-quarter shots. Well, that is where this one from TIPPMANN steps in.

Let us first talk about how adjustable the unit is. The unit features two elastic straps on the shoulder and one adjustable strap on the waist region.

As the shoulder straps are elastic, there will be no need to adjust them that frequently. And for the adjustable waist strap, the unit should be a proper fit for most of the players.

The unit also packs a generous amount of padding. In fact, the amount of padding it has can lower the intensity of the close-quarter shots.

Also, thanks to constructing a combination of different materials, it achieves a higher level of durability.

Other than that, the stitching on the unit is proper. It has double stitching on some of the regions to offer a higher level of strength. Also, those stitchings make this one highly foldable.


  • The fit is adjustable
  • Features two elastic straps on the shoulder
  • Sports a generous amount of padding
  • It offers a good amount of protection
  • Has strong stitching on the body


  • Not ideal for tall players
  • The materials are not breathable

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Why should you buy this product?

The unit comes with an adjustable strap on the waist. Also, it has a good amount of padding to offer the right amount of protection in close-quarter battles.

  1. Empire 2013 Grind Pro THT Chest Protector

Empire Paintball Grind Pro Chest Protector, Large/X-Large, Black/Green

Another recommendation-worthy armor from Empire is this one. However, unlike some other units, this one has a feature that makes it stand out the most. Want to know about that feature? Well, you need to continue reading!

The thing that makes this paintball armor full body stand out the most is the stretch-mesh on the body. This mesh is stretchable enough to let you move freely.

At the same time, it makes sure that the air can pass through the body. So, it will let you move smoothly and will keep your body cool at the same time.

Apart from being breathable, the unit has cord loops and shock on the top. Those loops will let you attach elbow pads.

Also, the arm region has a good amount of padding, which will offer good enough protection from paintballs. It even has side protections, which are not that common among the offerings.

The unit also has pre-curved pads. Those will enhance the overall comfort significantly. Also, there are heat vents on the back and the front pads.


  • Offers all-around protection
  • Features stretchable mesh on the body
  • Has cord loops
  • Breathable and promotes smooth movements
  • Sports pre-curved pads


  • Some of the units do not have that amount of pads on the waist
  • It might not fit some tall players

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Why should you buy this product?

This full-body paintball armor utilizes breathable foams, which will do a proper job in keeping you cool. Also, the pads are pre-curved.

  1. GZ XINXING Black Tactical – Tactical Vest For Airsoft & Paintball

On the lookout for a vest that is durable and comfortable to wear at the same time? Look no further because we might have found the right one for you! And yes, it is from GZ XINXING.

To start with, it features a construction of 900D high-density nylon. This material is what makes it exceptionally durable.

Also, thanks to having proper construction, it can resist wearing and tearing exceptionally well. So, you can expect to get extended use out of it.

Apart from that, the overall design is pretty ergonomic. This ergonomic trait is what makes it capable of offering a higher level of comfort.

It would be possible to wear this for a long time without facing any discomfort. Also, there are multiple pouches on the exterior, which will let you carry accessories.

Additionally, it is highly adjustable. You can transform it from small all the way up to extra-extra-large. Also, the straps come with easy-to-use buckles. So, adjusting the size will be an easy task.


  • Constructure of 900D nylon
  • Highly resistant to wearing
  • Can resist tears reasonably well
  • The size is adjustable
  • Features an ergonomic design


  • The pouches are a bit small
  • Uses average quality zippers

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Why should you buy this product?

It is one of the offerings that are reasonably durable and comfortable at the same time. To add a cherry on the top, it has an adjustable strap.

  1. Actionunion Tactical – Women & Men Outdoor Shooting Vest

Actionunion Tactical Vest Airsoft Vest - Paintball Vest Military Vest Combat Vest Molle Vest Adjustable Tactical Vest for Women Men Outdoor Shooting

Are you tired of the bland looks that most of the vests have? Want to get something that has an aggressive design? Look no more because Actionunion might have the thing you were looking for all this time.

As we mentioned, the unit has an aggressive design on the front and the back. It achieves that look due to the integrated thick padding. And there are EVA protection plates on the body as well.

That, combined with the high-density neoprene body, should offer a good amount of protection.

In addition to that, the inside of the unit offers a soft-to-the-touch feeling. Basically, that material inside will make the unit highly comfortable to wear.

Also, the inside can resist impacts exceptionally well. So, even if the opponent is very close, the impact you will feel will not be that substantial.

Other than that, it has a MOLLE system. That system makes it compatible with other tactical equipment. And the high-quality construction materials make it highly durable. Also, it has an adjustable strap.


  • Sports an aggressive design
  • Utilizes EVA protection plates
  • The body is of high-density neoprene
  • Integrate MOLLE system
  • Can resist impacts reasonably well


  • Not that large in size
  • Some packages do not come with shoulder buckles

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Why should you buy this product?

This one does not have a bland design like most of the other units. Also, it holds the ability to offer a good amount of overall protection.

  1. MGFLASHFORCE Tactical – Airsoft Vest Adjustable Modular Paintball Vest

MGFLASHFORCE Tactical Airsoft Vest Adjustable Modular Paintball Vest (Black)

Although there is plenty of vest in the market, not that many come with large-sized pockets on the body, well, if you were looking for one, keep this one on your consideration list.

First of all, it has three standard MOLLE pouches. As they are standard in size, it would be possible for you to keep pods and other accessories inside them. Also, the unit is MOLLE compatible, making it compatible with most of the MOLLE accessories available.

Additionally, the overall construction of the unit is solid. The manufacturer utilized 600D polyester. This material makes it achieve a good build quality.

The polyester is also capable of resisting wear and tears. You can expect it to last for an extended amount of time without showing any issues.

Other than that, it has adjustable straps. You can modify the size of the waist from 40 inches to 51 inches. And the strap on the shoulder is adjustable as well.Due to these features, getting a customized fit will be possible.


  • Boasts standard-sized pouches
  • Compatible with MOLLE attachments
  • Made of high-quality polyester
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Features adjustable straps


  • The straps can not hold the adjustment that well
  • It does not have that strong stitching on the buttons

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Why should you buy this product?

As it bundles with three standard-sized pouches and has a good overall build quality, according to us, it is well worth the purchase.

  1. GENx GXG Black Chest Protector – Lightweight Body Armor

GENx Paintball GXG Black Chest Protector Front/Back New

One of the things that are not that common in the case of chest protectors is being lightweight. However, if you were looking for a unit such as that, consider this one.

As we have mentioned above, the unit is pretty light in weight. Such a lightweight nature will allow you to wear this without feeling like something is dragging or slowing you down. Also, it would be pretty comfortable to wear it for a long amount of time.

Even though it is pretty light in weight, it does not fail to provide the right amount of protection. The body is made of a material that is highly capable of absorbing the impacts.

Also, thanks to the higher level of coverage, it would protect most of the areas of your chest and back.

Additionally, there are elastic straps on the side. Those will make it compatible with most of the players. And the ventilation works reasonably well. It will do a proper job in allowing the air to pass through and keep you cool.


  • Light in weight
  • Comfortable
  • It offers good enough coverage
  • Has elastic side belts
  • Can absorb impacts reasonably well


  • The size is not ideal for tall players
  • Not that durable

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Why should you buy this product?

Considering that it is light in weight and can offer good enough protection simultaneously, we think this one should definitely be on your consideration list.

The Best Paintball Armor Buying Guide For 2022

Going through the reviews will not be enough if you want to get your hands on something that is really worth the money. For that, you would also need to consider some of the crucial points. Now, you might be wondering what points are we actually talking about here. Well, those are as follows:

  1. Size

First and foremost, consider the size. You would not want to bring home something that is too small or too large for your body. In fact, we would recommend against getting something that is not your size, even if it is a one size large or small.

With those, you will not have a proper fit. And without a good fit, it would be impossible to get all the protection that the armor can offer.

For that reason, our recommendation would be to double-check the size and make sure that you get something that will fit you properly.

  1. Straps

Sometimes, even after getting the right size, the fitting might be a bit tight, or a bit lose. Well, that is where the straps come into play. The more adjustable the straps are, the better the fit is going to be. Considering that, we would recommend getting the one that has proper straps on it.

On that note, if you do not want to go through the hassle of adjusting the strap each time you wear the armor, get the ones with elastic straps. Those are going to adjust automatically. There will be no need to go through the hassle of adjusting them each time. However, they do not offer the fine-tuning ability for the fitting.

  1. Padding

The most important thing about these is the paddings. Here, the first thing that you should do is placement. Consider whether the padding is in the right places or not.

Usually, most of the manufacturers are going to place them on the chest area and not place any of the paddings on the other areas.

Well, even though those might be able to offer good protection on the chest region, the rest of your upper body will remain vulnerable. Considering that, you would want to opt for the ones with proper padding placements.

The other thing that you need to consider is the thickness. The efficiency of the padding will highly depend on its thickness.

Generally, the thicker the padding, the more capable they are of absorbing the impacts. And the better they are at absorbing the impacts, the less sting you will feel.

  1. Coverage

Another essential thing for armors is the coverage. Most of the units will leave some parts open. In other words, their coverage is going to be pretty low. We would recommend staying away from them because you might never know if the paintballs do end up splatting there.

  1. Ventilation

Even though many of the brands might get the coverage and the padding-right, they will skimp on one factor. Yes, we are talking about ventilation.

Now, if you are residing in a cold area, you might think that ventilation is not important. However, with the game getting intense, you are sure to warm up a little.

And if the game gets more intense, you might even start sweating! Well, you would not want to sweat too much while being in a competitive match, right? For that reason, you need to check whether there is proper ventilation in the unit or not. Those would be able to maintain the right amount of airflow to keep you cool.

On that note, check whether the brands are skimping on padding to offer the right amount of ventilation.

If that is the case, you would not be able to get that much amount of protection. So, you need to ensure that the padding and the ventilation amount are balanced.

Nevertheless, if you have the tendency to sweat too much, our recommendation would be to get the units with moisture-wicking lining inside. Those would be able to keep the sweat level low.

  1. Comfort

One thing that you must not forget to check is the level of comfort. Usually, you might have to be on the site for hours and hours.

Some of the professional players play rounds after rounds. And it will become impossible to wear something uncomfortable for that many hours.

For comfort, you need to check the paddings first. Make sure that they are not that stiff. Instead, opt for the ones that provide the right amount of cushioning while having enough ability to absorb the impacts.

Also, check the weight. Wearing something heavy will make you feel like something is dragging you down.

Considering that, we would recommend opting for the one that has soft padding and is light in weight. Those would hold the ability to offer a good amount of comfort.

  1. Build Quality

The environment of the paintball field is not really ideal for gears that do not have an acceptable build quality. Those will last for a considerably short amount of time. And you would want to get extended use out of the thing that you are spending this much money on, right? Then, consider the overall build quality.

Here, the most important thing would be the quality of the material. The better the quality of the material, the higher the build quality is going to be. And those are going to be exceptionally durable as well, which will eventually offer you extended use.

  1. Pockets

Even though many will wear a hip belt, having pockets on the armor can offer extra storage space that might come in handy. However, do check the internal capacity of the pockets. Getting the ones that can not carry pods or any essential small gears will not be worth it.

  1. Outlooks

Last but definitely not least, check the overall outlooks. However, not all of the players care that much about the overall looks. But if you do, do consider if it has the design of your preference.

Our recommendation would be to get something that has a camo pattern on the exterior. That will go well with the camo overalls that most of the fields provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many layers of clothes for paintball?

The more, the better. With multiple layers of clothing on your body, you would be more protected from the stings. Considering that, we would recommend you to wear as many layers of clothes as possible.

  • Are paintball pants worth it?

The paintball pants are going to feature a specialized design for the game of paintball. That means the clothing will be a bit thick, extending all the way to the feet. Considering that, we would say they are very much worth it.

  • What do you wear under paintball pants?

Comfort and security are two of the factors here. And those two factors are checked by a boxer. Some people also opt for compression shorts. However, if you do not want to wear anything under the paintball pants, do make sure that you wear a cup.

  • Are paintball jerseys padded?

The case will not be the same for each of the jerseys you will stumble upon. Some will have a good amount of padding, while many will not have padding at all. Also, there will be some that will only have padding on the chest area. The rest of the area usually remains vulnerable.

  • Do your clothes get ruined paintball?

Paintballs contain paints. And if those balls splash right onto your clothing, it will definitely get ruined. However, the bright side is that you can always clean them. And as the paint of the paintball is non-toxic, it comes off pretty easily.

  • Should you wear a cup in paintball?

A protective cup will be recommended if you find wearing one comfortable. However, if you have a good boxer or compression shorts under the paintball pant, you might not need to wear a cup. But if you do not want to wear those, we would highly recommend wearing a cup.

  • Can you wear leggings to paintball?

Yes, the sites will allow you to wear leggings in a paintball game. However, do note that the leggings are generally thin. Considering that, they might not be able to lower the sting of the paintballs.

However, they will let you move swiftly throughout the field, which is something that most of the paintball pants are going to fail to offer.

  1. What should I wear to paintball in the summer?

Generally, players do not like to wear that much clothing in the summer. But that just makes them highly vulnerable.

If you ask us, we recommend you wear long sweat pants, a long-sleeve t-shirt, and a thin overall on the top. This attire will offer the right protection but will not make you sweat too much.

Final Words

Without wearing the best paintball armor, you will leave your upper body vulnerable. And if you do leave the upper body vulnerable, you are sure to get back home with bruises on your body.

That is why we would highly recommend not to get into the field without wearing one.

On that note, among all the units we reviewed, our best pick is the Empire BT Chest Protector. It offers full-core protection and has a good amount of ventilation as well. The other units are worth buying too.

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