Best Camera For Paintball 2022? [Expert Recommended]

Best Camera For Paintball
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Nowadays, an action camera has become an essential item of paintball games. People seek the best camera for paintball because it helps you capture some great content to share with your friends and family and post on social media after a long day of paintballing.

If you are looking for the best action camera for paintball, then congrats! You have come to the right place. You are a lucky person because in this article we will demonstrate some best cameras for paintball. Alright, no further delay; we are getting started now.

Top Rated Best Camera For Paintball Comparison Table 2022

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Really, Needed An Action Camera For Paintball Games?

Paintball is a delightful social game where people can spend quality time with their friends and other people from any region.

However, paintball players record paintball gameplay videos as it has become a new trend for them. Therefore, they want a quality action camera to get some solid gameplay footage.

But have you ever wondered why they are recording paintball games? Is the action camera only to capture and share enjoyable moments, or is there any significant reason behind this?

Okay, keep patience! Do not become stressed. We have some explanation for you.

Paintball players need an action camera for some particular purposes. You can say the action camera is essential for paintball games.

There are some reasons why people started to record their games:

  • Improve new skills: Making paintball gameplay footage is not just for fun. It is a handy way to improve your skills. You have videos of previous games, which means you can play them anytime and decide what skills you need to improve. Now, you can make the necessary adjustment for your next match. In this way, you can upgrade your new skills after every game.
  • Learn from mistakes: During your match, sometimes you make some wrong decisions, but you are entirely unaware of that mistake. When you review your video, you can detect all of your mistakes, making learning from your mistakes easier.
  • Improve bad habits: You might have some bad habits that you have never noticed before in the heat of the battle. However, even a small bad habit can get you eliminated again and again. Gameplay videos will help to point out your bad habits and allow you to perform well in your next match.
  • Sharing fun moments with others: You can simply record your game to show your friends and family. You also can keep your video record safe to show your spicy moves to grandkids and make them jealous.

6 Best Camera For Paintball In 2022 [Recommended]

Action cameras are the favorite item of paintball enthusiasts, but many players feel it is challenging to find the best camera for a paintball video.

What is the best action camera for paintball?

Most people get stuck on this question because there are so many admirable cameras for paintball on the market. So, to remove your confusion, we will check out the top six cameras for paintball. Stay with us till the end to know which one you should pick.

GoPro MAX- Waterproof  5.6k Action Camera – Best For Live Streaming Stabilization

The GoPro is a perfect 360 action camera hybrid and is worth buying. The GoPro Max camera is trendy for its classic HERO-style skills and spherical-capture wizardry. It has resistant stabilization, making the GoPro Max the most creative camera in this era for paintball.

You can make traditional GoPro videos and capture photos. You can also shoot 360 footage with this fantastic camera. This camera doesn’t require a pan, and you can point and click to get a panoramic shot.

The most astonishing thing is that you also have the option to choose a digital lens, so your footage can be captured precisely how you imagine it. Also, this camera comes with six mics on board that provide you with immersive 360 audio, and the sound quality is wow.


Product ModelGoPro MAX
Product Model NumberCHDHZ-202-XX
Country of OriginMexico
Product Dimensions10.04 L × 4.8 W × 3.23 H inches
Product Weight1.12 pounds
Product ColorBlack
Product TypeAction Camera
Battery‎1 Lithium-ion battery (included)
Video Resolution 1440p60 / 1080p6, HERO Mode
Photo Resolution16.6MP
Digital Zoom2x
Optical Zoom1x
MAX Focal Length 8.9 millimeters
Image StabilizationYes
Bluetooth ConnectivityYes
Waterproof CapabilityYes, Maximum 16 feet
Video & Image Modes
Accessories Included
  • Adhesive mount (Curved)
  • Protective lens (Two)
  • Lens cap (Two)
  • Microfiber bag (0ne)
  • Mounting clip (One)
  • Thumbscrew (One)
  • Carrying case (One)


  • This camera comes with a combination of three cameras that maximizes ultimate freedom of creativity
  • It is waterproof up to 16 feet and doesn’t need a waterproof housing
  • It gives an unbreakable stabilization using 360 capture as the ultimate image memory
  • Provides four lenses to capture Narrow, Wide, Liner, ad Max Super-view photos and videos
  • Provides folding figures, no need to carry separate frames to mount your camera
  • Live streaming can be shot in 1080p in HERO Mode
  • It offers a panoramic shot without having a pan
  • Six mics provide the best stereo sound
  • The screen is super responsive
  • The image on the screen stays level with the horizon no matter which way the camera is turning.
  • Skin tones are true to life


  • SD card is not included
  • The lenses are fragile and can be broken easily

GoPro HERO9 Black- Waterproof Action Camera – Best For 5K Ultra HD Videos

The GoPro HERO9 Black camera is an imposing action camera for paintball. This camera has done everything for you so that your shoot can be easy. This camera comes with a 5k video resolution that is perfect for maintaining detail even in zooming mode. GoPro HERO9 black provides excellent photo features that can pick the best image processing automatically.

Furthermore, the LCD front screen and screen touch rear screen make a precise framing with mesmerizing camera control. The GoPro HERO9 camera is one of the best cameras for live streaming.


Product ModelHERO9 Black
Product Model NumberCHDHX-901-XX
ManufacturerGoPro Camera
Country of OriginChina
Dimensions of Package‎9.08 L x 5.42 W x 3.25 H  inches
Product Weight‎59.82 grams
Product ColorBlack
Product TypeAction Camera
Video Resolution5k
Photo Resolution20MP, super photo + HDR, Raw
Sensor TypeCMOS
Battery1 Lithium-ion battery ( included)
Bluetooth ConnectivityYes
Waterproof CapabilityYes, Maximum 33 feet
Flat ProfileYes
Display Size2.3 inches
Front ScreenLCD
Rear ScreenTouch
Memory Card Slot1
Memory Card Format
  • microSD
  • microSDHC
  • microSDXC

Video Modes

  • Slow-motion
  • Time-lapse
  • Buffering
  • HDR imaging


  • Has front-facing screen
  • Image quality is good with a 20MP camera
  • It has a very sturdy and durable design
  • It has a color screen on the front, which is considered a significant plus
  • Offers Live stream in 1080p on social media
  • Provides solid App support
  • Delivers up to 240 fps slow-motion mode


  • May need to carry extra batteries
  • Subscription services cost money

4K30FPS WiFi Action Camera – Best For EIS Remote Control

The 4k30FPS WiFi Action camera is the best action camera for outdoor adventure shooting, including the paintball. This impressive camera can remove the shake and vibrations from the rock-strewn mountain bike trail.

The camera comes with a wrist 2.4 G wireless remote control to be easily controlled during extreme sports moments. Also, the recording system is straightforward. You have to press the red button to capture a photo and press the gray button to record the video.160° Wide-Angle Lens can capture your wonderful moment, and it will also record all details.

This waterproof camera includes a housing seal to make sure maximum security for your action camera.


Product Model4k30FPS Wifi Action
Dimensions of Package‎9.17 L x 4.69 W x 2.99 H inches
Product Weight‎44.50 grams
Lens TypeWide-angle
Battery1, 1350 mAh (included)
Camera Resolution20 MP
Video Resolution4k, 740p
DisplayDual Touch Screen
 Lens166° wide Angle, Adjustable
Image StabilizationYes
Remote Control WatchYes, 2.4GHz wireless remote control
External MicrophoneYes, case and mount included



Maximum 6.5 feet without a case and maximum 131 feet with included housing seal

Video StabilizationEnhanced Quality

Video and Image Modes

  • Time-lapse
  • Slow-motion
  • Loop recording
Accessories Included
  • Tempered lens film (One)
  • Adhesive pad (Two)
  • Bicycle Mounts (one)
  • Extension mounts (One)
  • J-base (one)
  • Helmet base (0ne)
  • Sponge & dustproof cover (One)
  • Long thumb screw (One)
  • Short thumb screw (One)


  • The recording is much more convenient with a remote control that supports up to 10 minutes
  • EIS, with a six-axis gyroscope, provides eye-catching smooth and steady photos and videos for all kinds of activities, including paintball.
  • Videos and photos can be downloaded, shared, played, and previewed from the camera to the phone connecting to the XTU Go App on your phone with built-in wifi.
  • This can also be used as a dash camera.
  • Provides high technology to capture the thrilling bullet moment in the matrix.
  • It is an excellent item for driving


  • Not too easy to handle
  • It has only one battery and charges finish so fast

DJI Osmo Action dual display – Best For 2 Displays Camera

The DJI Osmo action camera is an excellent action camera that comes from DJI. It is considered one of the best GoPro replacement cameras. The body of the DJI Osmo Action camera has a classic similarity with the GoPro action camera.

This device is very famous for having plenty of exciting features at a very affordable price.  DJI Osmo camera comes with an excellent front display, excellent video quality, exceptional image stabilization, and so on.

The DJI Osmo camera comes with a waterproof housing seal and water repellent coating on the rear touch screen that makes the camera waterproof up to 11m depth underwater. Also, complex algorithms with EIS provide this camera RockSteady feature that can deliver shaking-free stable footage in burdensome actions; you will also get enhanced, progressive range of your footage during the recording of HDR video.



Country of OriginChina
Product ModelDJI Osmo Action
Product Model NumberCP.OS.00000020.01
Dimensions of Product‎2.56 L x 1.65 W x 1.38  H inches
Product Weight‎  124.74 grams
Video Resolution4k
Camera resolution12MP
Sensor1/2.3” COMES
Battery‎1 Lithium Polymer battery (included)
 Lens145° Wide Angle
LensThree Aspherical layers
Front Screen Size1.4 inches
Back Screen Size2.25 inches
Micro SD slotYes
WaterproofYes, 36feet
Bluetooth ConnectivityYes

Has the protocol- BLE 4.2

WiFi ConnectivityYes

Has the protocol- 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

Image StabilizationYes
Voice CommandFive
Slow Motion8x, 1080p, 240fps
Maximum Resistance Temperature-10℃
Accessories Included
  • Camera frame,
  • floating handle
  • waterproof case
  •  flat adhesive mount,
  • curved adhesive mount
  • quick release base
  • battery case
  • Locking screw


  • Very affordable
  • The screen is so transparent and responsive
  • The LCD monitor is great for vlogging
  • Provides impressive image quality
  • Delivers excellent content all the time
  • Has wind noise cancellation ability
  • Customized mode helps to store, list, and select shooting mode and exposure setting that is frequently used
  • Provides RockSteady image stabilization system
  • It has a super metal body that makes the frame sturdy
  • It is very lightweight and is also pretty compact
  • Provides quick settings feature with QS button
  • This camera can shoot at 30 frames per second at 4k resolution
  • It has an extraordinary screen that makes everything visible under direct sunlight
  • The back screen is larger than the front screen, which delivers many options regarding the customizations and preview of the footage.


  • It is a bit heavier than other action cameras
  • One battery is not enough

AKASO EK7000 4K30FPS – Best Affordable Action Camera

AKASO EK7000 4k30FPS is another excellent action camera on the market. This action camera comes with many great features and many components in one package at a very reasonable price.

This action is very sturdy because the body is covered in transparent plastic and underneath is a smooth silver build. This design keeps all the components safe under the shell. Also,  the edge is covered with rubber in diamond grip patterns.

With the AKASO EK7000 4k30FPS action camera, you can use various shooting modes like time-lapse, burst image, and loop recording. The most significant advantage of this camera is, it can be mounted at any place you want with provided accessories.

Besides, the 170° wide-angle lens can capture some exceptional and very demanding field views. Waterproof features help you record your swimming, surfing, and your water-skiing experiences.

Also, you can connect your camera to your smart device because it has wifi connectivity, which is why it’s very convenient for you to share your content on social media.


Country of OriginChina
Product ModelEK7000
Product Model NumberEK7000
Dimensions of Product‎0.9 L x 2  Wx 1.5 H inches
Product Weight‎635 grams
Video Resolution4k
Image resolution12 MP
Zoom TypeFixed
WiFi ConnectivityYes
Lens170° Wide Angle
Lens ClothYes
Screen Size2inches, LCD
Remote ControlYes, 2.4G Wireless, Supports up to 10min
Battery2x 1050 mAh (included)
WaterproofYes, up to 100 feet
Micro HDMIYes
Micro USBYes
Micro SD card SlotYes
Video and Image  Mode
  • Time-lapse
  • Slow-motion
  • burst photo
  • Loop recording
Accessories included
  • Waterproof case (0ne)
  • Bicycle stand (One)
  • Mount (seven)
  • clip (Two)
  • Helmet mount (One)
  • Bandage (0ne)
  • Tethers (Five)
  • Protective backdoor (0ne)
  • AC charger (0ne)
  • Quick reference guide (One)



  • It has a high-quality image and video resolution
  • It provides a very sharp shot
  • It’s pretty easy to use
  • Image and video color is much more vibrant and realistic
  • The 12MP image sensor is capable of shooting at high resolution.
  • Extreme waterproof ability up to 100 feet with its ip68 housing
  • The whole camera is covered with rubbery texture with Diamond grip patterns around all the edges that make it easier to hold.
  • The set of up and down buttons makes the camera easier in scrolling through the camera menu.
  • Provides Micro USB port for charging and a Micro HDMI along with micro SD card slot for storage


  • Micro SD card is not included
  • The camera doesn’t have HDMI cable connections

YI 4K – Best Tiny but powerful!

YI 4K Action and Sports Camera, 4K/30fps Video 12MP Raw Image with EIS, Live Stream, Voice Control - Black

Last but not least, our top listed camera in this article is the Yi 4k Action and Spots camera. This camera comes with the most advanced technology that provides extreme versatility, fidelity, and comfortable use.

This action camera gained popularity for having its gorilla touch screen with 4k video and 12MP image resolutions. Customized Ambarella A9SE75 CPU and Sony IMX377 image sensor make this camera for first-class image encoding.

The Yi 4k Action and Spots camera have high water performance because it is waterproof with waterproof housing up to 40m. This camera comes with a 360° Omnidirectional dual microphone so that you can hear everything.

You can also connect to the YI action app to edit, apply filters, add music and share your content on social media instantly using a built-in-high- speed 5GHz wifi.


Country of OriginChina
Product Model NameFBA_YI 4k BK + WP
Product Model Number‎FBA_YI 4k BK + WP
Dimensions of Product‎1.18 L x 2.56 W x 1.65 H inches
Product Weight‎130.40 grams
Video Resolution4k, 30fps / 1080p, 120fps / 720p 240fps
Image sensorSony IMX377 12MP
Chip A9SE75 Ambarella CPU
Lens160° Wide Angle
Display2.2 inches LCD Gorilla Touch Screen
GlassUltra-white glass B270
Advanced ESIYes
Battery‎1 Lithium Polymer battery (included)
WaterproofOnly with a waterproof case, up to 131feet
Bluetooth ConnectivityYes, 4.0
WiFi ConnectivityYes, 5GHz
Live stream FeatureYes
USB PortYes
Drop ResistantYes
Video and Image Mode
  • Slow-motion
  • Time-lapse
  • Time
  • Burst


  • Excellent image quality
  • It gives very sharp and colorful images
  • Compact design with LCD gorilla touch screen
  • Has the ultimate battery life
  • Bluetooth and wifi connectivity
  • Provides a USB charging port
  • Provides a vibrant quality of touch screen
  • It comes with a super reliable wifi connectivity
  • It helps to activate image stabilization at 1080p


  • It isn’t easy to use an LCD screen in direct sunlight
  • You may face problems accessing Micro SD Slot

8 Things You Should Know Before a Right Action Camera For Paintball

  1. EIS

The most important thing for a paintball action camera is EIS. EIS helps to prevent image blurring and also compensates when the camera is shaking by the external factor. For your paintball action camera, you should check EIS to get better quality video and image.

  1. Battery Life

Battery life is the essential feature for an action camera for paintball. Typically, battery life lasts a couple of hours, so you should consider which camera comes with the most extended battery life and a USB charger. Battery life is so essential, but battery capacity makes a clear image of the duration of an action

  1. Video Quality

Recording paintball gameplay with a poor video quality camera will disappoint you when you show your video to any person or share it on social media. Video quality is another critical factor when you are choosing the best camera for your paintball game. Some cameras offer high resolution, but their video is not good. So, you must check video quality before buying your action camera.

  1. Size And Weight

For paintball action cameras, height and weight matter a lot. Always try to pack with your paintball gear the smallest and lightest camera. Smaller cameras are easier to install, and lightweight cameras are suitable for wearing on your headband, helmet, barrel, the marker’s body, and in so many places. You will feel at ease when you can mount your action camera on your head or the title because it is safer and provides clear and immersive pictures of your actions. So, go for the smallest size and most lightweight action camera.

  1. Water-Resistant

Basically, the water-resistant feature is one of the essential features for any action camera for all kinds of But as a paintball player, if you want to play paintball in all weather conditions, you should choose a waterproof action camera because it will be more convenient for you to make videos of your paintball gameplay during wet weather conditions.

  1. Resolutions

Resolution is a crucial point for your paintball action camera. High resolution allows you to capture clear, crisp, and immersive video footage and images. Most of the best cameras come with 4k video resolution. 4k cameras with a framerate from 30fps to 60fps might be okay for paintball games. So you need to find the best 4k camera for paintball among all the 4k cameras on the market. But if you have a big budget, then you can find a higher-quality resolution camera.

  1. Live Streaming

If you want to broadcast your Livestream, then your camera is considered the essential item that plays a vital role in the overall success of your Livestream. Paintball players need to share their moments through live streaming. So, you must have to be careful about the features of a streaming action camera.

  1. Budget-Friendly

Now, let’s talk about the cost of the action camera. You have three options in front of you to go. You may go for the cheapest one, or go for mid-range or the most expensive one. Just because an action camera is cheap doesn’t mean it’s It can also provide many unique features.

So, before buying a paintball action camera, you should compare the price with its features. Then buy a budget-friendly action camera with all the necessary components.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What is EIS?

A: EIS is short for Electronic Image Stabilization. The Electronic Image Stabilization lets the footage stay clear and stable under terrible situations. When your camera is subject to being knocked or bumped, EIS prevents blurring your image and video.

Q: Are those Actions cameras worth It or not?

A: In this article, we have reviewed the best six action cameras. All cameras from our list come with high-quality features. You have six options for the best camera for paintball to buy. We are sure that you will choose a camera that meets your requirements. So, whatever action camera you choose, it will be worth it.

Q: Which GoPro Is the Best for paintball?

A: GoPro is the top seller among other brands of action cameras. All GoPro action cameras come with so many unique features at different prices. And which one is best depends upon your needs and budget.

Q: Will a paintball break a GoPro?

A: The LCD screen from front and back is not bulletproof. A direct shot from a paintball gun might damage the screen. So, you should use a screen protector that can prevent such damage to your GoPro Action Camera.


We are now at the ending section of our article. We have tried to provide you with detailed information about the best camera for paintball games. We hope that you can now quickly figure out the one that best meets your needs.

If you hear the word paintball, then keep in mind that paintball is all about fun. It is also an ideal way to spend time outside and build strong social relationships. And to share your paintball activities, you need an action camera, and you already know which ones you should buy.

So, what are you waiting for? Just bring an action camera from our list and share your footage with anybody and anywhere you want. And if you have any further questions, just leave a comment below. We will come to you with a solution ASAP.

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