9 Best boots for Paintball In 2022 [Expert Recommended]

Two Sand Color Boots
Two Sand Color Boots

Paintball is an exciting game. Some gears are required for Paintball. Each person may view which gear is better, but all are important. Boots are also very important for the game. Looking for the best boots for Paintball has never been this easy. We have some of the best-reviewed for you.

Knowing what you want could also help make it easy for you. With the insight about the best footwear for Paintball, you can choose the boots you want. Before that, we have to know the difference between the boots and shoes.

What is the difference between boots vs. shoes?

Boots and shoes are used to protect the feet, but all come in different degrees. Well, boots are made to cover the feet, ankles, and even the lower leg. Shoes protect the feet but stay below the ankles. Shoes come in different types of footwear available for both women and men. It’s designed to suit different people. Shoes come in different to different people. To some people, it could be for a fashion statement, and for others, it could be for fun and protection. Some people go to the extent of foregoing comfort to keep up with the trend.

There have been changes in shoe designs over the years. For shoes, materials used are wood, canvas, rubber, leather, and plastics catering to different market preferences. Over the years, it has become one of the most important in the industry making billions. Who doesn’t wear shoes? There is always a shoe for somewhere and different occasions.

For boots, well, it could be a bit different. They are not always worn all the time, but they have a purpose. Most of the time, the boots are designed to cover all the way to the whole leg area or just the ankles. Most of them have hells attacked and distinct from the sole. The boots are usually made of rubber and leather.

Like we said earlier, the boots have purposes. It could be for gaming like Paintball, sharp work, ankle support, temperature, and many other important purposes. It’s not worn everywhere all the time. Its makes for specific work. But still, there are boots designed for trend. It could be worn to look trendy and classy. With the improvement in design and fashion, nothing is left to chance. Well, what are you getting your boot for? Is it hiking, safari, or adventure? Well, it could be for anything, but all of it is for comfort and safety.

An In-Depth Guide For The Best boots for Paintball 2022

  1. Best For Lightweight Military Grade – FREE SOLDIER

One of the fantastic boots in the market that you may be looking for in paintball gaming is the free soldier waterproof hiking work boots. The men hiking boots are designed and made with excellent material that makes them durable and safe for your protection. Its made of suede leather with 1000D Cordura fabric that makes the shoe scratch-resistant. Its made with an AVA midsole that is flexible and lightweight with excellent cushioning to make you feel comfortable.

The shoe’s outsole is designed to make it suitable for all terrains and could be used anywhere. It’s a great non-slip work boot for men. It has an amazing waterproof coating on the furnace to keep water from entering the boots. It keeps your feet dry and breathable. It’s also comfortable even when walking on pebbles and debris. That’s because it’s made with a Gusseted tongue. The lace is durable and stays for long also easy to fasten. It’s made US size. You must know your size and confirm the foot’s length with the available chart.

The boots are designed super light and great for work.

It has a tactical design with an urban casual fashion style, making it the best for use

outdoors and daily use. It has a removable insole and breathable lining to give you a quick drying if you sweat. It always keeps your feet dry. The shaft is 6 inches from the heel and 1.4 inches heel. The military boot is ideal for hiking, hunting, Paintball, and more. Since you are looking for one for outdoor gaming, then it’s great. It offers comfort and safety.

  • The outsole is well designed for grip on the surface
  • The ankle design prevents your feet from being hurt
  • It’s waterproof
  • It’s durable and protective
  • Durability could be better
  1. Under Armour – Best For Pro players

Under Armour military stellar has been known as one of the best brands when it comes to military outfits. The Under Armour Men’s Stellar Military boots are amazing, with features that make them great for Paintball. The design material and durability are all spectacular. It’s 100% leather, making sit suitable for different terrains and activities. Boots are known to be excellent for tough work environments with scratch-resistant. If you intend to go all out for rough and tough activities that normal shoes may not withstand for long, then it’s an ideal one. It has been designed with a rubber sole which makes it durable and not easy to wear. The shaft of the boot measure approximately ankle-high from the arch. This ensures your ankle safety while playing, keeping you comfortable as well. Comfort is very important when looking for the right boots. Remember, you will be playing a rough and involving game. Your comfort should be optimum. The shoe is DWR-treated leather and 900D nylon text upper. That’s why its durability is great. It could last you years before you think of getting different boots.

The best part about the under Armour men’s military boots is their ability to be polished. You could polish your shoes whenever you want. That’s if you are into polishing shoes anyway. Not all people like it. It’s a kind of boots that you will not have to worry about your feet being wet. It is a quick-dry one.

  • Durable
  • Quick to dry
  • It has an excellent sock liner that prevents odor
  • Rubber sole great for traction
  • The collar could be better. Its too stiff
  1. Best For Multi Useable – NOR 8 Men’s Military Boots

NOR 8 Men’s military tactical work boots could be what you are

looking for paintball gaming. Boots are one of the best for tactical gaming, traveling, hunting, the army, and others. It has no limit to what you can use it for. You could even use it for work, especially for those working where sharp objects are involved. Its durability and performance have been tested and proven to be superb. The military boots have been designed with rubber soles.

This can add more traction to the shoes and is excellent when in bad weather. It’s ankle-high protection that wraps and supports the ankles to give you protection and, at the same time, comfort. It has a YKK side zipper with a hook loop strap closure that makes sit easy to take off and put on. The design makes it attractive and can be worn in different weather conditions. Its made of breathable fabric that keeps your feet dry and cool. The leather provides full protection with the high abrasion-resistant. The material used makes it comfortable and ensures it’s always breathable and comfortable for you.

It has a dynamic 3 sole system. It has a removable shock-absorbent insole that offers all-day comfort, a flexible Ava midsole that reduces foot fatigue, and also slip oil abrasion-resistant rubber sole. The dynamic 3 soles give you a fantastic boot for different outdoor terrains. Its made perfect for both indoor and outdoor gaming and activities. You could use the boots for work and outdoor activities. Whatever you find suitable for a long time without buying a new one.

  • Its made of amazing abrasion-resistant leather
  • I had 3 dynamic soles
  • It has a side zipper to make it easier to put on and take off
  • Durable
  • Made for different use, e.g., work and outdoor gaming activities
  • The zipper may have some problems at some point
  1. FREE SOLDIER Tactical Boots- Best For Waterproof

There are no ideal boots for Paintball than the one that could allow you to play comfortably in any weather condition. With a waterproof boot, you could play in rainy weather and enjoy yourself without your feet getting wet. Its high wear-resistant and waterproof material make the hiking bots scratch-resistant and wear-resistant while keeping your feet dry and breathable.

FREE SOLDIER Tactical Boots give you maximum comfort, durability, and protection you’ll need for a better game and a safe one. It has a waterproof lining, slip, abrasion, and oil-resistant rubber outsole with spiral lines for protection and stability. It also gives you extra grip, excellent for different terrains. It also has an AVA midsole that offers all-day comfort, shock absorption, cushioning, and arch support.

It makes it ideal for different use. It has an extra smooth padded lining with an insole for endless cushioning and comfort. . It has a copper metal buttonhole with a super lace fastening system that makes it easier to wear and take off. The insole is removable with anti-microfiber and also features a breathable ability to make it quick to dry.

The shaft measure 6 inches from the arch with ankle-high protection that wraps and supports the ankles. The boots are available in regular and width M-medium. You could get your size easily, but you have to refer to the free soldier boots size when buying it. You then get to enjoy outdoor and indoor activities easily.

  • It has an excellent grip on any surface
  • Ankle protection design
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to dry
  • Durability could be improved
  1. NOR 8 Tactical Boots- Editors Choice

The sole of the shoes, at some point, affects the shoes’ durability. When the right sole is used, the boots and shoes can be used for a long time; getting the right boots for Paintball could not be easy, but with the right information and reviews, you could get what you are looking for. The NORTIV 8 men’s military boots are among the best in the market. With the review, you are going to see why and maybe get a glimpse of what you are looking for.

The boots have been designed with a rubber sole, which increases traction. It also has excellent high ankle protection that wraps the ankles and supports them. It also has a YKK side zipper with a hook strap, making it easy to put on and take off. Who would want something hard to put on and also hard to take it off? It has been designed with durable, breathable fabric that keeps your feet dry and cools all day long. Also, high abrasion-resistant leather has been used to give full protection.

The structure combination gives you comfort and protection all around. It doesn’t t matter where and how you are going to use the boots. Its been designed o be used in different areas with purposes.

NOR 8 has an amazing 2 dynamic sole system. It has a removable shock-absorbent in the sole that offers comfort and a slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant rubber outsole. The sole is made to be flexible and respond to different outdoor terrains. It gives comfort and protection to you.

The boot is made for both outdoor and indoor activities. It could be used for paintball gaming, work, hunting, hiking, the army, and more. It has great grip and traction that keeps you on your feet, no matter the terrain. Great to have when going out hiking and camping in high mountainous areas. It could be what you are looking for to enjoy your time and activities without reservation.

  • It’s great on different terrains
  • NOR 8 could be used for different gaming and activities
  • It’s not limited to use
  • Great grip, abrasion, and traction
  • Protection is taken care of
  • Well, the design could not be up to your standard
  1. Rothco Military Boot  – Best For Run large!

Rothco military boots could be what you are looking for in that wonderful paintball game you have been playing. Getting the right gear is very important for the game. It could either help you make it or drop you from the game. Getting the right boot and size is very important. You should feel comfortable while running, climbing, and doing tactical movements. It has a height of 8 inches, which gives your ankle support when securely tied with the 9-eyelet lacing system, making the boot run a large size.

The lacing system makes it easier for you to tie it up without causing much trouble. It has a thick vulcanized rubber that is on the outsole with provides much traction while running and moving. This ensures you are steady and with an excellent grip. When you are steady in different terrains then, your safety is guaranteed. You only have to follow the track on the terrains and don’t worry about falling or sliding.

Rothco Military Jungle Boot comes with a steel shank that reduces your heel and calf strain. It’s excellent and enables you to endure long days on your feet. The dual vent on the boots increases the boots’ breathability to keep your feet cool and dry all day. Since they are jungle boots, they run a size large. This is because they have been designed to be worn with 2 pairs of wool socks.

  • Great design
  • Its made durable
  • Rothco Military Jungle Boot can be used for different activities outdoors
  • Comfortable
  • Not too comfortable for some people.
  1. Rocky Ry008 Military Boot –  Best For Black Lovers!

Getting the right paintball book for your game is crucial. You could go just for any of the boots on the market, but there are factors that you may have to consider. You have to consider the comfort, durability, and size feet of the boot you are going for. THE Rocky men’s Ry008 military boots are amazing with an incredible performance in the field. It has been designed to bring the best of the game to you. It has a rubber sole. The sole adds more traction and enables you to run effectively without worrying about sliding.

The shaft measure approximately 9 inches from the arch, which gives you excellent ankle support and protection. The heal measure is 1.5 inches, and the platform measurement of 1 inch. It provides the comfort you need to run around the field, taking your opponents out—also, the book opening measure 10 inches round.

The boot’s performance is dual with upper material, making the booth polishable on some sections. The design makes it one of the best to sort after. It’s amazing and trendy, which gives you an up-to-market trend. It’s a water-resistant boot. This allows you to play even in the rain and enjoy yourself to the maximum without worrying your feet will get wet.

You are always cool and dry, and also, you can dry faster when sweating. That’s also because they have used fast-drying materials. The ventilation on the outer sides makes it breathable and quick to dry. The speed lacing system makes it easier to lace it up and run. The laces are sturdy 550-grade nylon cord. Do you tell me how durable this lace is?

  • Comfortable
  • Different sizes
  • All terrains
  • Special lacing system
  • Water-resistant
  • polishable
  • Durability could be improved
  1. CQR Military Boots – Best For Combat Boots

When looking for boots for Paintball, do you look for just boots or something that makes you feel like you are wearing shoes? Something comfortable and safe? The CQR men’s military tactical boots are one of the best and make you feel like you are wearing shoes. It is amazing for law enforcement agents, security officers, a hunter, a hiker, and so on. It’s great and flexible for maneuverability and a great amount of motion on your ankle.

You will ever feel comfortable no matter the distance you cover in your activities. The series is designed for military and law enforcement use and performance, but that does not mean you cannot use it for your games and feel comfortable. It has great ankle-high protection that supports and wraps the ankles. The protection is not questionable at all. It’s super incredible with the performance and the features.

It has premium insoles to give endless cushioning and comfort with a smooth padded liner. The metal eyelet system is there to make it quick and easy to lace the boots without tears or cursing. It also has an incredibly solid grade heel support and protection without you feeling uncomfortable. It’s something you don’t want to miss out on.

The boots’ outsole is made to suit the different terrains. It absorbs shock and strikes well even in challenging environments or terrains. It’s not a paintball boot alone. You could use it for hunting, fishing, hiking, and even for a walk in a rough environment.

  • It’s great for daily use and work use
  • The shock absorber is incredible
  • Great speed lace system
  • The padded insoles make the boot comfortable
  • It comes in multiple colors
  • No Major Issue
  1. Tactical Research Khyber TR960Z – Best Value

Tactical research Khyber TR960Z is an amazing boot for Paintball. It comes with great features that make it worthwhile and comfortable. The 8-inch black boot has been designed to be worn by police, medical services, corrections, hunting, army, and many more. It does matter where you will use it as long as you are comfortable.

Paintball is incredible with its weight, speed, comfort, and ability to keep you cool. It’s made from highly breathable material that keeps your foot cool in hot weather. You don’t have to worry about sweating playing; you get a cool boot with you. The sole used on the boot is Vibram.

The side zipper provides a secure fit and allows you to take it off and on quickly. Some boots get on people’s nerves. They are hard to take off and may need assistance from other people. The tactical is very different. It’s amazing. The outsole is low profile and flexible and provides the best traction for quick changes. It’s the best for different terrains and movements.

The midsole is made of AVA and is highly cushioned to absorb impact shocks, especially for high-intensity jobs and games. You won’t feel it when you step on debris and even if you do is slight. The bearing orthotic insole also helps prevent foot, back, and knee pain. The lining pulls the sweat away to keep your feet dry and reduce chafing. The tactical research Khyber boots run a half size larger than the normal running shoe size. You should order a half size down.

  • Great for different activities and places
  • Easy to take off and on
  • Takes sweat away
  • Great 3 sole
  • comfortable
  • Confusing size when buying. You have to get half size of the normal shoe size.

Video Guide For The Best Paintball Boots 2022

8 Buying Guide For The Right Boots For Paintball In 2022

  1. Features & Benefits

When buying the right boots for Paintball, you have to consider a lot of things, including the features and benefits. Most of the shoes are good, but some are not as good at their representation. Look at its performance, sole, comfort, and many others. The boot you are going for should be easy to put on and take off. This is affected by the zip or the closure system. Also, it depends on its fitness. Since the boots are enclosed everywhere, you must consider how sweaty you are willing to be. Go for shoes that are made of breathable fabric to keep your feet cool throughout. Those are some of the benefits the boots have for you. It should give comfort no matter where and how you are using it.

  1. Quality

The quality of the boot you are going for should be great. Not all boots in the market are what it says they are. Some are decent, some good, and some not good and can disappoint you on the first wear. For paintball players, the cleats are known not to last long. But with boots, that’s a different story. It has less wear and tear and has a long life. Investing in a boot can give you long-lasting use, and durability is good. Most of the boots are designed to work in tough areas and conditions for protection and, at the same time, give the comfort you need

  1. Design

The boots come in different designs and colors. Not everyone likes the same thing. Some people want trendy designs while others prefer a simple old fashion boot. You must also consider the design when looking for the best boots for Paintball. Some boots are attractive to wear and can also affect your game as you enjoy them, but they could sell you off on the field.

Go for a boot with a better design but with darker shades when getting for Paintball. It could give you a blend of the environment. Some of the boots come with very high heels and some lower heels. All of the is depend on your preference. But everyone loves to have a good boot that can last for long.

  1. Leather Or Fabric

The material used on the boot you are going for also determines if you are going for it or not. The boots are usually made of fabrics and leather, but most come in leather. Those with a combination of leather and fabric have a purpose for it. It could be for design and look, or it could be to make it comfortable for you.

There are fabrics used on the boots to make them breathable and keep your feet dry and cool while playing. Some have used fabrics to give it a different design. It could be good if you want to go for the combination, but if you want to go for a single material used, you have to consider a lot.

  1. Summer Or Winter

The boots could also be made for winter or summer. You need to consider the season you are buying your paintball boots. It will make you comfortable or uncomfortable. For winter, you will want to get boots that are wall to keep the cold away from you. You will want to play in the snow and still enjoy the game without feeling cold or your feet getting wet. For summer, you will want to wear comfortable boots and keep your feet cool and dry when sweating. It could be better if it had sweat-preventing ability. That’s only to say, but some boots have been designed to keep the sweat away and your feet always dry

  1. Right size

Some mistake people make is not understanding the size chart of the shoes they are going on. Sometimes some shoes come to size down or up, or it could even be ½ the normal size. If you wear a size 7, you will have to o size 6 ½ . therefore, you have to know your size and the size chart of the brand you are going for. They may not be the same. Get a boot that is your exact size. Not something small or big. Both will not be comfortable while you play with your opponents. You will lose your concentration trying to feel comfortable in the shoes.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Socks.

Socks. This is an important aspect to consider considering some boots are designed to work with specific socks to fit. You have to know the type of socks the boot you are going for has been designed for it. Or you could consider the socks you have and whether the shoes will go well with them. But it’s very awkward to choose the boots because of your socks. It’s better to get the shoes and get the socks later. But it’s important to consider when buying the best boots for Paintball.

  1. Your Budget Friendly

Budget is very important in everything you look forward to buying. The boots for Paintball are no exception. You have to look at the budget you have at hand before buying any boots. Making comparisons in terms of prices helps you determine which of the shoes is within your budget. There are always budget limitations, and we cannot go beyond that limit. Since the tactical boots are in demand in the market, you have different options on which one will suit you better and within your means.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

  1. What shoes should I wear to Paintball?

Paintball is an interesting game that requires unique and made gears for it. You should go for shoes that make you comfortable and reduce wear and tear. Also, shoes should blend with the environment and keep your feet cool all day. It should be flexible and light to make you run easily and reduce the noise while doing so. It should also protect your feet. Ankle and able to work in different terrains

  1. What are Panama boots?

The Panama boots have Spanish origin to them. They are high-quality, durable footwear with Spanish flair. Its premium leather with classic shapes is best for different use and wear. You could use it for Paintball, work, and even for daily wear. It’s available for both men and women

  1. Are Vietnam jungle boots good?

Yes. Jungle boots are great when compared to traditional leather combat shoes. They provide optimal comfort and functionality in different weathers. It’s what you may be looking for, especially if you don’t want to fill uncomfortable in hot environments.

  1. What company made Vietnam jungle boots?

Altama Footwear and Wellco footwear are companies involved in making the Vietnam jungle boots

  1. Are cleats called boots?

Yes. They are boots in different designs. They are great but not powerful to be worn for long compared to tactical military boots

  1. Do boots make you run faster?

It depends. They are boots that are flexible and light and allow you to run faster, but others are made of heavy material and could be difficult to run fast.

  1. Are boots the same as shoes?

No. Boots are designed in a way to protect the ankle, the whole leg, and even sometimes to thighs. They are made of leather and fabrics for protection in dangerous workplaces. They are durable and can be worn on occasions like playing games, work, etc. Some are made light and can be worn in daily life. Shoes are made to protect the feet as well but mostly for trend. They are light and not suitable for heavy activities.

  1. What are the advantages of wearing boots?

They are protective and comfortable. They endure tough games and different terrains. They come with hard soles to withstand sharp object penetration.


The choice of paintball boots is very important. It doesn’t want one to be in a hurry to do it. They are important as they support you to move comfortably and stay safe. There are many best boots for Paintball, and you have to consider many factors before buying. They are so many things that can make it better or worse.

You have to know beforehand what you want, and if you don’t, you will need to research which one is better and for which season. With the information provided here, you are able to come up with a great solution to the search and also what might make great paintball boots. It’s always good to compare different information before making a decision. This way, you will be sure you have made the right call.

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