What Are Some Basic Infantry Tactics I Can Use To Smash My Friends In Paintball?

Paintball is a fun game where players shoot members from the opposite team with paintballs. To win this strategic, fun game, you must know a few tactics.

The game can turn quite competitive as players or teams try to reach the end and come out victorious. If you are a beginner, the game can seem quite fun, but you might find yourself in a pickle as you cannot stop the losing streak.

To relieve you from your misery, we bring some basic infantry tactics you can use to smash your friends in paintball.

If you are a beginner looking for a simple, easy tactic to win the paintball game, then keep on reading!

What Are Some Basic Infantry Tactics
What Are Some Basic Infantry Tactics

6 Simple Tactics To Smash Your Friends In Paintball

To come out victorious from paintballing, you should have a few tactics up your sleeve. A paintball fight requires strategy, stealth, and a fun attitude. If you are new to the game, then follow these simple tactics to bag your first win.

  1. Take Cover

Walk around the field to familiarize yourself with the surroundings and mark the obstacles that you can use as a cover.

You can use the ditch, tree, or bush to shelter yourself from any paintball attack. Do not just run in the open; that makes you an easy target. The less you will be exposed in the game, the harder it will be for your opponent to take you out of the game.

So, mark the obstacles and plan your moves. When you move from one place to another, your opponent will struggle to pin you as a target and kill you.

  1. Keep Moving

Taking cover will protect you from getting hit, but it is also essential to keep moving quickly and frequently. If you stay hidden in one place, your opponent will promptly deduce your location and corner you. Plus, where is the fun? So be quick and keep changing your position.

If you are playing a fortress game, move from one place to the other while shooting your enemies. When the opportunity arises, muster up some courage, leave the defensive position and go into attack mode.

Now when you strike back at the attacker, he will try to dodge and take cover, so one misstep from their end, and they will become your prey. Also, you will be depriving them of the chance to corner you.

  1. Dead Man’s Walk

An old-school trick that is a lot of fun is doing the dead man’s walk.

When you play the game, simply stand up and walk toward your opponents with a straight face. They might think that you are eliminated and won’t shoot you. But when you are close to them, you can open fire or acquire your target. It will frustrate your opponents but is an enjoyable tactic.

  1. Go Around

After that, when people are busy concentrating on the primary fight, you simply discard the action and move forward by the sides away from the shooting. This way, your opponents will be caught off guard as they will be too invested in aiming or dodging the paintballs.

  1. Be Confident, Calm, and Patient

Confidence is always crucial. If you are indecisive, you will panic, and you will not be quick to take action. Thus, resulting in you making errors that can get you killed. If you remain calm, confident, and have a plan, no one can stop you from winning the game.

When you are playing speedball, always aim to shoot the opponent the moment they spot you. However, if there are too many targets around and you have a great hiding spot, firing will just give away your location. If you find yourself in that position, simply be patient and wait your turn.

When you have the role of the sniper, you will spend the majority of the time lying on the ground, an easy target. Hence, whenever you see your opponent approaching, be very still because movement is the first thing that the eye catches.

This would require you to put your patience to the ultimate test as your adrenaline and head will be screaming at you to move.

Also, if you are not patient, calm, and calculating, when you move through the forest, you will snap more twigs and rustle more leaves as you maneuver around.

  1. Be Unpredictable with Your Moves

When you are playing the game, try to be unpredictable so that your opponent cannot foresee your moves.

Suppose you are hiding behind the bunker, then don’t poke your head from the same position; instead, keep moving around and keep a vigilant profile of your opponents.

By moving often, you are making it difficult for your opponent to aim. They will have to re-think and re-aim, giving you enough time to move and through a few paintballs in their direction.

Play and Have fun!

I hope now you know the answer to the question- what are some basic infantry tactics I can use to smash my friends in paintball?

While all these tactics will help you win and become a better player, you must have fun while playing. Don’t forget to bring a positive attitude when playing this game. Don’t be disheartened or frustrated when you lose a game; instead, be a good sport.

You must congratulate the winners and, most importantly, enjoy your time in the field.

Now that you know some basic tactics, practice these skills in the field and put your knowledge to good use!

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