How To Aim A Paintball Gun?

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Aim A Paintball Gun

Struggling to land your shots on the target? It would be best if you fixed your aim first, and we can help you with learning how to aim a paintball gun.

A game of paintball is full of excitement and fun. However, you might want to be a little more competitive after playing the matches casually and start building your winning streaks and tag counts. And when we tried to make that shift in our playing style, the thing that we most struggled with is the aim.

The paintball was not simply hitting where we wanted it to hit. That is where we decided to learn how to aim a paintball gun properly. Through extensive research and intensive practice, we were capable of mastering it.

That being said, we are here to ensure that you do not struggle as much as we did. For that reason, we will spill everything we got to know from our research and the practices.

The Basics of Learning How to Aim with a Paintball

Before we dive a bit deeper into the process of properly aiming the paintball gun, we would like to ensure that you know the basics. The first and the most fundamental thing about aiming the gun is learning how to align your eyes to the sight properly. And this is what most of us fail to do.

However, the process would be pretty easy if you use a gun with a built-in iron sight. But most of the available firearms do not come with that.

Instead, they have a hopper and feed neck on the top that will obstruct the sight. That is what makes the process of aligning the eye to sight a complicated task.

With those guns with a hopper and a feed neck on the top, you need to use the barrel and the body to create a visual point of reference. This point of reference is what you need to rely on to guide the shots you are taking.

But for you to create a stable point of reference, you first need to hold the gun properly. Without holding the gun properly, it will be pretty difficult to maintain the accuracy of each of the shots you are going to take.

How to Aim with a Paintball?

As we have mentioned above, most of the paintballs are not going to have an iron sight. For those, you need to create a point of reference and use that to guide the shots. And the process of creating those point of reference is as described:

The Side of the Gun

Let us start with the point that most of the players will utilize, which is the side of the gun. Here, you would need to aim by tilting the hopper a bit down.

This will align the side of the gun with your dominant eye, and the upper barrel should align with the dominant eye as well.

Here, you will be relying on the tip of the barrel. So, you need to ensure that the barrel is lined up perfectly and does not have any deformation on the top. If any, the aim will be a bit off, and your shots will not be that accurate.

However, if the barrel is lined up properly and you can align your dominant eye with the tip of the barrel properly, the aim will naturally be on point. This process is followed by most of the players because of the simplicity and how easy it is to master.

Aiming by Pointing

Another aiming process that is relatively easy to learn is the aiming by the pointing method. This method will rely on the pointer finger.

So, you need to get accustomed to using your middle finger to pull the trigger. Put the pointer finger directly above and point it straight. It should be parallel to the barrel.

Most people can point directly at a thing or a place without lining their eyes with a finger. It is something that most of us without us knowing.

And this process will take full advantage of this natural ability. To test this ability, point to something close and then align your eyes with the finger.

You should notice that you are perfectly pointing right at the object or the place most of the time. And this ability precisely is what you will rely on to get your shots to land on close to medium-range targets. Practice the aiming method regularly by aiming at the open with a target in your front.

On that note, this process of aiming will vastly improve your ability to acquire targets quickly.

So, you will find it bringing you an edge over the opponents in fast-paced games. Also, the process helps a lot to land shots directly on the targets from close to medium-range.

Aiming with Both Eyes Open

We believe that you already know how fast-paced the game of paintball can be. And in such a fast-paced game, it is necessary to get a proper idea of the things in front of you. For that reason, most of the pros opt for aiming with both eyes-open methods.

This method offers the player to get a proper glimpse of all the players that are in front. In comparison, the single eye method will lower the field of view a bit, and there will be too many blind spots on one side.

Here, you need to keep both eyes open and put the gun right in the middle of your eyes. However, do make sure that nothing is blocking your view.

After that, you need to focus on two things. One is the tip, and the other is the target that you are tracking. Align both together, and the shots should land directly on the target.

Final Words

As you can see, learning how to aim a paintball gun is not a complicated process at all. All you need to do is keep the methods in mind, practice all of them, find which one works best for you, and stick with it.

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